Impromptu Nature Hunt

One day, a week or so back, Daddy forgot his lunch. Monkey and I wandered over after we had eaten ours to take him something. Can’t have Daddy starving and luckily he only works a few minutes walk away. We stayed for a natter and a play and then headed home again. Monkey decided he wanted to walk rather than buggy it home, and I have no problem with that, although it took a little longer than normal, as he also decided it was time for a bit of a nature hunt!

It started off by looking at the flowers, then he decided he wanted to keep the pretty yellow flowers (aka weeds but who cares) so they got popped in his pocket. It was one of the wet cooler days so he had on his little raincoat and needed a bit of help opening the velcro pockets (especially when also clutching a stick in his other hand) but he very much liked patting them down again once they were safely inside.

Then he spotted some daisies, and well he has always loved daises, so a few of those got popped in his pocket too. As we wandered more and more got popped in his little pockets, including pine cones and twigs, and pretty soon we had quite a haul!

nature hunt


Just a cute little habit or the beginning of kleptomania? 😉 I’m only kidding.

We have done nature hints before but they very much led by me, so it was lovely to see him taking an interest himself. Plus it was a nice way to occupy him for a while!

Do your little ones like nature hunts?

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35 thoughts on “Impromptu Nature Hunt

  1. Ah, bless him! My kids love nature hunts, too, and are most interested in mini beast hunting. They’ll happily go off and do this themselves most days on the garden, armed with their magnifying glasses, of course! x

    • haha aww must be so lovely to see and I am looking forward to Monkey javing a sibling so they an do some things together! I have a lovely mental picture of them with their magnifying glasses!! xx

  2. Hi, just discovered your blog and just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading it. I live in Peterborough and it’s given me some great ideas for days out with my 18 month old daughter. I’m also a SAHM but currently trying to decide whether I want/need to go back to work part time.

    Also, my daughter has recently become obsessed with pine cones. I think I need to take her on a nature hunt to see what else she’ll discover!


    • Hi! I am very glad you found my little blog and it’s giving you some ideas! I think so what feels right for you, I love being a SAHM but the right thing is different for everyone. Ha ha I love that, it’s a great obsession to have! Definitely try a nature hunt, I am sure she will love it 🙂 xx

  3. Aww how cute. We are a massive fab if nature hunts and quite often go out just for the sake of exploring and seeing what bits of nature she can find. Brilliant way to spend a few hours.

  4. A little nature explorer! It’s lovely watching children develop and become inquisitive with the world around them, just don’t forget to check the pockets! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? So cute to see him being so inquisitive! I am sure we will have lots more little adventures like this 🙂 xx

  5. Aww bless – my two like bringing me daisies from the garden, and we’ve got a whole heap of very important pebbles that came from a variety of beaches!

  6. I love impromptu memory making those are always the best moments spent with family. Great adventure. Love all the photos too. He looks like a natural explorer! Love it. #ordinarymoments

    • Thanks lovely, it was so cute, especially as being so completely led by him, I was just along for the ride but it was so lovely! xx

  7. Sounds similar to my little girl – always collecting twigs etc. I used to be similar though and loved taking in my “finds” to school to go on the nature table!

    • Aww it is so lovely isn’t it? I hope he doesn’t lose this habit for a while, even if it does take us a while to get anywhere!! xx

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  9. This is lovely, even if it does take longer to get home. Ethan has no interest in nature, unless water, as he doesn’t understand its purpose. No flashing lights or buttons to press, no thank you lol

    • It was very cute and thankfully we weren’t in any rush! Aww bless him lol, must be a different world to him 🙂 xx

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