Clumber Park, Chicken Pox and a very short holiday!

A couple of weeks ago Monkey came down with Chicken Pox and though he is much better and his spots are nearly gone, it has been a bit of a waiting game to see if /when LM would catch them too. With an incubation period of up to 3 weeks, we knew it could potentially coincide with our weekend away in Yorkshire and after lots of um-ing and ahh-ing about whether to go or not we decided to go. And, well, what do you think happened? Yep she got poorly while we were away.

She had zero symptoms the day before and we thought that if she was coming down with it then she would probably have some cold type symptoms so got all packed up and ready. Woke up Friday and there was a few little spot like marks on her back but she was still fine and we were ready to go, so we headed off.

We broke the journey at the National Trust site Clumber Park. We do like to make the most of our NT membership and feel a stop off at somewhere like this is a bit more fun than just a service station. Shame the weather was wet and grey but we all had wellies and waterproofs so set off for a good explore.

We chose to do a simple walk as though we would love to walk around the lake there is no way little legs can manage it at the mo, not on such a quick visit anyway. So we explored the gothic Chapel, the pleasure ground and the lake.
Monkey also enjoyed exploring amongst the trees where he found an amazing den that someone had made.PhotoGrid_1458655123309

For her part, LM was enjoying exploring and was still perfectly happy, and her usual, independent self.
We stopped for food at the cafe and enjoyed a view out the window and LM loved sitting on a big girl chair.PhotoGrid_1458655523226

After lunch we visited the fab woodland play area where lots of fun was had. LM got cranky and it was nearly nap time so time to resume our journey North. There’s so much we didn’t get to see at Clumber, including an indoor play area but I am sure we will be back another time.PhotoGrid_1458655715481

We headed to our holiday cottage in the gorgeous village of Hutton le Hole on the south of the North York Moors, which is such a stunning part of the country. The village is amazing, so picturesque with a gorgeous little stream running through and we loved the cottage we stayed in as it was so full of character (including some very low doorways haha) , had everything we needed and wasn’t too expensive either so we really want to go back!PhotoGrid_1458656012705

We had a good explore of the village before heading out to nearby Pickering to buys supplies and have a fish and chips tea. LM wasn’t eating much which is weird for her but was otherwise fine. At bath time we noticed a few more spots but she was still fine in herself and both kids went down to sleep no probs.

The next morning however things took a turn. LM woke up at 4am really unhappy with a terrible high fever. She was suddenly covered in nasty looking spots and was clearly unwell. Cue decision making time and both of us feeling that we just needed to be at home for her. We obviously also felt guilty for coming away at all at this point but we really weren’t expecting it to get worse with such a bang.

So anyway we packed up and got ready to go home, while LM watched some TV and thankfully perked up with a bit if medicine. She even managed a bit of an explore around the village and a go on the trampoline in the garden. She is really not one to sit still!PhotoGrid_1458656316166

We re-questioned our decision again but still felt it was time to go. She slept in the car for nearly the whole journey home (bar a quick stop for a nappy change and to put on her coat as she was cold) which just never happens, to sleep nearly 3 hrs in the morning?? We got home and she was still unhappy and slept for another couple of hours in her bed. Definitely the place to be.IMG_20160319_100606

20160321_090535 (2)So it was possibly the shortest holiday ever and a long way to go for such a short amount of time… But we did have a nice time and it was worth coming home to where she is most comfortable. She has been very up and down and has so so so many spots poor thing that have been really really irritating her.

She does seem to be a lot better now though thankfully so hopefully we are coming out the other side and hey we never have to worry about chicken pox again do we? Unfortunately since we have been back Monkey has also had a tummy bug so it has really been a week of poorliness! So that is my word for this week. Poorliness. Here’s hoping that everyone is well for Easter!

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18 thoughts on “Clumber Park, Chicken Pox and a very short holiday!

  1. Oh poor LM and what a shame that you had to cut your holiday short. Looks like you managed to enjoy what little time you did manage there though – love the idea of breaking up a journey with a trip to a NT place and Clumber Park looks like a great place to explore. I love LM’s big happy grin at being in a big girl chair! Hope she is feeling better soon.

  2. Chicken pox is horrid isn’t it, poor little girl. Don’t blame yourselves though, these illnesses do get bad very quickly. I love your photo’s, it looks like you visited some very beautiful places.

  3. Oh bless her! We were on holiday with both the boys when they both had chicken pox a couple of years ago but fortunately they didn’t really have the proper sickness with it and we were able to go out and about for the whole week but we do have some very spotty holiday pics from that one! Hope both kids are feeling a bit better now – there is so much illness going around. Xx #wotw

  4. Oh no, poor little thing. My two had it a couple of years ago, so its out of the way here too!Hope she’s brighter now and that Monkey is feeling better. Looks a lovely very short break! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. These pesky bugs. LM does look so cute though and I shouldn’t say that when she all spotty! I hope everyone is on the mend now. It looks like you had fun in Yorkshire before you had to come back. We need another NT meet soon xx #wotw

  6. Oh that was unlucky, although lovely to have the time away that you did managed. It looks like a fun place to explore. My three seemed to sail through their chickenpox. Least it’s out of the way. #CountryKids

  7. Oh no, it’s such a shame you had to cut your holiday short but at least you got a short break. It’s difficult to judge whether an illness is going to really hit, it’s just a shame LM came down with such a bad case. At least you got to enjoy your holiday for a couple of days, it looks like you really made the most of time you had in Yorkshire. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  8. Shame about the chicken pox, Josh has had it and luckily it was summer so he was kept busy everyday outside with no top on.. We have just got our NT membership, we are super excited and have a list of places we want to visit.

  9. Oh my goodness, what bad timing. Such a shame you had to cut your holiday short, but it does look like you had a great time at the national trust place. Really hope everyone is feeling better now. #WoTW

  10. Oh bless her, chicken pox is just horrible. I managed to infect a whole plane when I flew to Spain a few years ago and had no idea I had it until the next day. Love the look of that village though so hope you get to go back at some point. #CountryKids

  11. We have been poorly too with chicken pox and then flu after. It just drained my son that he lost so much weight. I agree that its nice that our children got them but I wish that they will not get anything more after this bouts of sickness as its just draining on them and us parents.


  12. Poor love! She looks so happy at Clumber Park! Poor you guys too to cut the trip so short. We haven’t had CP yet and I just know it’s going to hit at the worse possible time…. hope they are both feeling better now.

  13. Oh bless LM. I remember my Monkey getting them before we went to Las Vegas and they just came from nowhere. I hope she’s feeling better now though. Even though you had to come back early, Clumber Park looks like a grea NT place – the playground is awesome! Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

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