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As of Friday the truth is out, it is now common knowledge that we are pregnant (just over 9 weeks now)! As there are bound to be a number of pregnancy related posts over the next 7 months or so I thought I should start at the beginning. If I am documenting this pregnancy I’m going to do it properly!

We always knew we wanted more than one child, and even though the reality of having a child is sometimes much harder than you ever realise before you have one, we haven’t changed our mind. Different things work for different people and of course I understand not everyone is fortunate enough to have a second (or even a first) child, but, for us, purely on a personal level, we haven’t felt our family is complete. Lovely yes, but not complete. Hubby says he feels like a couple with a baby, as opposed to a family with a couple of kids.

On crutches at 8 mths - look at the size of me!

On crutches at 8 mths – look at the size of me!

Initially we thought we’d like a 2 year gap between babies, but with my problems in my first pregnancy we thought a 2 1/2 to 3 year gap would be better as Monkey would be that bit older and able to do a bit more for himself should I become immobile! We started trying after Christmas and tried to be open minded about how long it may take. We fell pregnant with Monkey incredibly easy (within a month) and had to prepare ourselves that the same might not happen again. Nevertheless we were disappointed when I wasn’t pregnant immediately. I know it’s daft but on some level, even though we knew how unlikely it was, we hoped to get pregnant straight away again.

We re-evaluated and re-steeled ourselves that it may take some time. As it happened though, it didn’t and I fell pregnant the second month of trying. Bonkers and I know we are incredibly lucky! We knew before I was due on because my boobs (which grew to humongous proportions last time) started to grow. Hubby also felt a rise in my body temperature and remembered the same happening last time. But we didn’t want to be too hopeful!

Pregnant yay!

Pregnant yay!

We’d jumped the gun the previous month with early pregnancy tests so this time we were determined to wait until the day I was due on. At first Hubby wanted me to wait for a week after missing a period before taking the test, but I knew I couldn’t wait that long! On the morning  I was due on we talked and decided to take the test. No hesitation on either side, he was as excited as me. I took the test and yep, pregnant. So excited, I ran upstairs to tell hubby. Feeling thrilled.

But soon the fear and worry set in. Hubby was being all tiggerish, bouncing around the house with a huge smile on the face, gushing about how happy he felt. I loved it and part of me was with him… but another part felt terrified. My stomach was in knots and I struggled to feel excited. I kept thinking about what may go wrong, and was scared to be excited in case it does. I don’t trust life to be kind, things go wrong all the time and I’m not someone who thinks “It’ll never happen to me” I think “It could happen to me, I’d better be prepared in case it does.”

I also felt nervous about what this means to our lives. This baby is so wanted, so loved already, we had been trying and it is the perfect timing we hoped for in terms of Monkey’s age…. but it still means a lot of changes. I hated being pregnant before and hope I don’t feel the way I felt last time. I worry how my pregnancy will affect Monkey. What if I get to the point where I can’t walk again?

Monkey’s life is going to change so much. It’s what we want, so he isn’t spoilt by the constant attention of two doting parents, but I can’t help but feel for him. He’s had us at his beck and call for his whole life, and now there will be another member of our family to think about. Another child to share things with. I know it’s a good thing but I am nervous about it.

I guess I need to worry less. Kids are resilient and if I do become more immobile I am sure he will cope. Hubby keeps reminding me that it’s only for a few months so I have to hold on to that if things do get bad! As for having to share some attention, we already try to encourage him to be independant and to share, as both are so important, so hopefully this will help prepare him for the arrival of a sibling. Plus it will be lovely to watch them grow together, to play (and fight) and talk (and argue).

I am still nervous, but I am also very excited and looking forward to this new chapter of our lives as a family!

How did you find out you were pregnant? Is your family complete with your child/ren or do you hope for more?


32 thoughts on “Back to the beginning…

  1. Ahhh… I remember having exactly the same worries when we were expecting our second… How would Ava adapt? Would she cope? Well, it I can honestly say it has been the most enriching thing for her. Our two girls are so close, and love each other to bits. Of course they fight at times, but I can see now that actually having a sibling has enriched her life, not challenged it in any way. Monkey may need to adapt, but it will be SO very worth it in the long run! #magicmoments

    • Oh this is exactly what I needed to hear and makes me feel a lot better. Hopefully monkey and his sibling will also get on really well! xx

  2. Congratulations! I was worried about something going wrong second time round too – paranoid even! I think it’s because we already have one child so think about what would happen to them if something did go wrong? Nothing did go wrong and it is amazing seeing the boys together 🙂 #magicmoments

    • Thank you, I think you’re right, it’ more abstract 1st time round! Gld all worked out so well for you though! xx

  3. Oh honey please try not to worry too much. There are so many things that are out of our control, and stressing about them won’t do you any favours. Really hope you have some success with the second physio, and the pain isn’t so bad this time: you never know, you may escape it altogether? All three of my pregnancies were different, as are my children 🙂 big hugs xxxx #MagicMoments

    • Thank you, and I know you’re right, my worries have calmed down a bit since we first found out, though the pain has well and truly arrived. I have just been told that it may actually ease off after the 1st trimester though so here’s hoping that will happen! I’m not suffering with sickness as badly as I was last time s that is definitely one positive difference between the two! xx

  4. This is lovely news, many congratulations Hun. Both you and your husband sounded so cute, gushing about everything, ack, dead chuffed for you both and try not to worry too much xx #magicmoments

  5. I think its okay to be scared of a pregnancy as it is normal. Just dont let it eat you and make you not enjoy it. Your lil one will help you cope. He will keep you busy & on your toes and you will (hopefully) forget about worrying. I hope I make sense. Cuz a lot of times I think I dont =P #magicmoments

    • Thanks Merlinda, it definitely made sense and you’re right, Monkey keeps me busy he definitely stops me worrying about the pregnancy! xx

    • Thank you! We are thrilled 🙂 Wow my goodness he was a proper ninja baby! Yikes, great not to have had any symptoms for 21 weeks though!! xx

  6. Big Congratulations to you all, fantastic news. Please try not to worry about Monkey, children are resilient, I had blood pressure problems from 33 weeks with Little 2 and was in and out of hospital for checks and the odd stays for 6 weeks, I worried about Little 1 who was just over 2 at the time as she was ferried around all over the place and left with people she hadn’t been left with before, she was fine and doesn’t remember any of it. The two of them are now so close and the best of friends, its lovely. We are planning no 3 very soon!! (Shhh!)

    • Thank you, and that really does help me to worry less, I do forget how resilient little ones are! Eek number 3, VERY EXCITING!!! 🙂 xxx

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