Christmas Toddler Crafts – Snowman Decorations

Our Christmas crafting has begun! Monkey is hugely excited about Christmas this year, he loves seeing all the decorations in the shops and was running round one shopping centre shouting “Merry Christmas” to anyone and everyone!

I wanted to harness this excitement so we have been making some lovely Snowman Christmas Decorations.

Christmas Toddler Crafts - Snowman Decorations

What you need

Something circular to draw around
Cotton Wool
PVA glue
Googly eyes
Buttons/mini pompom balls
Coloured Foam/card to cut out to make noses and mouths.

First I drew around a plastic cup to make the snowman’s head and body on some card and cut this out.

Monkey then helped me pull apart some cotton wool to make the snow. He helped me cover the snowman with glue and he stuck the snow on.

I then squidged on a few blobs of glue and Monkey added the googly eyes and pompoms for buttons.


We had some random foam shapes which I cut out for noses and mouths. Again I added the glue and Monkey stuck them on. For arms we used a coloured lolly stick.

Monkey decided that the first snowman we made was Mummy (must be something about the happy smile ;)) so is in fact a snow-woman. Of course we then had to make the rest of the family!Β The Daddy snowman had the addition of a hat, which I drew on before cutting the shape out, and Monkey did some amazing colouring in :).We made a couple of little snow-children for Monkey and LM and there we have it, a snow-family of Christmas Decorations. To hang them on the tree I used a bodkin (big needle) to make a hole and threaded through some wool.

Note: The card I used was a little flimsy so I had to reinforce it with some thin cardboard, from a cereal box. It may be worth making them on cardboard in the first place πŸ™‚

decorations 2
Here they are on our gorgeous Pines and Needles tree, remember to use voucher code STAY14 when you order yours to get your bonus mini tree!

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30 thoughts on “Christmas Toddler Crafts – Snowman Decorations

  1. I love this idea. We’ve ben decorating some Christmas shapes with paint and glitter – a bit basic really – but I’d love to give these snowmen a go. I don’t think the tot has the patience this year though. Bookmarked for next year! Have a fab Christmas!

  2. these look fab!!!

    I’d love to make these with the monsters BUT i have a major fear od cotton wool!! ha ha ha, but they look amazing on your tree.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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  4. Grace says – These look really great and fab idea to hang on the tree. Glad to hear that Monkey’s getting really excited about Christmas.
    Thanks for linking up to #minicreations

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  6. These look so cute. I love the fact that you made a whole family of snow people. I’m sure Little Miss H would love to make these. You may have inspired me to get my Christmas craft on. Thanks for linking another fab post to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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