Fun Outdoors in the Sun

We have had lots of warm weather lately and it has been really lovely to get outdoors and have some fun in the sun. Monkey, and I’m sure most kids, just love being outdoors, running around, exploring and doing all sorts. The great thing is that there are so many ways for them to play outside without having to spend any money.

This is just a few of the things we have been up to outdoors while the sun has been shining!

Playing in his new playhouse! A good old second hand purchase from ebay, and a slightly early birthday present for Monkey which he loves!! Lots of peepo and playing house. Hours of fun in there at the moment, and a nice shade spot if the sun gets too hot 🙂

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Playing in sand and water next door with his friend

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Popping out for an ice cream on his trike! As Monkey would say, Um Yum!


Playing in our newly renovated back garden – having fun in the sand pit

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And, slightly random, but after giving the buggy a good scrub I left a sponge out there and now Monkey lives giving the floor a clean, hehe 🙂


We also got the paddling pool out at the weekend, and I think the water may have been a teeny bit cold for him as it was a bit of a trauma at times, but he did have fun in there too! (Though I think Daddy got more wet than Monkey did!!)

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There’s also just been some general running about with a ball now that we are actually allowed to go on the new grass!

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And of course, some fun picnics and playtime at the park!

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32 thoughts on “Fun Outdoors in the Sun

  1. Ah, lovely Caroline! And look at that cool dude with his sunglasses and ice cream! Its been absolutely wonderful to play outside again hasn’t it? Will save us a fortune on soft play fees too 🙂 #TheThemeGame

    • Thank you, lol I know I love him in his shades – such a cool dude!! It’s amazing, so much nicer, and a heck of a lot cheaper to be outdoors all the time!! xx

  2. YAY! Outdoor fun! Is it not just the best thing in the world? I love it so much and it makes me and the kids so happy. And I say this sadly as I look at the window and see the rain tipping down. DOOOOOM xxx

  3. The backyard looks great, and I can see that he’s been having lots of fun! I like the play house too, I wish we had the space for one 🙂 #letkidsbekids

  4. So Precious! Such beautiful pictures… I had fun seeing you guys having fun! Lol! You made me feel happy with your post… I love family time and being a SAHM too… just take oneday at a time and enjoy it thoroughly!

    • Aww yay, very glad you enjoyed it! We have been having a lot of fun, definitely one of the best things about being a SAHM! xx

  5. So much fun to be had as soon as the sun shines! That playhouse looks fab, and they’re always lots of fun for little ones. Love that he likes to clean with those sponges – my pair would enjoy that, too! Give them a wipe each and they’ll clean the whole house! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

    • There really is, we love that playhouse! lol glad Monkey isn’t the only one – it’s great isn’t it? Put them to work 😉 xx

  6. That grass looks lush! Our back garden looks like a meadow – our grass is full of daisies and wishes (dandelions!). I’m on the look out for a second hand wendy house – that looks like a really sturdy one.

    • The grass is doing really well though I am sure the weeds will set in one day! Ooh keep looking on ebay and I’m sure you’ll find one, we are so happy with this one! xx

  7. Lots of great outdoor adventures and play in the lovely sunshine – let’s hope we have a summer full of outdoor fun. As you say, you don’t need to go further than your own garden for some wonderful play activities. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  8. My son recently met a new friend and he wont stop talking about him. This is my dream for him to forged a friendship this young cuz I know how important it is for kids to play with someone his own age. #CountryKids

    • Ah it’s great to let them run loose and have so much fun isn’t it? Thanks the playhouse is fab and Monkey loves it so we are really chuffed with it! xx

  9. Oh Caroline! I am looking back and wondering where all this lovely weather went?!? Bring back the summer I say! Thank you so much for linking up your lovely blog to #SavouringtheSeason again… I think I’m going to need some help savouring it this week!!!

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