Escaping the screaming

Things in our house have improved quite a lot lately. LM is sleeping so much better which means we are sleeping so better. But that doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing, ooh no. Our little girl still likes to stretch her lungs randomly with mammoth crying sessions. Crying sessions that feel like they are designed to make me feel like a useless parent. Changed, fed, burped, refusing to sleep and basically miserable whatever I do (or don’t do, no matter how hard I try to remain calm, after a while the tendrils of stress just start nibbling away at me. My patience level reaches zero and I get increasingly snappy with Monkey when he really is just being a chatty little toddler, getting himself in a mess but not being naughty.

All I can think of to do is get them both out of the house. And hope it calms her down even temporarily! If not then at least we are all getting some fresh air and a change of scene.

Wednesday we did just that and miraculously the fresh air did pause the crying, if only for half an hour or so. It was a bitterly cold and windy day but it is hard not to smile and be infected by Monkey’s pure glee at just being able to run about. To race to a lamppost – especially when he stops every 5 seconds to shout “Ready, steady, go!” I’m not sure he really gets the idea of racing bless him!


Ready, Steady, Go!


Red-Faced Little Girl

It wasn’t the longest of outings as it started to drizzle and I didn’t have a rain cover for LM but it did us all good and by the time we got home LM was ready to feed and then had a lovely long sleep. Getting out of the house can work wonders on a tough day, and so can the smiles of my little boy, when I take a moment to lift my head and really see them!

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9 thoughts on “Escaping the screaming

  1. Awww hun I really feel your pain with the screaming child. My youngest was the same and I really never did figure out why (the first two were so chilled it was a major shock to the system!). I did a LOT of walking with her too, I figure it’s good for Mummy for sanity saving purposes, and good for the littluns for the fresh air – win win. Sending you lots of sleep xxx

  2. Gosh, I remember doing this with both of mine. That incessant screaming can really chip away at you can’t it. Think you did absolutely the right thing by getting some fresh air and here’s hoping everything is still improving for you. And isn’t Monkey getting bigger now! x

  3. Nothing like a blast of fresh air to lighten the day! I often escape down our lane for similar reasons and always come back feeling calmer with infinitely happier and better behaved children! The bit about racing made me laugh – I love kiddy interpretations of the adult world. #countrykids

  4. It’s difficult when they really just won’t settle, it’s great that your trip out settled LM down a bit and you had a chance to enjoy Monkey’s infective smiles and laughs. I hope that things settle down and you can have more time enjoying the fresh air with them both. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  5. I remember when my son was a wee baby and he would cry every afternoon and I am so worried that something is wrong with him and I am not addressing it. So in addition to the wailing baby is a crying, sobbing mom (me). I would call my mother who lives few houses away and she would tell me to just go out. And go out is what pacifies my son. Amazing what a few minutes out can do to a crying baby and confuse mommy =) #countrykids

  6. Oh what a sweety she looks all wrapped up. Just popping out for five minutes can make all the difference. We’re having a lazy day here today doing chores but I feel the need to get and walk. Definitely tomorrow! Hang in there x

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