Focussing on Happy #1 “break”

I’ve been joining in with Jocelyn’s word of the week linky for a long time and I love using it as a way to sum up my week, though sometimes I struggle to choose one word that fits the whole week as a lot can happen in a week! Sometimes it is easy to focus on the negatives and for example this week I nearly chose overwhelmed or struggling or hectic… But when I look back at pictures from the week what I actually see is smiles and happiness. That doesn’t mean I haven’t felt overwhelmed at times but it pays to remember that the whole week hasn’t been negative.

I’ve seen many other bloggers joining in with the Happy Days linky and sharing what has made them happy that week and have loved the idea of that too so I decided I want to join in. From now on I will be combining the two. I will still pick a word that best sums up the week but I will also try and focus on the positives and what has made me happy.

So while I have still been struggling with the extra things that need doing while hubs is recovering from his op and have felt overwhelmed at times, to the point where my blog has had to go on the backburner… Overall it has been a happy week and my word of the week is “break” here is why.

Saturday I had a much needed break catching up with some friends in London for a birthday. Lots of fun and laughter, mooching round Camden which I haven’t done in years, drinking shots at 5pm and a very tipsy and bizarre first experience at mecca bingo! Very amusing and definitely a break from normality. Massive thanks to my little bro and sister in law for helping hubs with bath and bedtime so that I was able to go as I really needed it.PhotoGrid_1465473766517

Sunday dawned and it was a lovely sunny day so we popped over to my mama’s for the morning and it was lovely to feel warm and have a break from the chilly wet weather recently.PhotoGrid_1465474099322

In another break from normality we abandoned the meal plan that evening (I didn’t fancy cooking a casserole in the heat) and instead invited some friends over for a little bbq which was really really lovely and so much fun.PhotoGrid_1465473884817

Monday being the end of half term means Monkey being back at pre-school… Which as much as I love being with him… Means I also get a bit of a break from him and a bit of peace when LM naps in the afternoon, which I so need.

I’ve run out of “break” analogies now so here is a few other things that have made me happy this week.

Hubs getting better and able to move more and more. We have been on some lovely short walks round the block with the kids or just with LM, helping him exercise. He has started driving short journeys again and can help me a bit more. He even did some hoovering!PhotoGrid_1465476204731

Watching LM explore the world around her as at the moment she is fascinated by everything.PhotoGrid_1465475938930

Making a go jetters jet pack with Monkey during Mummy and Monkey time on Tuesday. Even more I have enjoyed seeing how much he loves it and how he wants to wear it all the time. Cutie.PhotoGrid_1465474282255

Doing some painting in the garden with LM and her covering me in paint too. Cheeky girl haha.PhotoGrid_1465476835042

I’ve also had a bit of a break from blogging this week which means I have managed to get quite a few things done instead. I’ve planted a load of plants and sunflowers my stepdad and father in law kindly gave us, defrosted and cleaned out a freezer and deep cleaned the bathroom. So the house may still look tip but it hasn’t been a terrible week. Plus I feel a bit rejuvenated about blogging again which usually happens after a little break. How has your week been?

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21 thoughts on “Focussing on Happy #1 “break”

  1. Glad you’ve managed to enjoy having a bit of a break and that your hubby is recovering well. Sounds like you have had lots of lovely moments. Love the photos of LM doing painting in the garden and Monkey’s Go Jetters jet pack looks fab – I’m going to have to try making one with Jessica as she loves Go Jetters too. I love the combination of word of the week and focusing on the positives (I do the same) – it means you can be honest and say if the week has been overwhelming or stressful but acknowledges the happy moments too.

  2. What a lovely post, it does look like you’ve had fun and I’m glad your hubby is getting better. I love the go jetters jet pack, it’s brilliant 🙂

  3. What a great idea just focusing on the positives! It looks like you have had a lot of lovely moments this week.
    I’m glad your hubby is feeling a little better…
    Fab photos x

  4. Aw shots at 5pm? You loon! Hehe. I bet the breaks and weather have made you feel so refreshed! Glad hubby walking around a bit more so you can enjoy family time! Xx#wotw

  5. It’s amazing how much happier you feel when you look for the positives. Writing them down (and finding the right photo) helps. So great to be outside – crafting and playing. LM and her painting, is just the sort of activity we used to do when my three were little.

  6. “Break” is such a good word to focus on. We had a lovely family holiday last week to West Wales, it was perfect and I loved the quality family time and a break from home/work, but I must admit I am looking forward to a night out with my friends tonight and having a break from being a mum. Love the jet pack you made – fantastic. And the photos of your daughter covered in paint. #countrykids

  7. a lovely use of the word break and some wonderful outdoor memories in your happy times. A great way to combine 3 linkies. I am rather taken with that rocket jet pack, this is going on the list for a space themed craft hour as I know the holiday guests here would enjoy this one. Outdoor crafts are so much more relaxed especially where paint is concerned, your daughter is having a wonderful time there, so lovely to have the warm outdoor weather.

    Thank you for linking up at #CountryKids

  8. A lovely post I’m glad you’ve had a lovely week and a much needed break, I hope your hubby is doing much better after his op. You’re a fab mum for organizing painting in the garden, that looked fun but I’d be terrified to let my little munchkins loose like that! It’s amazing the amount you get done in a little break, it’s certainly worth it #happydayslinky

  9. Welcome to happydays! It’s a lovely positive Linky! That’s great that your husband is getting out and about now, it’ll be a great mood improver and if he’d like to do my hoovering he’s more than welcome! Sneaky shots at 5pm! I like it!! #happydayslinky

  10. It’s so nice to take the time to focus on the little things isn’t it? I love the photo montages that you have on here. Also love the idea of the jet pack – looks so cool! Also love that Monkey is wearing a superman outfit at the BBQ – just because he can, he he! Love it! x

  11. Oh so many lovely photos! I love that jet pack – G loves that show and always loves at the end when they say ‘one day they’ll be flying over a town near you’ as she truly believes they will fly over our house – bless her haha. Thank you so much for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x

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