Family Day at the Zoo

We are really lucky to have all of our immediate family really close by, which means we see them really regularly. We are also really lucky to have a fab little zoo, called Hamerton ZooPark, within about a half hour drive of us. We’ve been once already this year and because they offer a great value season ticket, no doubt this won’t be my last post about it either!

It is such a great place, but it opened *I think* in 1990 and would have been a lot smaller then, so wasn’t somewhere either hubby or I went to as kids. But both of us had been as adults and it is a fave place for us. My parents though, had never been, so this Easter Monday, when talking about what to do as a nice day out together, we decided they really needed to see how great it is! My little bro and his lovely girlfriend love it there too and really wanted to come for a fun day with Monkey.

The other option for the day was a local farm, but last year Monkey was terrified of the noisy sheep and while I do want to take him back, I thought avoiding sheep may be safest for a stress free family day out!

We really lucked out with the weather as it was such a glorious day! Monkey was dead excited at just being able to run around with some of his favourite people there to play with him!

P1030197 P1030201 P1030207 P1030285 P1030282 P1030291

He was also really brave and stroked a donkey, and a goat! Clever Monkey!


I also took my big camera this time, and managed to get some nice snaps of some of the lovely animals!

P1030221 P1030231 P1030213 P1030209 P1030304 P1030308 P1030298 P1030300

It was a lovely time of year to go too as there was some gorgeous baby animals! I loved the baby meerkats!

P1030316 P1030312 P1030262 P1030261 P1030260 P1030258

And we saw this gorgeous baby wallaby emerging from his mumma’s pouch, and then jump right back in again!

P1030273 P1030274 P1030277


Monkey loved seeing all the animals..

P1030211 P1030293

But I think he loved spending time with his family more than anything!

P1030295 P1030296 P1030281Cool dude in Daddy’s glasses!

Overall it was just such a lovely day in the sun!

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35 thoughts on “Family Day at the Zoo

  1. Best days are those spent with family and it’s looks like you all had a fab time together visiting the animals at the zoo! Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely family photos with Country Kids.

    • Ah great minds! Thank you, it was lovely and with so many family around to give Monkey attention I got some time to get some good snaps! xx

  2. What a great post. Love all the smiley faces and the awesome animal shots. Well done Monkey doing some stroking too, brave boy! Sounds like a really great day. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. So nice that you were able to get out with the family and enjoy a lovely day out in the sunshine! I used to love going on family visits with my sister’s family when her kids were little too. Lovely pictures – cute babies!! X #whatsthestory

    • Thank you, it was def lovely to be out together and Monkey is so lucky having such doting uncles and aunts! The babies really were so cute!! xx

  4. Lucas says – What an awesome day out and Monkey is looking as awesome as ever……… I love the baby Kangaroo – he’s such a dude!!
    Grace says – I would’ve wanted to take all the baby animals home with me, especially the Meerkats – soooooooo cute
    #magicmoments #whatsthestory

    • Yeah we really are lucky having it so close by and it is really lovely to wander round, and not too huge but still with lots of lovely animals to see. xx

  5. Your photos are brilliant, I especially love the merkats. We hope to get to visit a zoo soon, I only hope we get to visit one as lovely as the one you went to #letkidsbekids

    • Thanks, we do try and tell him he is a cool dude, in the hope they stay on for more than 5 minutes lol! xx

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