Fun at the seaside – who’s the biggest kid?

On our holiday last week we spent a lot of time at the seaside. At Gorleston beach to be precise. Just south of Great Yarmouth there is free parking right next to one of the loveliest beaches I have been to in a long time. WP_20140601_09_52_32_Pro WP_20140601_12_35_26_Pro

The sand was golden and smooth and the whole place was very clean. The beach was huge and even on the weekend it wasn’t very busy. I really wish we lived nearer this beach than 2 1/2 hours away! WP_20140601_09_52_07_Pro WP_20140601_12_57_27_Pro There is a lovely little row of shops selling fish and chips, ice cream and the usual beach paraphernalia, buckets and spades etc, everything you need to have a really lovely time at the beach. Hence we went there a lot! It also has a lovely little boating pond though I have to say I’m not sure Monkey even saw it! Monkey loved playing in the sand, and just kept himself so busy with it, it was fab! Daddy was trying to build some sand castles, and was most perturbed by the fact that Monkey just wanted to knock them over straight away! Monkey was having huge amounts of fun though which was the main thing! DSC_2817 DSC_2831 WP_20140601_10_26_18_Pro WP_20140601_10_18_50_Pro Us grown ups very much enjoyed having a nice paddle in the very cold sea, though Monkey was not a fan of it! He was much happier just playing in the sand. WP_20140601_10_20_49_Pro WP_20140601_10_21_01_Pro WP_20140601_11_15_48_Pro WP_20140601_11_16_15_Pro WP_20140601_12_34_45_Pro WP_20140601_12_34_47_Pro On one visit daddy made Monkey a car to sit in. WP_20140603_10_10_16_Pro And on our last visit, I managed to distract Monkey long enough that Daddy could build a few sandcastles. With there being more than one, we managed to persuade Monkey that it was fun to count the castles, rather than just knock them over! WP_20140606_10_15_44_Pro WP_20140606_10_16_23_Pro So daddy built more and more and more and I think in the end there was over 60 sandcastles! Possibly overkill and definitely more than Monkey could count! Monkey loved it though, and he also randomly loved the huge hole daddy had made in the centre of the castles (to get enough wet sand for building). He kept wanting to get in it, even though it was up to his neck! WP_20140606_11_28_53_Pro WP_20140606_11_47_44_Pro Though when daddy got down even further (and struck water) Monkey instinctively knew not to go in there, he nearly did once, then planted his legs on either side to stop himself going in, which was really amusing. I was glad though as it would have been over his head! WP_20140606_11_58_06_Pro   We all very much enjoyed our time at the beach but I have to say I think daddy was more interested in all the building that Monkey was! It was a common theme though as I heard at least one other daddy complaining after his kids destroyed all his hard work! Who’s the bigger kid in your family when you go to the beach? Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

25 thoughts on “Fun at the seaside – who’s the biggest kid?

  1. You were SO close to us! We live 15 minutes away from Gorleston and go there regularly. It is the only place with hills so when I do my training walks we go up and down the slopes. It is a fantastic beach and looked like you had perfect weather for it.

    • Aww you are sooo lucky to live so near such a lovely beach! We were really lucky with the weather which definitely helped 🙂 xx

    • It was lovely, one of the days was actually really windy so a bit chillier than it looked but it was lovely! haha I think most daddies are really! xx

  2. Very impressive castle and car building – I’m not sure who was having the most fun, Daddy or Monkey!! The beach is a great place for families as there is always so much to do and explore – a great day out. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.

  3. Oh yes, whenever sandcastle creating is involved my husband gets very serious about the design (if he’s allowed to get involved that is!) That beach does look fabulous too-so pleased you all enjoyed yourselves xx

  4. Hahaha I think we know who is the biggest kid here. All of you! hahha What a great day out and looks like everyone made the most of it and had a great family day to remember. Lovely photos to cherish forever. #whatsthestory #magicmoments

    • I am so like you and did exactly the same, although Monkey kept trying desperately to get my attention or to come and get sandy with them! xx

  5. Oh wow it looks amazing there and what brilliant fun you all had! I’m so glad the weather was great too, just look at that blue sky! We’re in Great Yarmouth tomorrow albeit indoors. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  6. What lovely photos of the beach, wish I was there! DH is definitely a big kid when we’re at the beach, but I have my moments :0)

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