Adapting to life with a newborn

The word of the week this week is definitely “Adapting.” We are all adapting to the changes that bringing our newborn girl home has brought.

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Rubbish shot but Monkey going in for a kiss :)

Monkey is doing amazingly well at adapting to being a big brother. We have been so proud of him from the get go and he just gets better and better. After a few days of playing up a little more and being more demanding (which is not at all surprising when his little world had been turned upside down and he barely saw Mummy or Daddy for days) he has settled down a lot. We are trying to find the balance between giving him plenty of attention, and not over-indulging him, as he does need to learn that he is not the only one that needs our attention now.
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Monkey & Daddy go to the zoo

Life in our house has been all change this last week with the arrival of our Little Miss, but we have also been trying to keep things fun for Monkey. We have kept his routine as much as possible. On Monday he went to rhyme time as usual with Nanny & Pops. On Tuesday he normally goes to Tumble Tots with Daddy but being half term this week it wasn’t on. We had a think about what they could do instead and decided Daddy and Monkey should go to the zoo! Continue reading

Little Miss’s arrival

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Little miss at 1 day old

I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that our little girl is here already. I was supposed  to have pre-op today in readiness for my C-Section on Thursday. Instead I am sat at home having just fed our cutie.

Because this little girl did not want to wait to make her grand entrance! My waters broke in the early hours of last Tuesday morning, at 38 weeks pregnant, and as I was not contracting and baby seemed happy, the Drs decided we should keep her safely inside for a little longer. I had steroid injections to help develop her lungs and quite a good rest in the hospital on the Tuesday, with the promise that our little baba would be born on Wednesday morning. Continue reading

Welcome to the world…

So after a slightly dramatic turn up for the books, we are proud to introduce the newest member of our family to the world!   For her own privacy, as with Monkey, her real name will be kept off the blog and she will hereafter be know as Little Miss. Its been eventful but we are so pleased she is here safe and sound in our arms. Now the real hard work and adventures begin!!

She was born at 3:23pm and weighs 7 lbs 8 oz :-)






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The best laid plans…

This isn’t the post I intended to share today… I was planning on sharing this post about how I am feeling alright at 38 weeks pregnant. How I was getting ready for my planned c-section next week… But oh boy how things have changed!

Some of you may have seen on twitter that we had a slight change of plans on Monday night. A few people had asked me what would happen if I went into labour early, and quite honestly I brushed it off. I really didn’t think it would happen.
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Stopping swimming & Monkey’s First Fairground Ride

Saturday was one of those days where things just didn’t quite work out the way we wanted them to. Lots happened but also lots of things went wrong. We had an early morning scooter session then Monkey and Daddy went for a walk to splash in puddles, only to discover that one of Monkey’s wellies had a hole in – cue one soggy foot and unhappy Monkey! Then I went off for a hair cut and Daddy and Monkey went to their swimming class. I haven’t really blogged about it before but Daddy and Monkey have been going to swimming lessons… and they haven’t been going that well.

Monkey is apparently very upset for most of the class and though he always says he has enjoyed it when he comes home, the look on Daddy’s face and Monkey’s red and puffy eyes tell a different story. After an 8 week term of unhappy Saturdays (Daddy finds it very tiring and frustrating and is in a pretty miserable mood for the rest of the day) we have decided not to carry on the lessons for now. Hubby wants to try and take Monkey swimming just the two of them with less structure, and then try the classes again maybe next year. Continue reading

38 weeks and a bit of last minute pampering

38 weeks pregnantI am 38 weeks pregnant today and honestly this pregnancy has flown by compared with my first. It has also, thankfully been so much smoother. With my SPD rearing it’s head at just 6 weeks pregnant I was so worried about how hard this pregnancy would be, but thanks to the physio throughout we have kept it at bay and I am so much more mobile. I haven’t needed to use my crutches at all and just generally feel so much better and still have quite a bit of energy. I think because I have been more mobile this time I haven’t put on nearly as much weight as I did last time either, which is also no bad thing.

It hasn’t been a bed of roses and I still get a lot of pain in my back and pelvis, and of course I am shattered and ready to not be pregnant anymore… But with just over a week to go I am trying to focus on the positives now.

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The Nursery is finally finished!

Over the summer we did really well with transforming our junk room into the baby’s room. #GetGoodSummer hosted by Claire at Clarina’s Contemplations was a great motivator for us and we did really well…. Then the progress sort of tailed off a little. The only thing left for us to do was the wall stickers, but we chose quite a big mural and I’ll admit I was pretty nervous about getting it on the wall, so we kind of put it off!

Last week though we decided to take the bull by the horns and just get on with it! It went really well and now, finally, thankfully, the nursery is finished (with just over a week until baby is born, just in time too!!). So here it is, our lovely nursery and a few of our favourite things in there.
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Disney Cars 3-Wheel Tri Scooter from

We were recently contacted by the lovely people at and asked if we would like to review a Disney Cars Scooter. We’ve held back on getting Monkey a scooter as, although we have seen lots of kids his age (and younger) having great fun on them, he is not the most coordinated of toddlers and so we weren’t sure how we would get on. As these kinds of toys are generally not very cheap we didn’t want to risk buying something he would not get much enjoyment out of. is a great way of getting the best price for things, which is so handy with kid’s toys (especially coming up to Christmas), as they track the prices of things for you and let you know when there is a good deal to be had. The Disney Cars Scooter is currently on offer at a just £12.50, you can find out more here.

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