20 week scan, and it’s a ….

Today we had our 20 week scan and we have come out with huge smiles on our faces.



The most important thing to say is that thankfully all is well. Our little baby is growing perfectly and was very obliging, giving the sonographer all of he right angles so he could check everything was growing ok. It was the same guy that did the 20 week scan for Monkey which was quite cool and he was fab, talking us through everything, telling us everything we were seeing every step of the way.. and telling us that each thing was ok!


So all of those scary words from the screening booklet, that I don’t understand and definitely can’t pronounce properly, don’t seem to apply to our gorgeous little baba. Phew!

It really is an amazing scan, showing you the blood flow to and from the heart, showing their little nose and lips, their face, fingers and toes. We got a gorgeous shot of baba’s foot, which he gave us a picture of as a freebie (in addition to the 2 we paid for). It’s just lovely and a huge, HUGE relief to know all is going ok. I don’t trust life to be kind so it is nice to hear all is well.


And yes, we found out…


Haha I can’t believe it! We are having a baby girl!! I am actually really surprised, with hubby being one of 3 boys we pretty much assumed we would have all boys, and never really dared to hope we would have a girl. I would have been immensely happy to have a boy of course and would have loved him every ounce as much, but… yes I am pleased to have a girl! As well as a bit scared about it!

I am pleased because I get to experience having a daughter, which is something I honestly didn’t think would happen! It all feels a bit too perfect having one of each, and a couple of other pregnant ladies I know have found out they are having girls so I was actually pretty convinced I was having a boy. I am nervous of having a girl in terms of when they get older though, teenage hormones, boys, sex! But, well we will cross those bridges when we come to them 🙂

The other reason we are pleased it is a girl is because we have known a girl’s name we have loved for ages, but really could not decide or agree on a boy’s name!! My mother in law says that we must have known instinctively that it was a girl, as we only had a girl’s name. With all 3 of their boys they only ever had boy’s names and could never decide on girl’s names. Who knows!

All I can say is that we are really excited about meeting our baby girl in roughly 18-22 week’s time! Eek! We know her real name but now need to decide on a suitable nickname for her to use on the blog! 🙂 Only a blogger’s problem 😉

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    • Thanks jennie! Ha ha i know, we have had this name picked since before we started trying! Funny really 🙂 Good luck with finding yours, I am sure it will be perfect 🙂 xx

  1. Ah congratulations honey! That’s fab news that all is well – as I mentioned before we had that horrible borderline Downs reading and had to choose whether to go for a CVS or amnio but thankfully all was well in the end! I have to admit I’m always a little bit envious whenever I find out that someone else I know is having a girl (and conversely kind of relieved when I find out they’re having boys!) but I guess if no one else was allowed to have a girl ever again the gene pool would considerably decrease 🙂 One of each is ideal isn’t it? You know you’ve experienced it all! All best wishes for the rest of the pregnancy now X

    • Oh gosh of course that can’t have been fun, it’s always such a relief when everything is all well in the end isn’t it? I can understand that, and honestly was preparing myself for always feeling the same, as I was convinced we would have another boy. I am thrilled at the prospect of one of each, though slightly nervous about the unknown too! xx

  2. How lovely. It’s very lucky to have both a boy and a girl (as we do) and it’s lovely to enjoy those experiences. And I hope you enjoy your bloggers problem of coming up with a suitable nickname 🙂

    • Thanks, I feel really lucky to get to enjoy both experiences! haha yes I am wracking my brain a bit at the moment but I am sure the right nickname will reveal itself! 🙂

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How very exciting. I am so happy for you. Obviously would have been if it’s a boy too but it’s AMAZING to have a boy and a girl. One of each like me!!! Our boys are close in age and our girls aren’t too far off either. So happy for you! Love the scan photos too!!!! Welcome to the world of Pink or Purple or even more Blue if you are like me and still reuse some of the boys clothes. hahahaha Lovely, so happy for you. It’s going quick half way there. Can’t wait to see photos and her be apart of the blogosphere with the rest of the fam. thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    • Thank you lovely! haha yes we will definitely be reusing some of the boy clothes, and sharing them out with friends with boys I think! 🙂 I know I can’t believe how fast it’s going and can’t wait to see what she looks like! xx

    • Thank you! haha yeah i think you’re right, have always said I wouldn’t be overly gender typed or pink, but now we actually have the prospect of a girl I am more excited for the girly shopping than i thought I would be 🙂

    • Thank you, haha yeah I am excited to see how different they are, though i guess all kids are different really anyway. I’m still excited though! xx

  4. Congratulations this is sooooooo lovely to read!! Oh my gosh the scan of her little foot has me literally covered in goosebumps it’s perfect, it’s like she’s showing you “look 5 toes mummy and daddy!!” Xx

    • Thank you! I know isn’t her foot amazing? Even the sonographer was impressed with it, hence he gave us the freebie I think, just adorable! xx

  5. Congratulations!! I’ve got two girls so I can confidently say that girls are wonderful (as are boys, but I like parenting my girls!) your pictures are amazingly clear too; she’s definitely perfecting the art of good photos at a young age!

    • haha I think you’re right, a little poser in the making 🙂 Aww that is lovely to hear and I am looking forward to seeing what being a mummy to a daughter is like! 🙂 xx

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    • Ha ha thanks lovely! Eek very exciting I am sure the week will fly by! Look forward to reading all about it!! xx

  7. Congratulations! How exciting 🙂 We had three girls first and were then very surprised to find our last two were boys, always thought we were destined to end up with a houseful of girls.
    I’m the youngest of two, with an older brother and although we fought like cat and dog at times, it was nice knowing he was there to stick up for me. #FamilyFriday

    • Thank you! Aww that’s lovely, it is lovely to have a surprise isn’t it? I was convinced we would be all boys in our house! Aww yeah I know what you mean, loved having a big brother too! 🙂 x

  8. Woohoo! Congratulations! Girls are brilliant. (Boys are too, but girls are definitely lovely) Glad to see that it was all ok in the scan as well, and I can’t believe how clear that foot is! Thanks for linking up again #FamilyFriday

    • Thank you I know the foot is incredible isn’t it? We just love it and we are absolutely thrilled she is growing well in there! xx

  9. AAAAAAAAAAAGH! Massive, huge congratulations! So exciting! And now you get to run amok in the baby clothes aisles filling your basket with cute little baby girl outfits. So pleased for you – and such a relief to know everything is OK with bub. I remember feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off me after our 20 week scan 6 weeks ago. Thank you for sharing your news and linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. xx

    • haha thanks lovely! I know I am really having to restrain myself from doing that at the moment as we have been promised a lot of hand me down girl clothes from friends! It really is a huge weight off isn’t it? Makes it so much more real! xx

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