Clumsy Pregnant Lady!

Yep, this week, the word that best sums up my week, is Clumsy.

The week actually started off pretty well, we headed home from holiday and were feeling refreshed and invigorated. I have definitely had more energy this week which I am really enjoying! The only blight on the early part of the week was a lingering headache that turned out to be a sinus infection (joy!) so I have been on antibiotics since Monday.

Anyway, we had a lovely weekend, and did lots of things in the garden (more to come on that in a later post ;)). We had a lovely roast dinner on Sunday with hubby’s parents and then Monkey very much enjoyed spending time with his other grandparents on Monday.

Then the clumsiness hit.

Maybe because I have had a bit more energy this week I have been trying to do too much, be a bit more normal? I don’t know. But Tuesday, after a very tiring Tumble Tots session, I put Monkey down for his nap….. and then preceded to fall down the stairs :(.

It wasn’t a terrible fall. I just slipped and bumped down 4 or 5 steps on my bum before managing to get hold of the hand rail. I was more shaken than anything and slightly strained my arms by stopping myself falling any further. (Falling down the stairs also isn’t entirely unknown to me, have always been a bit of a clutz and have slipped like this many times, I even slipped once when carrying Monkey as a baby – not fun!) But, I’m sure as any pregnant woman who has fallen over will tell you, it is very easy to panic about such things. To start with I was fine, convinced I was ok, and then over the course of the afternoon as I started to ache more, I also worried more.

I had a lovely chat with the midwife at the hospital about it and was reassured slightly by the fact that the baby is incredibly well cushioned in there, I didn’t bump my tummy in any way, and lets face it, my bottom has a fair bit of padding itself to protect the baby from the jolts. Β I was in no pain in my tummy, and had no bleeding, and could still feel the odd flutter. (I’m not getting proper kicks yet but I can feel the odd bit of movement sometimes.) Hubby and I talked about going in for a check up but eventually decided against it as I didn’t really feel the need to be worried. We have our 20 week scan on Tuesday (eek!) so then hopefully we will see that everything is just fine.

The worst part of it actually is that my Pelvis has been incredibly sore ever since πŸ™ so it clearly hasn’t helped with my SPD! Thankfully I am seeing my physio again tomorrow so hopefully she can help with that. It’s more annoying than anything as I had been planning a post about how well I was doing with managing the SPD this time, and my hopes for the rest of the pregnancy. I hope this fall hasn’t completely stopped this progress.

Anyway, Wednesday Monkey and I had a lovely playdate with my friend, and because I had some energy, I decided to cook a batch of yummy veggie burgers while he napped. All went well, except that I managed to give myself two nasty burns πŸ™ .Β The first was from oil that splashed out of the pan while I was frying the onion. It really hurt but I thought it wasn’t that bad so slapped some aloe vera on it (we have a plant in the kitchen) Β and carried on. Then, somehow, and I’m not entirely sure how, I did something incredibly stupid.

I was flipping the veggie burgers (and slightly struggling as I had made them a bit big so they were really floppy, and because the burn on my finger was really stinging in the heat) and had a spatula in each hand, but somehow, I managed to push the side of the frying pan with my finger. The frying pan that had been simmering oil for about 20-30 minutes by this time and was insanely hot! Honestly I haven’t felt searing agony like it in a long time and my initial reaction was a combination of shock, agony, and being really peed off at myself for doing something so stupid. So the F word was yelled really loudly. Thankfully Monkey was still asleep!

My finger looked seriously angry so I shoved it in cold water immediately. I haven’t had a burn that felt that bad, in well, ever, maybe. So I took to google and read that I should keep it under cold water for 10-30 minutes! I was still cooking so I finished off while wiggling my finger around in a cup of cold water, then put it back under the tap.

Eventually I put some aloe vera on and covered in cling film, just in time for Monkey to wake up from his nap. It was still agony for a while but thankfully did gradually subside. It’s funny as actually the more serious burn is actually healing a lot better and now looks better than what I initially thought of as the more minor burn, which is now a nasty blister on my finger.


Just goes to show that immersing it in water for a reaaaally long time, does actually work!

So there we have it. I really hope this is just a clumsy week, and not the start of a new phase! I remember last time reaching the stage where I didn’t want to drive anymore as I felt my concentration and awareness really wasn’t up to the task. I don’t feel anywhere near that stage yet and feel like my brain is still working this time (at the moment) so hopefully this clumsiness won’t continue or get worse. For now though I am trying to be a bit more careful and rest up. We will see how it goes!

Did you feel like a clumsy pregnant lady?

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27 thoughts on “Clumsy Pregnant Lady!

  1. Oh my, quite a week for you! I fell down stairs 24 weeks pregnant and pulled the baby gate off the wall as I went. It hurts! Maybe your sinus infection is affecting your inner ear and balance? Hoping you have an accident free week next week but glad baby is ok!! Xx #wotw

    • Oh gosh bless you, hmm I hadn’t thought of that but you could be right! Whatever the reason I hope I have a few less accidents over the coming weeks! xx

  2. Gosh sounds like a busy week! I always get clumsy when I’m tired or trying to do too much – I reckon it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down… Hope you get some rest this weekend x

  3. Oh bless you, I’ve always been clumsy myself. I can trip over my own shadow I’m that bad. But when I was pregnant I was even more so, constantly walking into doors etc, I too took a tumble down stairs so I know just how scary it is. I’m glad you’re ok. X #WOTW

  4. Oh no you poor thing, really hope you’re on the mend soon! Baby brain (or preg head as my friend calld it) has a LOT to answer for πŸ™ i know what you mean though by being annoyed, I dropped a cast iron casserole lid on my glass oven door the other weekend – annoyed doesn’t even come close.

    Good luck for your scan, you’ll be popping thay baby out before we know it! Take care lovely xxx #WotW

    • Thanks lovely, I like preg head, sounds less cliche than baby brain! Gutted about your oven door, I can see how that would have been massively frustrating! xx

  5. Oh my, what a week! I’ve fallen down the stairs too-managed to strain my internal scar tissue at the same time-very sore I can tell you. I was terribly clumsy whilst pregnant, I think you might have hit it on the head when you said that we try to do too much-then accidents happen. I hope you can slow down a little and not expect so much of yourself, oh and take care too xx

    • Thanks lovely, it’s hard because I want to make the most of the extra energy I have at the moment, and give hubby a break! But it does nobody any good if I hurt myself in the process! Need to find some balance! xx

  6. Oh dear, I’m not even pregnant and at times I can be the clumsiest person on the planet. Hope your clumsiness subsides – stay safe in the meantime though.

  7. Sounds like you’ve had some scares but glad you’re pretty much ok. I feel for you on the SPD front – had it 2nd time round and it was horrid – hope yours remains mild. And as someone else said, I seem to get clumsy if I’m tired or stressed (uber clumsy this week!) so take care of yourself and try to relax (I know, easier said than done!).

    • Ah you poor thing, it’s awful isn’t it? I ended up on crutches last time and am trying really hard to stop it getting so bad this time! lol I know what you mean about being uber clumsy when stressed – which doesn’t help with the stress levels! xx

  8. I feel your pain Sista! I am the clumsiest person ever and I hate those weeks when I’m bumping, falling, smashing and burning. OUCH! Hope you are over your period of clumsiness now x #WotW

  9. oh no….. glad your ok..ish…
    I had terrible SPD with all 3 of my girls so i have lots of empthy for you.
    look after yourself

    Sa x

    • Hi! and thanks πŸ™‚ was just so annoyed at myself really! The scan went really well thank you! πŸ™‚ xx

    • I know, it’s more annoying than anything, especially as I seem to coping ok pregnancy wise at the mo! SPD has definitely gone backwards a little, but hopefully I can get it back on track soon! xx

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