A Fab Weekend with Friends


Annabel & I in 2008

Last weekend some very good friends of ours came to visit from Newcastle. Annabel and I worked together for just a few months nearly 10 years ago and somehow, wonderfully the friendship has lasted. There have been times when we haven’t seen each other for a long time, or have barely spoken, but when we get together it is always as if no time has passed. There has been girls nights out in Manchester and catch ups in London.

What’s really great though is that our lives have gone in pretty similar directions now. While I am settled with Hubby and Monkey, she also has a lovely husband and an 18 month old Doodle who is lovely. If anything mummyhood and the challenges it brings has brought us even closer together, although we have never lived so far apart before!

We both struggled with our little boys in their first months, with breastfeeding difficulties and then with colic (and in their case the added trauma of reflux poor things) and having been through it all so recently I tried to be there to support her as much as I could. We then went for a visit last August and had an absolutely amazing time together. We had planned to meet again earlier this year but life does get busy sometimes and they have had a particularly busy year and moved house not long ago!

This weekend we finally met up again and had the loveliest weekend. They arrived Friday night so they could transfer Doodle from car to travel cot, which went off without a hitch. This also meant we could have a full day of fun and catching up on the Saturday. It is a friendship that is just so easy. We all get on so well and are very similar. We have extremely similar views when it comes to parenting and food etc. so it is just so easy to all be together in one house!

Monkey did really well with the additions to the household and we had no stresses over Doodle playing with his toys etc. and actually as the weekend went on they gave each other some lovely cuddles and kisses 🙂

at home

We spent Saturday at a very local country park which has a fantastic sand and water play area and the kids (and Dads) had a fab time in there.sand playAfter lunch at the cafe there we went over to one of the fields and ran around chasing bubbles, balls and each other! We had such a lovely time and there was one moment in particular when Annabel and I were sat watching our boys run around, talking about how far we’ve come and how lucky we are with all of our boys, and our happy little families. We were so lucky with the weather too and it was a gorgeous day!running

It was lovely opportunity for both of us to get a family shot too, as any parent knows it is not always easy getting a family photograph! Monkey wasn’t hugely obliging to start with and there was a lot of wriggling but we got a lovely shot of the 3 of us in the end (though I am definitely looking and feeling preggo and chubby in it! :)).

UsOn the Sunday the wet weather set in and they headed off with plans to pop in and see Annabel’s brother on the way home. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing them again when we are a family of 4 (eek!). It’ll be lovely to see our families grow up together over the years too.

With this we are ticking Goal 4 from #GetGoodSummer off the list, and what a great way to do it :).

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts
Family Friday

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  2. Sounds like you all had a great weekend hon. There’s nothing like spending QT with your best friends is there, and even better when you have kids around the same age. You’re looking fab too lovely xx #getgoodsummer

  3. Oh I love love love this! I love catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for a while and it’s like you only saw each other yesterday. Such an uplifting happy post! I read somewhere that if you have stayed friends with someone for 4 years and over it’s very likely they’ll be friends for life. I thought about it and it’s true. Cherishing friends is important. By the way, you definitely DO NOT look chubby, you look positively glowing! #brilliantblogposts 🙂 xx

  4. Catching up with friends is always great fun, but more so when you have been apart for a while and still have so much in common. Thanks for joining in again! #FamilyFriday

  5. So lovely to catch up with old friends. I know what you mean about getting photos – esp when in laws have to cope with phone cameras!! Congratulations on your new bump 🙂 #countrykids

  6. It’s so lovely that you have kept in touch with your friend and that both families get on so well. It looks and sounds like you all had a great weekend in the sunshine with lots of fun and laughter. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  7. Ah, you’re so lucky to have such good friends with a child a similar age. It’s nice to be at that similar stage and that your hubbies get on too. I’m finally getting to see one of my oldest, best friends in a couple of weeks time with my boys (hubster working) but although she has a little boy who is only one year older than JJ unfortunately we will not see him as he will be staying with his Dad who left her when he was just 6 months old. It’s such a shame but I guess there will be other times. Glad you had such a lovely weekend X #countrykids

    • Ah shame that he won’t be there but hopefully there will be other times. It is lovely to have friendships that last and we are really lucky that our families seem to grow at roughly the same rate!! xx

  8. What a fab time you had! I love meeting with friends and watching everyone play together it is amazing. And you look fab! I love shots with piccys of the bump in and it makes me all broody xxx

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