A Winter Nature Walk

Some mornings it is completely bonkers in our house. So bonkers that I feel like if I don’t get myself and the children outside immediately then I will completely lose my sanity. Ever feel like that?

Wednesday was one of those mornings and thankfully it did not coincide with a torrential downpour type of morning. So by 9am (it was a no playgroup day) the kids and I were wrapped up warm and out on a walk in the cold foggy morning. And you know what, it was mainly lovely.PhotoGrid_1452254000135

LM was being really grizzly but she loves getting out (often presenting me with shoes and coats when to illustrate her point) and Monkey jumped at the chance to go out too. He said he wanted to find conkers. I did point out that it’s not really the time of year for conkers but said we could go to a good conker spot and see what we could find.

It wasn’t too far away and when we got there I let LM out of the buggy for a wander while Monkey and I searched. We found lots of conker shells and half a conker that had been half-eaten presumably by squirrels. No pictures of it though as at this point I wasn’t planning a blog post (bad blogger).Β Then Monkey found a stick who he decided was “stick man” of course. The kids were very cute wandering round and exploring and it was lovely.PhotoGrid_1452254165376PhotoGrid_1452254235126

Then LM got grizzly (I did say it was mainly lovely) so it was back in the buggy and on we went. I decided to continue the nature hunt theme though and Monkey and I looked at all the different colour berries and were talking about why the trees were bare etc. It was lovely and LM was enjoying looking at the berries and bits too.PhotoGrid_1452254458452

There was the obligatory bit of hide and seek (Monkey loves hiding…. All the time) and LM got out a couple of times too to explore the bushes etc.Β PhotoGrid_1452254582188

It was freezing but lovely and just nice to get out and escape the insanity that being indoors a lot can result in at this time of year!

22 thoughts on “A Winter Nature Walk

  1. This looks like the perfect way to save your sanity from being trapped inside all day. The kids both look like they enjoyed their time out and about exploring, LM looks adorable in her little snowsuit and bobble hat. It’s a shame Monkey couldn’t find his conkers but at least you had a good hunt for other exciting things in nature. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. I can totally relate to that, I used to get straight out the door when all my three were home all day. It is lovely to get out for a simple walk and nature hunt, you can see from the pics the children love it, even on cold miserable days.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  3. We had one of these days this morning! I needed to get out of the house before I went loopy and we ended up going for a walk around our local park, looking for squirrels. Was lovely to get out it in the fresh air! I should have taken more notice of nature rather than wildlife though, we saw hardly any squirrels. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. Little M looks so cute in the photo where she’s just plonked herself down on the path! Our walks are always “mostly lovely” too, due to Luke wanting to walk but getting pretty fed up of it quickly, meaning I have to take the buggy wherever we go. Trying to steer a buggy and keep Luke relatively close is exhausting in itself! So I usually strap him into the buggy, let him throw his HUGE tantrum and let him out when we get to our desired destination! Those photos you took are lovely! I love the berries with the twigs behind them; i’d frame that ha! Ray xx #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  5. Sometimes a little outdoor walk is needed to help blow the cobwebs away, especially this time of year! I think it’s good to get the kids out even if the weather isn’t perfect. πŸ™‚ Looks like a lovely walk!

  6. We get out and about every day for the school run but its not like a ‘proper walk’ which we do need to do more often, its been a lovely winter (up until now!) to get out and about too. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday, hope to see you next week.

  7. Aww LM sounds like Evie. Sometimes she stand at the door with her pjs on and her wellies and says ‘mama, car!’ haha. I love a trip out, even if it’s just a walk about. This sounds like such a lovely family walk though. It’s so lovely that you have two of them to entertain each other and play with each other. Lots of lovely findings on your walk too. Thank you so much for linking your adventures to #whatevertheweather xx

  8. Love that it was ‘mainly’ lovely! We have lots of walks like that too, I ignore the grizzly bits once we’re home and choose just to remember the fun parts. Well done on finding some Conkers remains, at least you managed to find something. Love that LM is really getting into the exploring now too, she looks very cute in her big puffy suit. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

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