Dancing Monkey, age 3

Earlier in the year Monkey and his Auntie Ericha went to see a couple of shows at our local theatre, one being the Northern Ballet’s “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” As he enjoyed it so much, for his 3rd birthday Auntie Ericha bought Monkey vouchers for some dancing classes. At the moment Daddy goes with him and it is safe to say that Monkey loves it. He is forever doing “good toes, naughty toes” (good toes being pointed and naughty toes not) which I remember doing at ballet as a little girl! He is also dancing round the hosue a lot more since starting the classes and I thought I would share an example of his amazing dancing with you.

Shot in portrait on my phone but you get the idea… I love how he does different dances according to the tempo of the music! Watch this space, he’ll soon be on the stage 😉

Do your kids love to dance?

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9 thoughts on “Dancing Monkey, age 3

  1. Haha, look at him go! That’s so awesome, my little man absolutely loves to dance too, thinking of taking him to a toddler dance group and think I might! #bestandworst

  2. What an absolute cutie he is! Little kids are so stinking cute when they dance to the beat…or try anyway. Thanks so much for hosting #bestandworst. **cheekies** would love for you to come joint my #momsterslink linky…it’s Friday Saturday and Sunday …info on my blog. 😀 nice to connect

  3. Oooh was “The Elves and The Shoemaker” the one with Mr Bloom in it? I think they showed in on CBeebies? Our girls loved it. And yep they LOVE to dance! I am encouraging them as if they take after me or my husband, this is the closest thing to sport that they will encounter! We love the old Beatrix Potter ballet from the 80s – he might like it too! He is certainly a good mover. Becky x #bestandworst

  4. Wow Caroline he can really move!! You best keep up with those lessons and be prepared for watching lots of shows 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

  5. My 3 year old is always dancing. Twirling around and seeing a made up song that goes on and on and on. She loves girly dresses that twirl. And then my 4 year old girl is a complete tomboy. Funny how they can be so different and only 11 months apart. #bestandworst

  6. Loved the video! Hectic Grandson has a specific place he goes to in our living room when danceable music comes on. Of course, he’s been watching me, so everything is danceable!

    It’s funny to watch the kids learn to dance and then express themselves. Thanks for sharing.


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