The best laid plans…

This isn’t the post I intended to share today… I was planning on sharing this post about how I am feeling alright at 38 weeks pregnant. How I was getting ready for my planned c-section next week… But oh boy how things have changed!

Some of you may have seen on twitter that we had a slight change of plans on Monday night. A few people had asked me what would happen if I went into labour early, and quite honestly I brushed it off. I really didn’t think it would happen.

Then in the early hours of Tuesday morning I felt a weird trickle. I was half asleep so went for a wee but honestly at this point my brain was not functioning or connecting dots. When I woke again a couple of hours later (about 4am) I was instantly more alert and aware of how weird it was to be feeling a trickle.

Have I weed myself? Or could it be????

I went to the loo and my pj bottoms were soaked. Right. And I needed a wee. Clearly hadn’t just emptied my bladder in my sleep.

Realisation dawned that my waters had broken!

I woke up the hubs and called the hospital. Called my mum and she headed straight over.

Thankfully the hospital bags were already packed and ready to go. In a bit of a daze we headed out…. I know I was not quite with it as I put my maternity jeans on backwards…. And didn’t even realise this until we were waiting at the hospital, despite going to the loo 3 more times in between. Honestly!!!

Other than that the journey was fine and after a bit of prodding baby was wriggling so I relaxed and prepared myself for a potentially imminent c-section .

Now that hasn’t quite happened. No baby quite yet! After a but of monitoring and an examination it was confirmed that yes my membranes have ruptured, but baby seems perfectly happy and I am not contracting.

At 38 weeks pregnant they like to give steroid injections prior to baby’s birth to make sure her lungs are fully developed. As these are to be given at 12 hour intervals they told us they want to wait until tomorrow to perform the c-section. Slight come down after us thinking it may all be happening today!

Because of baby’s position in my bicornuate uterus though I will have to stay in hospital, as if I start to contract and dilate then there is a risk that the cord will prolapse. So after a bit more monitoring it was on to the ward to “wait and see” but plan for a c-section tomorrow.

I am writing this from my hospital bed on Tuesday evening and so far no news. Baby is happy, no contractions and all seems fine. It has been a really odd day with hubs trying to do handovers to his guys at work from his laptop here on the ward.

Monkey has had a lovely time with Nanny and we’ve had to rearrange all the grandparents for cover over the next few days.

I’ve been a bit bored at times… But am trying to make the most of the peace and quiet as after tomorrow that will be pretty hard to come by!!

Oh and by the way, the steroid injections are painful! Thankfully not in a long lasting pain kind of way but when they are doing it, my goodness ouch. I know in comparison to many things childbirth, natural or c-section it is only minor, but still, ouch!

Anyway, just goes to show that even with a planned c-section things can suddenly change at the last minute!!

30 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Oh my gosh this is exciting. Scary but exciting!!
    Well done you for having been organised and had your hospital bag packed!! I did mine the night before my planned c-sec hadn’t even considered something like this could happen!!
    Hope that your stay in hospital can be nice and short and soon you have your healthy baby in your arms…….ahhhhh so exciting!!

  2. Wow – definitely a change of plans, and very exciting to know that you’re going to be snuggling that baby really soon; hopefully you’ll be able to get a bit of rest and the waiting will go quickly and I’m sending all sorts of happy thoughts that the C-section goes smoothly 🙂

  3. So exciting!! It’s amazing how baby’s really do have their own plans as to when it’s time to enter the world!
    Sending positive vibes your way!
    Thank you for sharing at the Share With Me blog hop!

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  5. You are amazing hunny writing from your hospital bed. I can’t believe it and still linking up. You are such a great supporter for even thinking of blogging and linking at a time like this. So exciting. I love the anticipation you have left all us readers too with the baby news in the near future. Thank you so much for linking up. Good luck and I can’t wait to read about baby. #sharewithme

  6. Not quite sure where the comment I left at lunchtime went but it’s kind of been superseded by subsequent events now! Well done my love and congratulations on the birth of Little Miss!! X #sharewithme

  7. Grace & Lucas say – Now, because the Mother follows you on FB, she saw your post last night!!!! YAY!!! High-5’s to Little Miss and we are chuffed to welcome to newest and certainly the youngest member of the GL Gang. Monkey’s gonna make an AWESOME big brother xxx #sharewithme

  8. I saw your post last night and just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I admit to having a giggle about you putting your jeans on the wrong way round. I did something very similar when I went into labour but it involved my bra!!! So looking forward to reading your forthcoming posts xx #sharewithme

  9. OOooh I am so excited for you and go you for being super on the ball and having that bag packed and ready to go! I cannot wait to hear of the new little arrival!! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH x

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