An almost perfect Sunday

Sunday was a pretty perfect day for the most part. One of those days that are just lovely and reminds you how much you love your life. We have been so busy the last month and there seems to be an endless list of to-do things but Sunday we decided to take things a bit easy. We had some leftover roast ham in the freezer and decided to do all the rest of the roast bits to go with it. We had planned to pop and see hubs’ parents that morning but invited them to ours instead to share our roast with us.

We had a lovely morning playing and cooking then I have to admit a lovely roast dinner. It was one of those times when the roast potatoes, veg and yorkshires all miraculously turn out right haha. The negative was that both kids decided to kick off as we sat down to eat. Monkey was eventually reminded tha he does like yorkshire puddings, stuffing and sausages (though of course wouldn’t even try the veg) but LM was pretty miserable, she has back teeth coming through which is causing her a lot of pain. She has always been a good eater but at the moment she is getting fussier and I am hoping it is just because her teeth are causing her problems rather than her going down the same path as her brother!!

Anyway she did eventually settle thanks to cuddles with her Granny and then her and Monkey had some very lovely times together while we were at the table. She thinks her brother is the funniest person alive and laughs her head off when he is silly and tries desperately to copy him!PhotoGrid_1448382683546

After lunch while we cleaned up Monkey and his Granddaddy had a fab playtime. Monkey was basically throwing balls at his Granddaddy and while that isn’t normally allowed, he and his Granddaddy were laughing so hard that I didn’t have the heart to stop it. They were having so much fun together it was really very lovely.PhotoGrid_1448382857615

Later that afternoon after G & G had headed home, hubs’ younger brother Uncle Simon popped round for a play. We had so much fun playing with a couple of Monkey’s games together and it was a lovely peaceful afternoon while LM slept.20151122_142150

I also managed to get a template done for the picture wall we have been planning for ages, in the hope of finally getting it on the wall. Once LM was awake the kiddies and I wrapped up warm and went outside for a good old explore and run around while Daddy was hanging the pictures for us. Monkey has suddenly got the hang of scooting and goes so fast so we soon left the confines of the back garden and went on some of the longer paths nearby.. and he was miles ahead! I do love seeing LM toddle about in her wellies and wooly hat too :)PhotoGrid_1448383080187

Monkey then decided he would like to go on his bicycle that we got for his birthday back in May. He has been on it a few times but so far can’t get the hang of pedalling. Daddy came out to help him and though it was getting pretty dark by now he did manage to make a bit of an improvement with his pedalling so hopefully he is getting there.20151122_163303

Soon it was back inside to check out the finished photo wall which I have to admit I am totally in love with! We wanted to do something with the photos from our awesome family photoshoot back in the summer and the photo frame we did have in the hall had fallen off a couple of times so was looking a bit shabby. I love the colour and variety of these frames and am just so pleased with how it has all worked out. I love a good photo wall!20151122_172224

We did the kids some tea (we both ate so much at lunch we weren’t hungry!) then they had a lovely bathtime together full of laughter and lots and lots of splashing. PhotoGrid_1448383368958That evening with the kids in bed hubs and I snuggled up and watched The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds on catch up which is just hilarious. Then, just as were going to bed, we suddenly heard Monkey coughing with the distinctive bark like cough we have come to know and dread. Croup. Again.

We were terrified the first time he had it and again when LM had it and couldn’t believe he had it again. His breathing was laboured and he was very distraught and struggling to catch his breath, so as ever we don’t mess around with breathing, and we called 999. (For the 3rd time ever and the previous twice also being because of croup!) The fast response paramedic was wonderful and so good with Monkey, and Monkey was so brave with all the tests that he did. We managed to calm him down so he was breathing better and his stats were fine so we avoided a trip to the hospital.

It was a night filled with worry though as he still had the horrendous cough and obviously lying down made things worse and his breathing was very laboured at times. You can’t help but worry and it is so hard to sleep as horrible thoughts just fly round your head, while you also feel really daft and like you are over-worrying. Hubs spent over an hour at one point sat outside his bedroom door listening to him until his breathing settled.

So our pretty perfect Sunday had a less than perfect ending, but all is well that ends well and it could have been so much worse. He is still poorly as I write this (Tuesday) and last night he was still barking in the night. Hopefully tonight will be better and he will gradually improve.

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Celebrating Life

There is no getting away from the fact that death has featured heavily over the last week. Both in our personal lives with the recent death of hubs’ Grandpa, and in the wider world with the hideous and terrifying acts of terrorism in Paris, Baghdad and Beirut. The consequence of this can be to make things seem rather grey and sad, let alone scary, but instead I am choosing to celebrate life.

I have seen some wonderful things from media across the world this week that remind me that we cannot let the terrorists win by living in fear, hiding away and mistrusting each other. This wonderful daddy had a fantastic lesson for his little boy, and I love this advice from an Australian reporter. Both remind me that focussing on the good is even more important at times like this, so my word of the week, is celebrate. Here is a snapshot of our week, celebrating the little things and the ordinary moments amongst the sadness and usual everyday challenges.

Saturday with the Paris atrocities looming large Hubs and I headed to Cambridge to do our Christmas shopping. We had prearranged for my parents to look after the kids for the day and we very much enjoyed a day spending time just the two of us and getting excited about celebrating Christmas in just over a month! I was also celebrating at the end of the day as apart from a few bits for each other we are basically finished wth Christmas shopping! Hooray, I have never been this prepared before!!

The big event of our week though was the funeral for Hubs’ Grandpa on wednesday and the wake which we hosted at our house. Grandpa Bill was 93 and had a wonderful long life so the line with have given to Monkey is very much that we were celebrating his life, rather than focussing on the fact that he is no longer here. I am not sure how much he understands but I think Monkey just about gets that Grandpa isn’t here anymore. He had been declining for the past year so Monkey hasn’t seen him for a quite a while as we didn’t want him to remember his great Grandpa like that but we know Grandpa was so so proud to have lived to see 2 of his Great Grandchildren.

All went as well as can be for a funeral, obviously with tears and sadness but there was smiles too remembering some of his adventures. Funerals are funny things as they are so sad but they do bring people together too and it was lovely to see some family friends we haven’t seen since our wedding and relatives who live a bit far away to be seen very regularly. The wake was nice though filling the house with people can definitely make it feel a bit small!

I had spent much of the week prior to the wake cleaning and making the house probably cleaner and tidier than it has been in a long while, evidenced by the fact that my Mum almost fainted with shock at the sight of it, and my step-dad asked if we had got a JCB in to do the cleaning – cheek! hehe It was nice seeing it so clean and tidy but there is no way it will last as it took so much effort and I much prefer to spend my time having fun with the kiddies as much as possible!! (I may just be a bit lazy too but the kids are a much better reason not to be tidy all the time than admitting that!)

Other than that it has been a pretty normal week. I am having a bit of a saga with Ikea over the purchase of a new kitchen cupboard but I won’t bore you with any of the details here. The kids and I have had some truly lovely moments and I would like to share some of those with you just to celebrate the happy ordinariness of our week.

Monkey snuggling up in his bed under just about every soft and cuddly toy or blanket he could find! 20151115_090640

LM enjoying playing in the tunnel for the first time. She has shied away from going in any tunnel before but had a whale of a time with her big brother this week.tunnel fun

Mummy and Monkey time while LM was out with my parents fro rhyme time on Tuesday. Lots of painting and chatting and laughter, especially when he decided he must paint my nose! Cheeky thing :)20151117_094522

Monkey copying his sister. She randomly enjoys lying on the floor kicking her legs and this week Monkey decided to join her. It was so cute watching them play together chuckling away doing such a daft thing!20151117_122808

Monkey beng a superhero…. I have adored this, what a cutie.superhero monkey

Monkey taking a break from being a superhero to have snuggles with his Mummy and sister… though LM was less cooperative!snuggles1

LM looking adorable in her dressing gown after bathy. Rubbish quality photos as I have been using an old phone but you get the idea.dressing gown

Other celebrations this week are that my phone is back from being repaired and has a new screen, hurrah, so nice to have good camera back again, and we have a new car. A new second hand car at any rate. Hubs’ car cost us £1500 2 1/2 yrs ago and has done really well for an old banger but lately is more reminiscent of a tractor than a car, making the house shake whenever the engine is on. The radio is falling off and basically it is a heap so it was time to get hubs an upgraded car. His new car is not much newer but an updated model with lots of boys toys and gadgets and we haven’t spet a lot again but it is a nice car and hasn’t done too many miles, so hopefully it will last as well as the previous one.

So there we have it, despite the sadness that threatened to overwhelm the week, there has been lots of things to celebrate too.

What have you celebrated this week?

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Tap Time – Water Play at 12 mths

A couple of weeks ago we were at a friend’s house when LM climb herself up their step stool and started splashing at the sink. My friend was happy for her to do so with us keeping a close eye and said she did ‘tap time’ play with her little girl. For so long LM has been content to potter and while we do little activities it made me realise she was ready for more. So this week we have been having a lot of wet fun at our kitchen sink.WP_20151112_08_17_29_Pro

And it has been so so lovely to see her having so much fun exploring the water, pouring and splashing. She gets water absolutely everywhere but she has so much fun doing it.taptime 1

Don’t get me wrong seeing her up the steps tool terrifies me slightly and unfortunately she has fidgeted and sidestepped off a couple of times. I felt awful but she wasn’t hurt as I was there to catch her and she was just desperate to get back up to the sink again. She now loves this and wants to do it all the time. The low point being when she slipped mid climb up and though I tried to catch her shecut her lip… but after a few years bless her she was right back up those steps determined to get to the sink and splash!

And who am I to resist when it makes her so happy?

tap time 2

Simple playtime ideas really are the best sometimes and it is lovely watching her concentrate and knowing she is learning while she is enjoing herself so much.


National Trust Beningbrough Hall, Yorkshire

We recently arranged to meet some good friends of ours who live in Newcastle. Being a good 4 hours away from each other we like to pick somewhere halfway to meet up for the day so Yorkshire is usually where we head, and as always we do like our National Trust places for a lovely family day out. This time we chose Beningbrough Hall as it looked like there was lots to do and see with the kids, and indoor spaces as well as outdoor areas if the weather turned on us (it is November after all!) and it did not disappoint.

Although it was lovely and sunny when we left home, it got foggier and foggier the further north we drove which made the journey interesting! It was pretty easy to find but it was really funny as we were driving up the long drive wondering where exactly the house was and it suddenly loomed up out of the fog right in front of us!foggy

We had arrived a little early and it wasn’t open yet so we headed to the little farm shop and cafe a short walk from the car park for a nice cup of tea and cake while we waited for our friends and chatted with some other parents with little ones. Our friends arrived and we headed in to the grounds, which are huge. The gardens were lovely, even on a gloomy day and the kids were loving exploring and basically having a good old run around after a couple of hours in the car!beningbrough 1

I believe there are meant to be some gorgeous views….. but on the day we went we could only just make out some cows and trees through the fog! Still it was very atmospheric (Hubs feels that “bleak” is a more appropriate word haha)beiningbrough 2

It was lovely to catch up with our friends and meet their gorgeous new addition, look at these gorgeous cheeks! LM loved meeting her too and the older boys had a great time together again.Beningbrough 3

We wandered over to the fantastic outdoor play area for our picnic lunch and to have a play. It really is an amazing lay area with a hige fort, boat, house, loads of swings, a den building area and some trikes and bikes that you can use. The kids had an absolute whale of a time and the fact that it was wet and muddy really did not spoil their fun! I was glad they all had waterproofs on though!!beningbrough 4After lunch we went into the hall itself for a look around. They have a lift which is very handy and small stroller buggies you can use as they ask big buggies to be left outside. As well as the more standard rooms and exhibitions they also had some fantastic interactive displays which were perfect for the kids. Because they had an exhibition on loan from the National Portrait Gallery of the Royal Family (which was fab) there was a portrait zone where you could dress up and set the scene to create your own portrait – great fun! There was also a fab playroom which the kids absolutely adored, of course.

Beningbrough 5When we headed back outside we had some lovely bubble fun and then some family group shots before it was time to head home.

beningbrough 6We loved seeing our friends and as always the National Trust delivered a fab place for us to do so. Beningbrough Hall had so much to see and do and I really look forward to going back one day, hopefully when the weather is nice so we can see those gorgeous views!!

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Siblings November 2015

It is that time of the month again where I share a little update of our gorgeous siblings, and I am also using this for my word of the week post this week. Because the word that best describes my little siblings at the moment, and is therefore my word of the week, is proprietorial.

You see there is a lot of jealousy and possessiveness going on. Monkey is very much at the stage where everything is “Mine” and he is constantly telling his little sister “no go away” “no you can’t have it” “no it’s mine.” Even when some of those things certainly aren’t his as they were given to her for her birthday. For her part LM is no longer a placid little thing who meekly accepts his dominance. No she screams her head off and clutches on with a vice like grip. It’s a difficult one and I am all for kids sorting things out themselves but it is difficult when one is that much younger and can’t verbalise an argument.

So Monkey has taken to hiding things and putting them where LM can’t reach. We inadvertantly started this as there are some toys that are too small for LM, who puts everything in her mouth still, and those things must be kept out of her reach. Now though it is whatever he doesn’t want her to play with. They also of course both always want what the other one is playing happily with. They just can’t leave each other alone, they have to have what the other has, or join in the game too.

This doesn’t just go for toys as it extends to me too. One of Monkey’s favourite phrases right now is “but I want you” even when I am standing or sat next to him. He wants my attention constantly… and so does she. You can guarantee that if Monkey climbs on my lap for a cuddle, that within seconds LM is running over screaming and clawing at us to get him off and sit in his place. No matter how happy she was with whatever she was doing at the time. She is the same if hubs is giving me a cuddle, screaming and insisting she gets on on the cuddle action.

There are so many times at the moment where I am purely a human climbing frame as if I sit down for a minute I will without doubt have two children who must suddenly be clambering all over me. Don’t get me wrong the cuddles are lovely and it is nice to be so wanted…. but it is blimmin exhausting too. It would also be nicer if either of them would actually sit still and cuddle for a few minutes.. but instead I get bums in my face, elbows in ribs, my shins being stood on (er ouch), nose yanked, hair pulled…. you get the idea, it’s not relaxing!

Mummy climbing frame

I know it is inevitable and part of their growing relationship and they do have some lovely moments too where they show how much they love each other. Like when Monkey copied Daddy and took over the tickling of LM.


And when they were sat in a box together…WP_20151030_11_29_52_Pro

And when they were snuggling up on the sofa together.


LM still worships the ground her brother walks on (unless he is sat on my lap) and wants to be wherever he is (which doesn’t always go down too well with him). If he is laughing, she will laugh too, when he is happy, she is happy, and sadly sometimes when he is screaming, it sets her off too.

So although it is challenging at the moment I love watching the way their relationship is growing and changing.

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Rollercoasters and Fireworks

It’s been an interesting time here lately, full of ups and downs – which makes talking about rollercoasters very apt in more ways than one. Diving straight in, sadly Hubs’ Grandpa passed away last week which is obviously very sad indeed and Hubs has been helping his parents navigate this difficult time. Add to that both hubs and I were pretty poorly last week and for some reason LM was waking up betweeen 4 and 5am every day leaving us exhausted and in bed not long after the kids.

We were a little better by Friday, still exhausted but my brothers and their lovely ladies came round for a takeaway and catch up. The kids loved seeing them as always and we had a really lovely fun evening too, just what we needed after a tricky week.

Then Saturday morning we woke up to discover my car had been broken into and the kids’ dvd players were stolen. Gutted, horrified, angry are a few words that spring to mind. The car hasn’t a mark on it so at first I wondered if a door maybe hadn’t shut properly and it hadn’t locked when I last used it… but then I remembered getting something from the car the previous afternoon and specifically locking it. So I have no idea how they got in or why they chose my car (has having the extension done made us a target??) espcially as we live in a really nice area. It doesn’t really matter though and what is done is done… It has made me so wary about what is left in the car now and making sure all our doors and windows are always shut and locked in case they decide to come back!

That day we were due to go to Thorpe Park with Hubs’s work friends and after the shock and anger from the theft had abated a bit we decided to still go… even though it was absolutely pouring with rain. The journey there was awful as it was so wet and miserable and I have to admit to wondering whether it was worth going at all. But thankfully when we arrived the weather dried up and we had a wonderful time.

Obviously going to a theme park with small children is a little different to going on your own. It was far more about the kids’ happiness than our own but they were seriously happy. Monkey was just about tall enough to go on a few rides and he had a whale of a time on his first ever rollercoaster! Although he shouted that he didn’t like it on the first loop, by the end he was loving it and he loved a wet ride too. I have to say though it is such a swizz that you are supposed to buy a full price ticket for anyone over a metre tall, but there are barely any rides that kids can go on unless they are 1.25m or 1.4m tall. There is about 4 maybe? Such a con to have to pay full price for a ticket for them! Thankfully hubs’ work paid for the tickets – though don’t even get me started on full price vs online tickets!!rollercoaster 1

Of the rides Monkey was allowed on, we did go on a couple he was less keen on, one that was in the darkness that was a bit scary for him, and the last one we went on was a spinning one that he hated. He screamed and cried throughout and I have to admit I felt really dizzy and sick when we got off!! Overall though he had a great day though and lots of fun with our friends’ kids. LM wasn’t big enough for any of the rides but she had a fab time too… mainly splashing in as many puddles as she could find, especially muddy ones! Her waterproof trousers are far too big for her but at least they kept her a little dry, I really need to find wellies in her size though as her shoes got soaked.puddles

It was a lovely but really tiring day. Thankfully the journey home was much drier and easier and we made it home just in time to go to a fireworks party at a friend’s house. It was great fun and the first time Monkey had seen any fireworks. He loved the sparklers and enjoyed the firworks though he did find them a bit loud so we went inside to watch from the conservatory after a few minutes.fireworks

We had such a lovely time but the day was taking it toll on us and we headed home and the kids had a later than normal bedtime and we crashed straight after them, at about 8pm! Sunday thankfully was a much easier day because the hubs and I were still exhausted, and writing this on Monday, we still are. I think we need a good few more early nights to catch up on our rest and hopefully an easier week as that would be lovely…. though this morning my phone screen has died so I now have no phone while I can send it away to be repaired or replaced. The fun never stops does it??

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Glittery Firework Picture

I have really been struggling to do any arts and crafts with Monkey lately. Now LM is on the move she wants to be involved with everything we are doing and I struggle to come up with activities that both a 1 yr old and a 3 1/2 yr old can enjoy (if you have any, please share them!). She only naps once a day now too and I am generally shattered by that point so not much crafting happens then. We do do things occasionally but I rarely blog about them now and I try not to feel too guilty as Monkey is doing plenty at preschool (he now does 1 full day plus 2 mornings a week) but have really been wanting to do something new and fun with him. Tuesday mornings my parents take LM to a rhyme time group and that has become Mummy & Monkey time so today we have been making a glittery firework picture.20151103_095247

Monkey has never seen real fireworks, and has only seen them on cartoons so to start with we watched a youtube clip of a fireworks display and talked about how noisy they are. I also explained about bonfires briefly so we decided to make a picture of a big fire with fireworks around. Monkey helped me tear and cut some red, orange and yellow tissue paper which we then glued to the paper to make the bonfire.bonfire

Then came the really messy bit. Glitter doesn’t come out in our house too often because it gets everywhere… but you can’t have fireworks without a bit of sparkle now can you? I showed monkey how to glue some lines and shapes on the paper and he chose the colour glitter to use. He loved pouring the glitter on and then tipping it off to reveal the picture underneath, gasping and proclaiming it was “magic!”fireworks 1

I tried to keep the mess to a minimum and tip the remaining glitter back into each container but there’s only so much you can do with glitter really. For the most part Monkey wanted me to do the gluing for some reason, but I actually preferred his shapes as they were more random so I really encouraged him to do the gluing. Because he enjoyed it so much we made a couple of other pictures just with fireworks on and I really loved his firework shapes.fireworks 2



20151103_101528Monkey loved touching the glitter and wiped it all over his face, saying “look, I’m all lovely and sparkly now!” haha love him.

So there we have it, a very simple fireworks picture. I’ve always loved fireworks and adored making pictures like this when I was a kid so look forward to making many more with Monkey and LM as they grow.


Mummy Bloggers

Blogging had been such a help to me since becoming a mum and making the decision to be a SAHM. It has helped me share my experiences and to feel less alone thanks to the wonderful community of parent bloggers out there. There is so much power in blogging and as well as helping each other we can be quite influential.

I was recently sent the following info graphic about the rise and stats of Mummy Bloggers which I find hugely interesting.

Top 50 Mummy Bloggers In UK

Who knew there was quite so many of us out there? I admit to being honoured to be included in the top 50 bloggers on here. I confess to being a little sceptical about this however as there are many fantastic and far more influential bloggers than I who have not made it onto this list. (Never mind the absence of any daddy bloggers…) I wonder whether it is more a chart of those of us that responded rather than a chart of the top mummy bloggers..

Hubs says I should  not worry and enjoy it and I guess though I am not sure I agree I do feel very proud that someone feels that I belong on this chart alongside such wonderful company.

Whether I do belong on this chart or no I do hope that I have helped other mummies as much as other bloggers have helped me. That is all I really care about. Parenting can be so hard at times and so difficult to know if you are doing it ‘right.’ Reading other Mums’ experiences helps me to know I am not alone and that there is no ‘right’ way and that I am doing ok. I hope my blog helps other Mummies to feel the same way.

A week of Cake

Ooh there has been a lot going on this week…. and a lot of ups and downs to be honest! There has been a lot of cake eaten too… let me explain… and I apologise if this is a long waffly post!

Mickey Mouse CakeIt started off pretty well, with us celebrating our gorgeous girl’s first birthday. Sadly she had a rotten cold but nonetheless very much enjoyed her party with the family on Saturday. I made a Mickey cake (more Monkey’s request than hers really) and it was very lovely celebrating her birthday and the passing of that first tricky year. The family were all round and it was just very lovely and relaxed really.. with lots of yummy cake eaten.LMs bday

Saturday night I went out with a really good friend of mine and had such a lovely catch up with her over a meal and a good few glasses of wine. One of my very best friends she moved to London a few years ago and while we try and catch up as often as we can it isn’t always easy with family commitments. She was home for the weekend though and we had such a nice time and was so lovely to reconnect.20151024_223340

That night the clocks changed and of course our children woke very early. LM at 5am (not good when I only got in at midnight!) so we knew we had a long day ahead of us, especially after my late night. So I may have eaten a rather large slice of birthday cake at about 8am… just to keep me going of course!! It was our first properly free weekend day in ages so we did what we always do, and instead of having a relaxed day, decided to do something and made ourselves busy. So we headed to Ikea to try and get some bits we needed. We had a really good day but are daft and managed to forget a couple of things we wanted to get (d’oh!). As it is about an hour away and we went in 2 cars specifically so we could bring everything home…. so it was really irritating!

Monday we woke to hear that Hubs’ Grandpa was in hospital. He is 93 and sadly reaching the end of his life so my Mother in law had bless her been woken at 3.30 to tell her he is in hospital and was awake ever since talking to the hospital and his care home. Hubs agreed to take her to the hosiptal the following day to see him after convincing her she needed to rest and there was nothing she could do today as they were waiting to take some tests.

That morning the kids and I met some friends at a lovely soft play centre. We stayed all morning and had lunch there (which yep, included some cake!), but being half term it started to get very busy. With the weather looking beautiful outside we then headed to a nearby park for the kids to have a good run around before heading home.soft play

That night Hubs was out for a meal with work and that’s where things started to go a bit downhill. I decided to read a book and head to bed fairly early. Hubs got in around midnight… then at 1230 we heard some horrible noises from LM. She had been so much better all day but suddenly she was coughing horribly and having heard it with Monkey, we knew what the seal bark like cough meant. Croup. We tried to settle her but she really sounded like she was struggling to breathe. Our general rule is that you don’t mess around when it comes to breathing, so for the 2nd time in our lives (the first being when Monkey had croup and was turning blue) we called 999.

20151027_031802The paramedics arrived and though she had settled a bit by then and her sats weren’t too bad (unlike when Monkey had it thankfully) they wanted her to see a peadiatrician. So around 1am I was headed to the hospital in the ambulance with LM while Hubs called my parents and arranged for Mum to come and sleep at ours with Monkey so he could join us. Thankfully she didn’t need any oxygen but they gave her a dose of steroids which definitely perked her up, and she was charming everyone in the A&E, including other patients! She crashed and fell asleep around 3am and we were thankfully able to go home at around 330am.

Monkey then woke up at 5.50am and we brought him to bed with us but he just wanted to chat and play, and then LM woke up at 6.20! No rest for us! As I had at least had some sleep earlier in the evening I let hubs catch up a bit then headed downstairs with the kids. Hubs had taken that morning off work so he could take his Mum to visit his Grandpa at the hospital. It is all a bit sad but basically it is a waiting game now and he will go back to the home until it is time. The chat with the Dr and talking about it all really helped my Mother in Law come to terms with some of it which is a really good thing.

That day was supposed to be LM’s sort of party with my friends and their children, however obviously I wasn’t sure what to do as coup is contagious. I was especially worried for my friend with a 4 mth old and was gutted but relieved when she said she would stay away. I had been so looking forward to seeing her but just not worth risking her little one catching it. My other friends who slightly older kids decided to risk it, especially as LM was much better and the steroids had obviously worked as the croup cough had now gone.

We had a lovely day and the kids had a whale of a time which was really good. I was obviously exhausted but the company was lovely and they really helped with cleaning and entertaining the kids so it was great actually! I had planned on baking cakes that morning for the kids to decorate as something fun to do but did not have the time in the end so hubs bought some cheap cupcakes while he was out and the kids loved decorating the cakes.. though I think more time was spent eating the chocolate decorations and licking the icing haha but still kept them entertained for ages and we all went out to the garden afterwards to burn off the sugar high!friends here

That night Hubs and I were completely exhausted and in bed straight after the kids went down at 730! Poor hubs though had a flare up of IBS in the middle of the night (not surprising with all the stresses of the week) so the early night didn’t do him much good sadly. I woke at 5am to the sound of Monkey heading downstairs cheeky thing! I persuaded him back to bed but with his chatting to himself LM then woke up within about half an hour… so began the start of another long day which again led me to eating a slice of cake at around 8am!

It was a very wet day but thankfully Nanny spent some time with kiddies in the morning while I popped out to get the ingredients to make hubs’ birthday cake (yep another cake). We then had a play in the rain before visiting Granny & Grandaddy for a bit in the afternoon.playing in the rain

When LM had her nap Monkey and I got stuck in to making the Red Velvet cake Hubs had requested. He always enjoys jelping me bake so we did that in the afternoon and then I frosted it in the evning. Not my best red velvet as I couldn’t get the proper red food colouring, and I think it was slightly over-baked but never mind… it was also very wonky!red velvet

Thursday was hubs’ birthday and we popped out for lunch as a family and with his parents to a little town not too far away which has lots of antique shops.

hubs bdayThat evening they came round for a little chinese and to eat some yummy red velvet cake.

So there we have it. A seriously busy week full of ups and downs and lots and lots of cake!!

Hoping next week is calmer… and containing less cake as my waistline is very much expanding these days :)