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After an insanely busy week last week, this week has been much calmer, and thank goodness as I really needed it to be. There has been lots more positivity this week too so that was nearly my Word of the Week, but instead I have gone for “Support” and I will tell you why.

Regular readers will know about the ups and downs I have had with my pelvis so far in this pregnancy, and I have basically been in a lot of pain due to a lack of support in that region. But on Monday morning I met my new physio who was wonderful and positive and supportive and she has made the world of difference already. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I have written more about it in my week 10 update, if you would like to read more.

One thing I will mention though is that I now have a rather fetching support brace, which is MUCH better than anything I have had before, in that it actually supports my pelvis. It’s not a miracle cure of course and the pain isn’t miraculously gone, but I have felt able to do more with Monkey this week. I haven’t been shying away from walks to the park for fear of the pain I would be in. I have been able to wear the support and have it take some of the strain for me and allow me to be more of the Mum I want to be. Yay!

The other reason I have chosen the word support is because my friends have been so supportive of me lately too, and I feel very very lucky to have such lovely supportive friends. They are a relatively new group of friends, we all met working in the same office and we have really got close since we all had children fairly close in age. I popped round to see one of them for a play date last Friday and I was feeling particularly low. I was in a lot of pain and was so tired after a busy week, but I needed to get out of the house with Monkey.

One thing I always worry about is being that annoying person who is constantly moaning. Growing up my Dad used to moan about his back allll the time, to everyone, and I would see people’s eyes glaze over as he banged on and on about it without ever asking anyone else how they were. I would never want to be thought of the way that I know he was. But it’s a balance because I don’t want to be a martyr either and not tell people who are close to me when I am suffering.

So I was at my friend’s and she knew bits of what was going on, but not all and she wanted to know how I was. I still held back a little though and at one point apologised to her for being such a moaning minnie. She looked at me and said “Seriously Caroline, You don’t have to be happy all the time. This is rubbish and you’re allowed to be miserable, and I want to know how you really are!” I think I cried a little (I blame pregnancy hormones) and spilled. And you know what, I felt so much better for it. I worry too much sometimes and need to trust people more.

As a group we went out for dinner on Tuesday and had a lovely time (even though our food took nearly and hour and a half and we didn’t get to eat until 9pm! Shocking service!) and again just felt really lucky to have a great group of friends and they were all so happy for me that the physio went well on Monday. There was lots of fun and giggles all evening and it was just lovely.

My husband and our families have been so supportive too and been rallying around to play with Monkey and get some of the housework done that I can no longer do, and overall I am just feeling like the pressure has lifted. The combination of being able to physically do a bit more because of my support belt, and feeling supported by friends and family has made for a much nicer week.

I think the fact that the week has been calmer and full of early nights has really helped too though! So there we have it, my word of the week is “Support.” What’s yours?

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42 thoughts on “Feeling the Support

  1. Aww, really lovely Caroline! Glad you are feeling a little better, both physically and emotionally. It definitely helps to just spill to friends – I’m the worst in the world at painting on the brave face. I’m more often the shoulder being cried on, than the cryer, but you have inspired me to confide. A problem shared… Xx

    • Thank you and I know exactly what you mean, it definitely helps to just get it out there though sometimes! xx

  2. I completely agree with your friend, in fact trying to be happy when you’re not can often cause misery in itself! Really glad you’re feeling the benefits of the support brace. Your 12 wk scan must be soon? Exciting xx

  3. Lovely post, supportive friends really can make all the difference! Hope you continue getting pain relief! Best of luck with your pregnancy #PoCoLo

  4. Ah, sometimes it is important to realise that you don’t have to be alone and real friends will want to know if there’s a problem that’s keeping you awake at night because being given the opportunity to support someone shows them how much they mean to you too. Glad to hear that you have found some good medical support too – onwards and upwards! X #wotw

    • You’re absolutely right, I hate to think of friends keeping anything from me if it is upsetting or worrying them! Yup fingers crossed more positivity from here on in! xx

  5. Ahhh Caroline I am glad you got great support and she is great and understanding and most importantly helpful for you. I hope this helps you deal with the pain. Bless you. Supportive friends really make a big difference I know they have helped me not be depressed about living abroad anymore glad they are helping you too. Nothing better than support team! #pocolo

    • Thanks honey and I’m glad you have such supportive friends too, they really do make all the difference and I am so grateful for them! xx

  6. Ah, a great word, and so pleased you’re feeling supported, in both senses of the word. Sounds like you have some fab friends and a lovely family, all rallying round you when you need them, and it’s great news about the physio and brace, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. What a lovely word. Its nice that you have such supportive friends and family. Good that got it all off your chest after a chat with your friend, sometimes that really does help, as do early nights! I love sleep! Glad physio is helping, i hope you’re not in too much pain for the rest of your pregnancy and i wouldn’t worry about moaning too much, you are definitely allowed to when pregnant! =D xxx

    • haha thank you, I wish everyone agreed with that statement! I do definitely feel a bit better now, and early nights are a bit essential at the moment I find 🙂 xx

  8. So glad you are feeling better Caroline. Having the right support can help so much… and a good cry makes you feel so much better afterwards, doesn’t it? x Mel #WotW #PocoLo

  9. I feel just the same as you about complaining – I try and keep issues to myself if I have them and share them with the people closest to me rather than plaster it everywhere. The people who are closest to you will be understanding and supportive and it sounds like you have exactly that – so good to hear 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  10. Great post and so pleased that you have a great support around you. They remind me a bit of my friends. In line with this I think word of the week for me is definitely ‘friendship’.
    #pocolo – sorry the PoCoLo comment is so late but was working all weekend xx

    • Oh don’t worry I totally understand! Thank you, and glad you have some good friends around you too, they make the world of difference xx

  11. Lucas says – Sorry you’re hurting but we at KidGLloves think you’re awesome and hope your exercises help.
    #pocolo – sorry the PoCoLo comment is so late but the Mother was working all weekend xx

  12. Oh how I relate to some of this (second pregnancy, SPD, walking like John Wayne, toddler to look after, signed off sick from work for last part, miserable). Very pleased to hear that you’re now feeling supported on many levels. Good luck with the rest, and may the support continue! (o:

    • Ah I’, sorry to hear you suffered too, it’s just horrible isn’t it? Miserable is definitely the right word!! Thank you and fingers crossed I can make the best of it! xx

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