Focussing on Happy #2 “Goodbye”

Well this week has flown by as usual, even though I feel like we have said goodbye to the summer already with all this rain we have been having! In fact that is one of the reasons that my word of the week this week is “goodbye.” It doesn’t sound all that happy and here I am only week 2 of focussing on happy but bear with me as we have had some lovely times.  Here is what has made me happy this week.

Ok yes, we seem to have said goodbye to summer and sunshine at the moment and it has been pouring with rain for a seriously high proportion of the week. Bit of a nuisance but on the positive, the kids adore getting out in the rain and splashing in puddles, and well I adore seeing them having so much fun. LM even insisted on going out mid downpour one day, though I have to admit I watched her from the dry living room, took a couple of pics then dried her off when her waterproofs gave up under the onslaught and she was starting to get wet and chilly!PhotoGrid_1466018023136

I’ve also made another HUGE step in the life of a mummy this week, and, *gasp* said goodbye to my changing bag. For a while I have been feeling that I just don’t need to carry such a huge bag around with me all the time. LM now often will go for a little walk or trip out without the buggy and it was a nuisance to carry if I had to carry her, and well it really was a haven for junk, crumbs and random odd socks and crusty raisins. So the extremely happy part of this goodbye is that I got to buy a couple of very lovely new bags. One being a small over the shoulder bag that I can put my purse, some wipes and a nappy or 2 in for short trips out, and the other being a lovely colourful backpack for days out when I need spare clothes and other bits. The great thing about it being a backpack is that I can also use it when out on my bike with one or both of the kids, which I couldn’t do with the existing changing bag. So I am very excited about that!PhotoGrid_1466084787871

It has been brought home to me this week just how soon we will be saying goodbye to our little pre-school boy and will have a little boy attending school instead. We attended a meeting at the school this week where we were given all manner of information and found out lots of important things about transition sessions and home visits etc. It’s a mixed bag emotion wise but I am choosing to be happy and relish in the exciting stage. He and his closest friend, F, are in the same class group and the same group for the transition sessions which I think will really help them both. It feels like there is a lot to do to get organised with buying uniforms and labelling them (labelling recommendations are very much welcome or ones to avoid!) but I also don’t want to do any of this too early in case he has a growth spurt. I am sure the next couple of months will fly by though!!IMG_20160614_212353

One other goodbye that I am not going to dwell on is that we are saying goodbye to Daddy on Monday as he will be going to Canada for a week for a business trip and I will be solo parenting. It will be the longest we’ve been apart and the longest either of us have solo parented the children. I am a little apprehensive but I am so happy because of the support friends and family are already offering and actually I feel pretty confident I will be ok anyway. I am sure I will be tired and I know I will miss hubs… but I don’t doubt I will manage.

This links nicely to another goobye, which is that potentially I am on the road to saying goodbye to PND. I may be wrong but I feel different lately, and I imagine even a few months ago I would have felt quite differently about hubs going away. Keep your fingers crossed for me on that one!

So that’s all the “goodbye” themed happiness and here is a few other things that have made me very happy this week.

Seeing some very very lovely friends of ours on Saturday who came to visit from London. Watching the kids play together and have tonnes of fun in the back garden, and finding out that they are randomly on holiday in Dorset this summer over the same period we will be down there house sitting! Hooray and wonderful timing!PhotoGrid_1465711365505

The kids having tea at our friend’s house and Monkey trying a bite of cucumber! I never thought I would see the day!

My old school teacher recognising me at the school evening and even remembering my name after about 27 years! So daft but I felt afterwards like I had met a celebrity – teachers, never forget the impact you have on the children you teach!!

I also had a lovely time visitng my friend with just our littlest ladies and seeing LM enjoy stroking their guinea pigs and trying to feed them. So cute!!PhotoGrid_1466085005193

There has been some goodbyes  (or at least bye for nows) this week but there has also been some lovely hellos. How has your week been?

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12 thoughts on “Focussing on Happy #2 “Goodbye”

  1. A busy week and momentous, too. The changing bag goodbye is huge, isn’t it?! And then starting school does seem overwhelming at first, to us parents more so than the kids. Yes, I have a labels recommendation, so I’ll link it here, but remove it if you don’t want the link! It’s great to hear that you’re feeling like you’re PND’s lifting, and I wish you luck with your solo parenting. Loving those little guinea pigs there, too! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Oh I am very interested to see how you get on without the changing bag. I have been wrestling with the idea recently. Now when we just pop out I put wipes, nappy, snacks and a drink in my handbag, but for longer stays away from home I like to be prepared with everything! It is a hassle though and thinking about it now it rarely gets used. I might try a little bag/box for the car … just incase! Good luck with solo parenting next week x

  3. I’m glad that you are able to put a happy spin on your goodbyes. I love the new bag, I found the change from nappy bag quite refreshing, but I still take a larger bag when we are going out for the day.

  4. I agree, ditching the changing bag is a momentous thing because it signals an end of an era. It’s exciting and happy as you’re launching into something new with the children. I remember ditching my change bag and for a long time when I left the house I felt I’d left something behind. It took a while to getting used to!
    Glad to hear your PND is shifting and you’re feeling better about things.
    And next week you’re flying solo – best of luck with it

  5. I love how nearly all of these comments are celebrating the ditching of the changing bag! It’s such a huge and liberating thing isn’t it! I felt a massive sense of freedom when I put ours away!

    Best of luck for your solo parenting – I’m sure it’ll go more smoothly than you think! #happydayslinky

  6. A busy week for you! I remember feeling mixed emotions when we stopped using the changing bag, as it signifies your child is growing up but it’s also nice to finally use a real bag again. I love the backpack you’ve chosen! Hope your week of single parenting goes well. I’m not sure I could cope without my husband for a week!

  7. Love all your photos this week of LM and Monkey enjoying playing outdoors in both the rain and the sunshine. How lovely to be saying goodbye to the changing bag – I swapped mine for a backpack a while ago and it is so much easier when out and about! Great news on the PND front too – that’s a goodbye that is definitely worth celebrating – fingers crossed that it is goodbye for good as well! Hope that all goes well for your week of solo parenting next week x

  8. Fantastic to read that you are feeling differently, in a positive way, that is wonderful. I love the photos of LM with the guinea pigs, how adorable. My children love guinea pigs and Ian wants to get them one, but I said no. Mean Mummy! Thank you for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  9. Fab news you feel your PND is improving! Love your new bag – I just got rid on my changing bag and fell pregnant so will be going back to that faff again haha!! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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