25 weeks Bump update & Monkey comes to meet the Midwife!

I can’t believe I am 25 weeks pregnant already! It definitely seems to be going a LOT faster second time around! So how’s it going? Well, ok really. Here is the latest bump shot!

25 weeks pregnant

Quite a lot of people have told me lately that I have quite a small bump! It doesn’t feel small to me so am trying not to worry about it. We saw the midwife today and though she didn’t measure it she felt that it was about where it should be which is good. It was funny as for a few minutes she was confused and saying how it felt like baby was only on my left side – she had forgotten about the Bicornuate Uterus coming in to play! Nice to have it confirmed that as I thought, baba is very much on one side only, and I am not imagining things or feeling what I want to feel!

WP_20140722_10_20_06_ProWe took Monkey with us to the Midwife today and it was actually really lovely. He was so fascinated by the blood pressure machine and stethoscope (we have a little doctors set at home he plays with so he kinds knew what that does) and he insisted on standing on the scales and being weighed too.

Our lovely midwife was great and when I was on the bed to listen to baby’s heartbeat she let him push the button to turn the doppler on. He was so excited, and though he was a little confused to start with, once we explained it was the baby’s heart, he was dead excited! I mean, dead excited, running round the room clapping his hands and shouting “yeeeeeaaah” excited. And no I am not exaggerating! Bless him πŸ™‚

He also got some stickers saying what a great helper he had been, so that’s lovely! He definitely seems happier about the prospect of baby now, and a lot less anxious than he was a few weeks ago. Phew!

In other news, my pelvis is still playing up a lot which is meaning there is a lot of things I can’t do, so that is very frustrating but it is manageable. I just need to come to terms with not being able to do everything I want to do, which is very annoying but better than being in pain, which is what happens when I over-do it. I am still loving my aquanatal yoga though which I think is helping, and seeing my physio every couple of weeks and doing my exercises.

It is seriously hot and being hot and pregnant isn’t great, especially at night! I have indulged in a few maternity wear sales mainly because I need summery tops and vests that fit this growing bump!

Baba is kicking loads now and when I am lying down there are times when I properly see my bump move, which is always such a weird but lovely thing! Hubby even saw it the other day without his glasses on, and bless him he is a bit blind without his glasses! She is a real little kicker but I kinda love it.

She still feels very much breech to us and I know it is early days but it feels very reminiscent of Monkey who was always breech. If she stays that way and we have to have a C-section again she could be with is in about 13 weeks! Eep! I’m not really sure how I feel about the VBaC vs C-section at the mo – I think because I don’t actually have much choice that there isn’t too much point worrying about it. She will be in the position she is in and I will go with whatever is recommended and what will be will be I guess!

Hubby can’t wait and just wants to get to that day, and I can kind of understand why. Every day now I am getting a bit bigger and seemingly less mobile and often less comfortable (and therefore, lets be honest, more moany!). It won’t be easy when baby gets here, especially if I have a C-section, but as he says, at least from that point on thingsΒ should get better or easier Β by the day rather than worse, which is how it feels at the moment. I am a bit torn, I am a bit fed up this week, but don;t want to wish away the next few months as I know newborn babies aren’t easy so I am a bit apprehensive as well as excited about meeting her!!

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49 thoughts on “25 weeks Bump update & Monkey comes to meet the Midwife!

  1. Ah, I feel your pain! Being pregnant in this heat is not easy. I was in labour this time two years ago and I remember so clearly how uncomfortable i was and how unfortunate that the heat made it so much worse! I never did take JJ with me to see the midwife. Maybe I should have done… Glad to see you’re still enjoying aquanatal – it’s one of those things that makes pregnancy feel like a special time. X

    • Aw bless you at least as I get more pregnant it should in theory cool down a bit, i really feel for anyone in the last few weeks of pregnancy in this heat!! I’m really glad we did actually, though it was a bit of a last minute decision as I had forgotten we had the appt and didn’t get a chance to arrange childcare lol! xx

  2. What a lovely bump picture, and how exciting that Monkey got to hear the heartbeat!
    I think if your husband thinks life will get easier after you’ve had the baby, he’s very deluded (or you were extremely lucky first time round!).

    • haha I think it’s just because at least then I will be physically able to do things whereas at the moment we are worrying I will end up on crutches again, so once the SPD is gone life will be easier in that respect! x

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  4. I properly grinned at your description of your little boy being excited – SO cute! My daughter came with me to my last appointment too and she heard the baby’s heartbeat and was thrilled. I think it does help get them involved and understand there’s really a baby in there – even if they’ve already felt baby kick. Good for you for indulging in the maternity sales. I think being comfortable and pregnant is important and I haven’t felt one slice of guilt at buying myself new clothes this time around. Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. xx

    • Aww it is lovely isn’t it, I feel like it definitely helped him! Thank you and I am kinda with you on that! xx

  5. I remember taking my kids along to the appointments and they would always play up and the midwife would rush the appointment and never really listen. I feel your pain being pregnant in the heat never fun. My second child came like a breeze and was like the puzzle peice we did not know was missing. Least you wont be in as much pain and its not long at all time will just fly by i bet!

    • Hmm yeah that doesn’t sound quite so good! I am glad all went so well with your 2nd child, hopefully all goes well for us too! xx

  6. Aww, I can just imagine him being all excited about the heart beat. They can be so sweet at that age.
    I love being pregnant, love the thought of it, feeling the baby moving, the scans etc. But being pregnant doesn’t really seem to agree with me lol. I have had problems with all but my first pregnancy, twins so you’d think that would be the hardest lol, so I can completely understand where you are coming from. Just do what you can, forget about everything else and try to enjoy it, even though the heat is making it hard! #FamilyFriday

    • Yeah he was so cute! πŸ™‚ Gosh to think you did it that many times when it doesn’t agree with you, I think this one may be my last pregnancy!! xx

  7. Aww that’s such a sweet reaction from a great big brother to be! And yes, please let it be cooler by the time we go into labour – please please please!

    • Oh no you poor thing, I feel your pain πŸ™ Rubbish, we are worrying that is how I am going to end too at the moment! Aww bet that was lovley, what a great experience for him to see!! xx

  8. Ah Monkey’s excitement is just awesome! I am 25 weeks today and off to the midwife this week too. I am definitely bigger than you also, I’m sure of it. If not I just feel it! You’re looking fab, and I hope your pelvis pain eases soon x x x x

    • haha I thought it was so cute! Aww hope it went well and thank you, it’s funny as I don’t feel small at all!! xx

  9. Such a cute bump picture. Mine was always small 2nd time around, but she came out a healthy size. and Oh I feel your pelvis pain… fingers crossed it passes with birth, I was unfortunate to have it still in the background to rear its ugly head at any time, 2.5years post partum. #magicmoments

    • Oh no you poor thing that is a bit rubbish! I got occasional twinges, pretty much coinciding with that time of the month after Monkey was born, so I am assuming I will still have that, but hopefully no worse! xx

  10. Such a lovely entry – And a cute reaction to hearing the heartbeat! I don’t envy you being pregnant in this heat though. Thanks for joining up to #FamilyFriday again.

    • Thanks Danny it was lovely, but yeah pregnant in the heat isn’t hugely enjoyable! I am managing though πŸ™‚ xx

  11. The heat is a killer for me too. Although i do feel its cooled down a little bit at nights now. I tend to sleep with the fan on though.

    I think its fab your little one is excited about the baby. My little boy was the same, then i started taking him to all my appointments so he felt more involved and now hes so excited. He cant wait for baby to be here. Although im sure there will be some jelousy when baby is born.

    Like you I have the bicorniate uterus and this time baby is on my right side whereas before my sonn was on the left. Very weird isnt it how you only feel baby on one side.


    • Yeah thank goodness for the slightly cooler nights now! That’s lovely, it definitely works so think I will keep taking him to the appointments now. Oh I am sure you’re right but good to try and limit it as much as possible i guess! πŸ™‚ It’s such a funny feeling isn’t it? So good to talk to someone who understands what it is like! xx

  12. Monkey being that excited must have been really cute, it’s so lovely that the midwife let him help out and that the trip eased his anxiety over the baby. Hope the heat’s dying down a bit now to make you a bit more comfortable! Popping in from Magic Moments

    • It really was so lovely and she was fab with him! Thank you I am definitely sleeping a little better at the moment! xx

  13. I LOVE YOUR BUMP! You look amazing! I am literally the worlds worst preggers person so you moan away. It is hard being pregnant and with a little one too. Make sure you get lots of support and lots of help. Lovely piccy xxxxx

    • thank you lovely! It is so hard some days but don’t want my bog to become a moan fest, so mainly its the hubs and my best friend who have to deal with my moaning πŸ™‚ I’ll remember I can moan to you too, though you may regret saying that πŸ™‚ xx

  14. You look lovely in that gorgeous top! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and don’t worry too much about the delivery. I had 7 sections and had to tell myself at least they all got here safely.

    • Thank you and wow 7 sections! You’re totally right and that’s why I am not worrying too much, what will be will be! xx

  15. Your bump is looking lovely!!!
    I can feel your pain with being hot and sweaty and pregnant lovely it’s hard work!
    So sweet that the midwife let monkey be so involved that’s really special for him!
    I ‘knew’ by this time that Arthur wasn’t going to turn around as well and that he’d stay breech it’s funny isn’t it!!!

    • Thank you lovely, she was so great with him it was fab πŸ™‚ it is funny how we get a feeling about these things sometimes isn’t it? She may surprise us yet though! xx

  16. I really feel for you, I’m so glad Little E arrived before this heat wave. Her due date was yesterday so I was lucky in that respect. I used to take Ethan to the midwife appointments he was a little scared at first, a fear of doctors, but I think it helped him understand what was going on. I was torn between both birth options as I was so scared of both, they wanted me to go VBAC at first but the choice was taken out of my hands in the end. I hope the final weeks go well for you x

    • Thanks lovely, it is ok though I imagine anyone in their last few weeks must really be struggling in this heat!! Aw I am glad it helped Ethan too. Ueah i am not really sure what I want either so trying not to worry too much, we will just have to see what happens I guess! xx

  17. How lovely to see him so excited! It is really wonderful to see a sibling start to look forward to the baby arriving πŸ™‚ The heat is hard work, but knowing the UK it might not last for much longer… πŸ˜‰

    • yes thankfully it has been cooler lately, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be pregnant in a really hot country!! I do love how he is getting excited now, he was cuddling the baby in my tummy today bless him! xx

  18. I was pregnant in Manila and the temp can go over the roof and its hard so I know what you are feeling. I hope you will find ways to cool down. What a nice visit this one . Mix of good news and some not so good news about the csection. Hopefully more good news next week =) #magicmoments

    • Oh my goodness that must have been hard, I can’t imagine being pregnant somewhere so hot, it’s bad enough hee! πŸ™‚ xx

    • Aw thank you, yeah the pelvic pain is rubbish isn’t it? Just counting down till the day it goes, and we have a beautiful baby instead now πŸ™‚ xx

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