My word of the week this week is acceptance.

Because, at the moment I am very much having to accept the fact that I am 32 weeks pregnant, I have SPD and I can’t do all of the things I want to do, or that I am used to doing. It’s frsutrating but there is not long left and I have to accept it.

Luckily we have a lovely supportive family to help and make sure Monkey is still entertained. Hubby has started taking Monkey to his Tumbletots class on a Tuesday in his lunch hour, because I just can’t physically manage it anymore! My parents have also started to take Monkey out on a Wednesday so he can get a run around and burn off some energy.

I am just a lot less mobile now as the pain is increasing so it is nice to know he still gets to have a run around, while I can stay home! He is a lot better at playing independently and staying at home more, but the longer we are stuck in the house the harder it is to keep him entertained, and his behaviour gets a bit more destructive and boisterous. Getting him out for even a short walk and a run around makes life so much easier. I am so grateful to my family for doing this as even a walk round the shops or round the block is getting very painful now and feels like a daunting prospect! I’m not sleeping well either and the tiredness is making it a bit harder to be imaginative with playtime ideas!!

I’ve also had to stop my morning walk with my neighbour. For well over a year we have gone for a 9am walk most mornings. It has been so good for us to get us out of the house and have a good old natter. It has been really lovely and I have been desperate to keep it going. The walks were getting more sporadic as I have had to miss days I have been in too much pain and even the days we have managed it, the walks have been getting shorter and shorter (and slower) as even on good days I can’t do much. What started off as a good 40 min walk of a couple of miles has become more like a 20 min slow stroll of maybe 1/2 mile?

For a while I think even that was doing me good but then I realised it wasn’t anymore and that actually I was ending up in quite a bit of pain afterwards, so we have officially put it on hold for a while! Another change I just have to accept.

I am still doing a lot better than I was in my first pregnancy, I am not on crutches yet and I am grateful for that. I am also massively grateful my supportive and helpful hubby, family and friends. It would all be much harder without them! There is not long to go now really and I just have to keep the goal in sight and accept that I can’t do as much as I want to do.

What is your word of the week?

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15 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. It’s not good that you are in pain and not sleeping but it’s good news that you are managing to accept it and put a positive spin on it because at least there is an end in sight and soon you will be holding onto your little girl and feeling really proud of yourself for getting through all the hard bits. Hugs X #wotw

  2. Sorry to hear that you are struggling – I had SPD with my two pregnancies (worse with the first one) and it was very frustrating at times not being able to do things. Sounds like you are trying to keep positive and have lots of support which is great. Hope those last few weeks go by quickly and with as little pain as possible.

    • Ah sorry to hear you suffered too, it is rough at times isn’t it? and definitely frustrating! Counting down to the end now!! xx

  3. My best friend had SPD with her pregnancy & I had no idea how debilitating it can be. Glad it’s not progressed to crutches & hoping it doesn’t get any worse. Lovely that you have so much help on hand xx

  4. I cannot believe you are 32 weeks pregnant already! It feels like yesterday you announced the pregnancy! Only a few weeks left and you will meet your beautiful new baby. I hope the pain eases. x #WotW

  5. I do think accepting it makes it easier on yourself. You can’t possibly continue as you were, as even a straightforward pregnancy starts getting tough at this point, so with your SPD on top, it’d be impossible to keep up. Sounds like you’ve a fabulous family, though, and Monkey will enjoy the variety of playtimes with them, and it’s good to get him used to not always relying on you for activities and adventures, as you’ll be splitting your attention in two soon! Thanks for sharing with #WotW and take care x

  6. It sounds tough. It’s not easy accepting you can’t do things for a while. I found the end stages of my twin pregnancy hard and in the end my mum had to come and stay with me for the last couple of weeks to help took after my son, as I just couldn’t lift him. It won’t be long now and things will all be different and you will have a wonderful bundle of joy to add to your family x

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