Having Fun with Nanny

After Tumble Tots on Tuesday, Monkey and I popped round to my mums for lunch s she had a fairly quiet day. Nothing too exciting you would think but the simplest of things made for the happiest of occasions.

My mum had got some toys and bits out for Monkey to play with so for a while we were building blocks, then they disappeared (and I enjoyed a rest) and it turned out Monkey had led Nanny upstairs on the hunt for more toys! He found his fave – which is just a little pull back VW Campervan. So simple but he LOVES it.

After lunch we had the best fun whizzing the car backwards and forwards down the hallway. I left my phone at home (and felt lost without it) but thankfully managed to catch a few shots on my mum’s tablet.

I love seeing them have so much fun together!

IMG_20140311_125326 IMG_20140311_125313 IMG_20140311_125345

Lots of mimicking going on (from both of them!) 🙂

IMG_20140311_125357 IMG_20140311_125245

Then Monkey decided Nanny’s legs made a great tunnel, he went back and forth numerous times, even though he doesn’t really fit and nearly knocked her over! Poor Nanny!


I love this shot of the pair of them following the car into the dining room!


Monkey loves his nanny!


He was very spoilt as Nanny had made chocolate chip muffins for us as a treat – they were Yummy and Monkey loved his!


Just good, old fashioned simple fun with his Nanny, we all laughed a lot and it was just lots and lots of fun 🙂

What simple things do you enjoy with your little ones?

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10 thoughts on “Having Fun with Nanny

  1. Awww what beautiful photos of him with his Nanny, they are precious and I am sure you will treasure them. My girls adore their Grandma and we love to see her and spend time with her. And you are definitely right that the most ordinary moments are sometimes the happiest. x

    • Thank you, it is lovely for the kiddies to have good relationships with their grandparents isn’t it? Just lovely to see and we will treasure the photos! xx

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