Getting outside in the Winter months

It’s really turned a lot colder here lately and winter is well on the way. My little toddler can be inclined to laziness and would probably be happy sat in front of the telly all day long (I say sat but she rarely actually sits still, she climbs and fidgets and wriggles and goes and potters and comes back again) but she likes the tv on and she likes to be inside. While that is all well and good some of the time, I don’t like that much TV time for her, and it does both of us good to get out and about.

Fresh air is good for her and there is so much to see and explore outside of these four walls… Plus I go a bit stir crazy indoors. A change of scene and some fresh air really refreshes me and makes me a better mummy the rest of the time, so I definitely need to get outside, whether madam likes it or not.

It can be tricky to persuade her though, especially now it is cold and wintry out, and the more she says no the harder it is to motivate myself when it is cold too, but still, it is necessary. So I have a few tricks to tempt madam out the door even on the cold days.


I’m yet to meet a child who doesn’t like bubbles and they are used regularly in our house to get us outside. A wand is my preferred tool as it is easy to get big bubbles, but I will use whatever we have. photogrid_1480488042325

Both kids enjoy a good chase of some bubbles and I must admit I think they are so pretty… I may have 1 or 2 (thousand) pictures of them!

A ball

Simple choice but again it works, both my kids like a good chase of a ball and giving it a good kick about. We have had some lovely sibling moments out with a ball too. (and some less lovely moments in truth, they are siblings after all!)

My bike

Thankfully LM loves a ride on the back of my bike and even seeing her little helmet will get her racing to get her shoes on. We are lucky to live very close to a country park with gorgeous views and lovely play parks. The other day LM didn’t want to get down and play, but she loved seeing the ducks on the lakes, shouting “choo choo” near the train tracks and neighing at a horse in a field, and I got a bit of exercise too.photogrid_1480487652791


One thing LM is, is sociable, and our girl loves seeing our friends and family. One sure way to get her out the door is the promise of seeing some of those. We have some very good friends who live close by. Their eldest is at school with Monkey and their youngest is a little older than LM. Add the promise of meeting them for a bike ride and well LM is literally running for the door (seriously she did this yesterday, I have never seen her move so fast as when I suggested we get on my bike and go out with them ha). The kids have a lot of fun together and LM adores their Mummy the most of all I think haha.photogrid_1480515042662


I don’t use this too much but there have been a couple of times recently where I have persuaded LM outside with the promise of a treat. Bribery I know but sometimes the end justifies the means and we ended up having a lovely time in the garden, away from the tv, all thanks to half a mini twix bite (I may have eaten the other half haha) !photogrid_1480487761201

Winter can absolutely be a time for snuggling up in the warn with a hot soup of a warm drink… But it’s even more fun to snuggle inside when you’ve had lots of fun outside first. You can see a few more simple ideas for playing outside in the Winter here.

Do you like getting outside in the Winter? What are your top tips for getting the kids outside?

My word of the week, is “outside”

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21 thoughts on “Getting outside in the Winter months

  1. Ah yes, my youngest would happily stay inside all day, too, quite the opposite to his sister. However, we were out in the fresh air yesterday at the playground – the playground will always lure him out! Lovely ideas here, all sure to get kids out in the fresh air x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Ahh I have issues getting the grem out; she complains of being “tired” and often moans the whole way around…but we have a baby to walk! I may try the bubbles and ball if we go to a safe bit away from cars. Lovely pics though hun xx #wotw

  3. We’ve got a bit of a home girl too, but once out, she usually loves it. Nothing like a good lungful of fresh, crisp air. Sometimes, i even prefer it to summer! A walk to the shop or to see friends works with us! #wotw

  4. This is why I run Country Kids! Caroline this post is music to my ears, it is so easy to not bother going out apart from scurrying between centrally heated buildings when it is cold and the days are short, but how much better everything feels for some fresh air in your lungs when you do go back inside. Bubbles are always a winner, I must say I keep a wand on hand too, they are perfect to get children moving and warmed up when they first get outside. Once they are warm everything else it met with joy. Friends always makes things more fun and another adult to chat too is always a bonus.

    Thank you for sharing on #CountryKids the simple ways to make outdoors in winter part of everyday life.

  5. I’m like your little one: I could stay in all day in the winter months, hehe! I agree with you: bubbles are a great incentive to enjoy being outdoors. I always keep some in the pram for grumpy tots! The best thing about spending time outdoors when it’s freezing cold: the warms that hits you as you step in, and the hot chocolate under a blanket that you get afterwards! xx #CountryKids

  6. It’s true that the winter can make it more tempting to just stay inside all snug and warm, but there is so much fun to be had outside! Looks like your little girl had a lovely time xx #countrykids

  7. What a gorgeous collection of photos. It’s so easy to get snuggled up indoors and not want to venture out when it’s cold but I appreciate the warmth far more when we’ve been out having fun! Bubbles are a hit with my three too-even the 12 year old! #countrykids

  8. Oh you are so good. I actually don’t like going out that much especially in the winter but I try to get out for the kids. Usually it’s through the woods when walking the dog and is enough for me. I wish I was outdoorsy person because the kids absolutely love bring outside butility sadly they don’t get that from me.


  9. These are really good ideas! I can sometimes struggle to get my two out too. Going on a treasure hunt always works for us too as they feel they have a purpose being outdoors (whether it be a nature treasure hunt to find things for crafts and play, or geocaching, or me hiding things for them to find – although they’re beginning to realise it is me hiding things so this is working less)! #CountryKids

  10. Such beautiful and fun filled photos! Yes I love getting out in Winter with our family, we often go away in Winter as there is no big crowds. We rug up and enjoy the beach and walks through the forrest. #TwinklyTuesday

  11. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing! It can be tough to motivate yourself to get out and about during these chilly months, but there’s still a lot of fun things to get around to with the kids and look at all the beautiful moments you’ve been able to capture!

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