At the park with Nanny

Wednesdays are normally a day where Monkey spends the day with his Nanny & Pops, but every now and then Pops is at work on a Wednesday. Sometimes those days are just Monkey and Nanny days, but sometimes LM and I join them for a bit of fun, I don’t quite make up for Pops’ absence but it’s nice to spend some time with my Mama too :). Last Wednesday we went to our local country park together for a picnic and playtime, and it was just lovely.

The forecast was for a lovely sunny day, and it certainly started off bright, but then clouded over and turned decidely grey but it didn’t stop us having lots of fun.

park with Nanny

At one point we the only people in one of the play areas so Nanny, who loves a bit of silliness, went on the slide with Monkey, who thought this was brilliant!


Then I thought LM should have a go on the slide too, purely for her sake you understand 😉


Just an ordinary day having fun with the littlies and their Nanny who they both adore. It is her 65th Birthday today, so Happy Birthday Nanny/Mum!

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17 thoughts on “At the park with Nanny

  1. What kids don’t love a trip to the park with Nanny? It’s great that Monkey and LM get to spend this time with their Nanny too. It looks like you all had a brilliant day out together, a bit of silliness is always a great way to make a good day great. Happy birthday to your mum! Thanks for linking up your silliness in the park with Country Kids.

  2. Aw sounds like a fab day. Can totally understand you wanting to spend time with your mum. Mine is in australia and I would love that opportunity. Enjoy. #Sharethejoy

  3. I love those awesome massive slides! I am still in mourning since the day my arse became too big to use a swing, so when I see a giant slide I am in happy land 😀
    Alice x

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