Focussing on Happy #3 “Support”

My word of the week this week was nearly solo, as Hubs has been in Canada since Monday (lucky devil) and I have been solo parenting for my longest stretch ever. But I haven’t really been solo – because I have so many wonderful friends and family around who have supported me and helped me out that I really haven’t had to do it alone. So my word this week is support.

So here is what made me happy over the last week.

Having a lovely Afternoon Tea with my hubs as a treat at a posh hotel. It was my birthday present from my parents and we thought it was a good plan to use it before he went away. With all that has been going on lately we have been really snappy with each other so it was nice to reconnect and have some fun together people watching and eating yummy food 🙂PhotoGrid_1466665407944

Enjoying Father’s Day morning at a local country park with Hubs’ parents, enjoying a rare bit of sunshine and warmth and having a lovely time together before saying goodbye to Hubs the next morning.PhotoGrid_1466665635723

Seeing how much LM loved the huge puddles when the rain returned on Monday, though I was less impressed at how many times I had to change both our clothes that day!PhotoGrid_1466666154171

Having a lovely sunny playdate with some friends round on Tuesday – chilling with friends in the sunshine is how a summer playdate should be, right?PhotoGrid_1466668778451

Having an impromptu walk round our local country park with some good friends and heading back to their house for tea. All the kids get on so so well so it was lovely.

Having Uncle Mark and Aunty Fran round to help with bath and bedtime Tuesday night. The kids are so close to them and have so much fun with them it is wonderful.PhotoGrid_1466668472615

Strawberry picking with my Mum on Wednesday, more to come on that tomorrow!

Popping round to see the Grandparents Wednesday afternoon then both my Mum and Uncle Paul popping in to help with the kiddies while I sorted tea and got some jobs done.20160622_173741

Having loads of bathy time fun with my gorgeous kiddies. Bathtime is often Hubs domain as I have been with them all day and he then gets to have fun with them…but it was lovely to enjoy that time (even though I will willingly give it back next week as that is normally a bit of a rest time for me!!)

Visiting our local country park with friends on Thursday as Monkey’s pre-school was closed to be used as a polling station. It was yet another wet and miserable day but we had a lot of fun nonethless.PhotoGrid_1466687901684

Skyping with Daddy in our afternoons, which is his morning.

It has been a really really busy week, which has been great as it has flown by and we are looking forward to Daddy being home. I am shattered but as I am sure you can tell from the list above there has been a LOT of happy times here.

How has your week been?

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11 thoughts on “Focussing on Happy #3 “Support”

  1. I’m glad it’s been a good one. It does really help to be busy and sociable, as time just flies then, doesn’t it? Looks like you’ve had lots of fun and support, though I bet you’re still counting down the hours until your husband’s home! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Firstly thanks again for taking a photo of my son’s card. He showed those to his classmates & he is very proud that he was in Cbeebies! Would not be possible if not for you! YOu made his birthday extra special for him.

    Can I borrow Uncle Matt and Aunt Fran sometimes. They are so amazing and this is why I really wanted to go home because I have relatives there willing to give a helping hand when needed. Both of them are the sweetest!


  3. Even tho you’ve been solo from your photos it looks like you’ve had some lovely – and lots of – support. It’s great that you have a network of friends and family you can call on.
    Canada is a beautiful country, it’s where me & Dadtired had our honeymoon, so I think I’d be a bit snappy that I wasn’t visiting too. I know work is work, but sometimes I find those work adventures to different countries are hard to reconcile if I’m the one being left at home, but I wouldn’t want to go and leave the children either…!
    I just love an afternoon tea, it’s so indulgent and yours looks scrummy. Glad you had a lovely time
    Enjoy being reunited as a family again this week

  4. What a busy week, it makes me feel tired, so many places and fun times and solo! Afternoon tea looked lovely, I must request this for me and mine for a Christmas present this year. I know he wouldn’t suggest it off his own back! #happydayslinky

  5. Lovely to have such good support from family and it sounds like you managed very well for the week on your own, it’s always such a daunting prospect. Those were massive puddles to splash in! #WoTW

  6. Ah it lovely to see how much support you have around you. And that afternoon tea look amazing. What I can not believe is the difference in the weather form Monday and Tuesday those puddles look so deep x

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