35 weeks pregnant – C Section booked

35 weeks pregnantI am 35 weeks pregnant and today we had our appointment with the consultant to confirm baby’s position and book a C Section. Although I had hopes earlier in the pregnancy of a VBaC if baby turned, it has been quite obvious for a while that this was very unlikely. At our initial appointment with the consultant, he was very nice and said we could try for a VBaC if baby turned, but made it quite clear that there was only ever a very small chance of this happening for me.

Because of my bicornuate uterus, there just isn’t as much room for baby to move around, especially as the pregnancy goes along and baby grows ever bigger. There was a chance that she may have turned early on and then stayed head down, but as most babies do not get into the head down position until the last trimester, our consultant did advise that there was only ever a very small chance of this happening. I had hopes, but as the weeks and months have gone on, and as it has become more and more obvious that her head is very much up, I have accepted the inevitable C Section.

There has been times where it has really felt like she was trying to turn but she clearly just can’t do it. Because my uterus is divided into two halves at the top, for a while we have been quite clearly able to feel her position. Her head is in the left side of my Uterus, and her bottom is somewhere around my middle then she curves up (around the divide in my uterus) and her legs are in my right side, giving me lots of good kicks on that side! It is strange as Monkey was always much more on the left and I only ever felt his feet kicking low down on my right side, so I think there is more room in there than there was (having already been stretched once before I guess) but still not enough to turn.

So today we saw our consultant who has been really great. We were totally prepared for the C Section but he was so kind about it, knowing that it wasn’t what I had hoped for. We had a scan to confirm her position, (it was so lovely to see her, she is a big baby now!) and then had a chat. We knew the score but he was so kind about how it was time to accept it and come up with a plan. He said there is still a chance for her to turn but that it is extremely remote now so it is best to book a C Section. So we have. We now know our baba’s birthday! Which is an odd feeling, especially as it is around 4 weeks away!!

Because we knew that she was still breech, Hubs and I had chatted about what dates we thought it might be, as we knew what days they usually do planned C Sections on, and Hubs really hoped it would be on his birthday. I wasn’t convinced about that idea but as it turned out we didn’t get a choice anyway and it is booked for the day after his birthday. I will be  just over 39 weeks pregnant.

So now I am preparing myself. Having been through a planned C Section before I am not too concerned about the surgery itself. I know what to expect and it was all very calm and serene really. I’m not looking forward to the recovery period although again it wasn’t terrible last time, I got through it once and I can do it again …. though there is the addition of Monkey to think about this time! But I think I would be nervous about those first weeks with a baby and a toddler regardless of how I deliver.

35 weeks pregnant

Big bump!

In other news I am not doing too badly, which is a pleasant surprise! By this point in my last pregnancy I was very much on crutches because of my SPD/PGP and was barely able to move around, with or without them. I am hugely relieved that is not the case this time. I am pretty slow moving and it can be uncomfortable but it is so much more manageable. Hubs is doing a great job with his elbow digging massages into the muscles around my pelvis, which are massively painful but they are really helping to keep the muscle spasms under control and mean it is not too hard to get around during the day, yay!

I am tired, but then show me any 35 weeks pregnant woman who doesn’t get a bit tired! I have good days and bad days and now I know that the countdown is very much on until her arrival. I have been sorting things out and getting the hospital bag C Section ready. We got the last few baby bits out of the loft so I have been sorting those. We still need to get the wall stickers on the wall but other than that everything is looking pretty good! Here’s hoping the next few weeks fly by without too much pain or worry! 🙂

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42 thoughts on “35 weeks pregnant – C Section booked

  1. It is a shame you can’t have the birth you wanted but like you say at least it will be calm and safe, I hope you recover quickly and do not suffer too much, so exciting that you will get to meet her in just a few weeks, I bet you can’t wait.

    • I can’t but go between the extremes of feeling terrified and feeling really excited! That’s it, I just have to focus on the positives and all that matters is that she arrives safely! xx

  2. Happy 35 weeks 🙂 xx
    I had the same issue. But c-section was the best choice. F was breech and G was transverse. I did a post on my birth story. Most amazing moment in my life! You look amazing too. Xxx

    • Thanks lovely, sometimes c section is just the best choice and I am glad it worked out well for you! Will read that post 🙂 xx

  3. How exciting that you now have a date for when you are going to meet your little one. It sounds like she is very comfy in there at the moment and that’s a very lovely growing bump! Hope all goes well for your C-section and recovery afterwards and glad to hear that this pregnancy is more comfortable than your last one.

  4. I’m so pleased to hear you’re feeling better and mobile – it makes a huge difference, especially at this point in the pregnancy. And it’s good news about your date too – four weeks will fly by! Can’t wait to see your new addition very soon! x

  5. I will be thinking of you, it sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. My planned c-section was at 39 weeks too. I can’t believe how quickly the time has come around, although I doubt you feel quite like this! I hope your recovery goes well too, I found a planned c-section so much easier to recover from than the emergency xx

  6. Nearly there now! We had Little Man’s C Section booked in when I was just 14 weeks pregnant, and it is so odd knowing their birthday! It’ll be handy to plan for someone taking care of Monkey, though. Glad you’re doing well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Wow it must have been amazing knowing his birthday so early on! It will definitely help with plans for Monkey and it is nice to have a countdown! thanks lovely xx

  7. I had an emergency and elective csection & both were a positive experience looking back – isn’t it the strangest feeling waking up and driving to the hospital knowing you will have your baby at a rough time?!
    Best of luck for it all xx

  8. I have another friend who is 35 weeks pregnant (with twins) and believe me, your bump isn’t that big 🙂 Sorry you won’t get to experience a vbac but as you say, there are definitely benefits to a planned C section! I think you’ve done a fab job staving off crippling SPD – and it’s wonderful that the husband is able to do his ‘elbow digging massages’! Good man! 🙂 X #wotw

    • wow my goodness I can imagine her bump is definitely bigger than mine! Thanks lovely and yep I am so grateful to hubs and the “massages” but I think it is good for him too as i am far less grumpy when I am in less pain 😉 xx

  9. I’m sorry that you won’t get your VBAC and you know that I know how hard that can be to swallow. And yes, isn’t it weird to know when you are going to go in and meet baby?? I have just under 3 weeks to go now and I don’t think I will ever be prepared! I’ve had the swabs for MRSA done and I’ll take the steroids but until baby is really here it feels like a dream doesn’t it? I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible and I cannot wait to hear your happy announcement! x x x

    • Thanks lovely and I know you definitely understand my feelings! It definitely feels like a dream until they are here… and even a little while after! Thanks lovely and same to you! xx

  10. It’s a shame you’re not having the vbac you hopes for, but I’m glad your feeling positive about the c section. Good to hear this pregnancy is not being as tough as it was with monkey. Not long now 🙂 x #WotW

  11. After all the uncertainties and painfulness over the course of the pregnancy, I can well imagine your relief at knowing what’s up ahead, even if it’s not what you had originally imagined. All the best to you! Can’t wait to read the rest of your story. x

    • Thank you and you are right, I don;t mind anymore really, and am just looking forward to baby arriving safely! xx

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