Learning to Count – 25 months

Monkey's wall stickers

Monkey’s wall stickers

Monkey loves numbers. Loves them. He’s been fascinated by them since he was tiny really. He has some ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ themed wall stickers in his bedroom, which include the numbers 1-5 which are positioned above his bed, and he has found those numbers fascinating since he was very small. He also loves clocks and watches and many times has nearly pulled a relative’s arm off (well maybe not quite off but given it a good tug) to see the numbers on their watch.


He has always been really interested in counting rhymes, and counting on his fingers, especially in the last few months. All of this has culminated in a very gorgeous recent development, he can count to 11! (odd number I know but he just doesn’t want to stop at 10!). His speech has been coming on leaps and bounds lately and to say we are hugely proud that some of his first words are the numbers 1-11 is possibly an understatement. 2 was the first number he ever said and it has just grown since then. I have absolutely no idea if this is advanced or normal, and I don’t really care, I just think it is so sweet! (though with his 2 year check, or rather “27 month assessment” this Friday I do quite like the timing! :))

But let’s go back a bit. Like I said, he has always been a fan of numbers and I guess whenever you child or toddler expresses an interest in something, it is easy to do things that make them happy. So for ages when we did drawing or chalking and he wanted one of us to draw something, along with shapes and smiley faces we often drew (and still draw) letters and numbers for him to see. We have some number shape cutters that we use in play-doh. We count as he bumshuffles down the stairs some days. He has a placemat with numbers on it. Lots of things with numbers, though it has all been relaxed, we have not been crazy over enthusiastic parents, just gone with what we know he likes.

I guess the combination of all of these things have gradually sunk in as the week before last, when his uncle and daddy were doing some chalking with him in the garden, he surprised them with his knowledge of numbers. I had seen hints of it before but not really grasped the full extent. When they drew the numbers 1-10 he was able to point out every number they asked (so “where is no.8?” etc.) even when they were all asked in a random order. So he clearly recognised each number.


So the next day when we were playing with play-doh (and I do get a bit bored of play-doh at times) I decided to get out the number cutters and see how he got on. Again he was able to point out each of the number shapes, then cut out a number, and I realised just how many of the numbers he could actually say (not all of them by this point) and I was dead impressed.


Since then his obsession with numbers has grown and he is very often counting to himself in bed before sleeps, and throughout the day at random points. For a while he counted 1-6, skipped 7 & 8 and carried on from 9-11. We have now helped fill in those missing numbers (some of the time) and he just loves counting all of the time! Whenever he sees a clock he has to point out all of the numbers and he got most upset when a friend’s watch only had some of the numbers on the dial, shouting “Oh No! 5 away!” with his hands out to the side showing his confusion. So cute!

So here is a little video of Monkey counting when I drew the numbers. This game had to be repeated for ages but he loved it so I don’t mind. 🙂

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66 thoughts on “Learning to Count – 25 months

  1. Oh no this has me worried about EJ now! He’s not even talking that much let alone recognising and pointing out numbers (23 months)… I think I have been very slack with him compared to how I was with JJ – we don’t do as much reading, singing or counting. I feel very guilty now! I won’t be taking him to a 2 year assessment!! He’s great in other ways – great fine and gross motor skills, understands and acts on pretty much everything you ask him to do. I’m not worried in that respect. Go Monkey though – very impressive!! X

    • Oh no Sam, please don’t worry, they are all so different and I am sure he can do things Monkey can’t, Monkey can’t even Jump yet! It’s bound to be different with a 2nd one too, as you have less time to devote to them. Plus Monkey just loves numbers, I think it’s just part of who he is, mini mathematician in the making!! 🙂 I don’t have much of a choice about Monkey’s assessment as they are coming round our house! Eek! Need to get a bit tidy by then!!! xx

  2. This is fantastic, and definitely something to be proud of! There are so many activities you could do with numbers. My little guy loves them too, but he is now turning his attention to the alphabet!

    • Thanks Tarana, it is so very cute bless him, and yep soo much we can do with numbers! 🙂 Looking forward to the alphabet days too 🙂 xx

  3. He sounds like my son’s soul mate! This was exactly what the Boy was like at that age and his love affair with numbers has just gone from strength to strength. We think he’ll probably end up being an actuary, or something equally exciting. 🙂 Now at nearly four he can count up to 100, do simple addition and subtraction, recognises flat and 3D shapes (including hexagon, trapezium and triangular prism) and he can make numbers with play-dough free hand (we have the same number cutters btw!) and write them himself. Just a little glimpse of the future for you!

    • Wow they do sound like a pair, very exciting to hear how your little man is doing bow, he sounds very clever! Fantastic stuff! We will see how monkey progresses from here! Xx

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    • Thank you! They all do things at their own pace don;t they and honestly he just has a thing for numbers and has done since he was tiny but we are surprised with how well he is doing with counting at the moment! xx

  5. So lovely, my little man loves counting too, and strangely counts to 12 rather than stopping at 10. He does miss out a couple of numbers every now and then, but that just makes us smile!

    • It’s funny how they do that isn’t iy, 10 feels like a more natural place to stop but clearly not! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks and I totally know what you mean, they just sound adorable, mispronunciations and all 🙂 Thank you xx

  6. What a clever boy, he sounds like he is doing amazingly! Mads is just not very into numbers, she loves letters and exploring them and words, but she just doesn’t have the same interest in numbers. I think she takes after me as I loved English at school but HATED Maths! x

    • Thank you lovely, it’s funny isn’t it, I really think he does just have an affinity for letters, and clearly Mads does with letters! Hubby did A-level maths so I think that must be where he gets it from! xx

  7. Wow,hes so clever! It’s funny what little ones really take to isn’t it, our little one is all about body parts at the min, eyes ears nose & so on. Love the video! x #mummymonday

  8. Very sweet hon, such a lovely keepsake 🙂 both my girls loved their numbers and counting before bed was a hit in our house too. The playdough number shapes are a fab idea xx #MagicMoments

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  10. This is a great example of how play is the best way to learn and you should give yourself so much credit for picking up on something he is interested in and exploring it more with him!

  11. This is a great post, it has really inspired me to make a note of things like this in a better way. Isla is 26 months, just coming up to 27 months and she too loves her numbers and recognises them which is great. She loves counting. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Play is definately the best way to learn, completely agree with the other commentors.

    He is doing really well. Good job Monkey! 🙂

    • Aww that’s lovely and it’s a pleasure – it’s one of my favourite things about blogging, keeping track of these little milestones that may slip by unnoticed otherwise xx

  12. He is obviously doing really well which his numbers. It’s fantastic when they show real enthusiasm for something, I love watching them absorb the information like a sponge with passion.Well done Monkey!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • aww thank you, they all do different things at different times and do things at their own pace, he just loves numbers! 🙂 xx

  13. That’s brilliant! The wee girl has started counting too, and recognising numbers – I think Team Umizoomi has to be thanked for that (!) but we always count going up and down stairs and when we’re sorting objects etc. We have Umizoomi bath shapes and she loves pointing out the numbers and shapes 🙂 It’s so wonderful to see them learning like this isn’t it? Monkey sounds like he’s getting such enjoyment out of it, which is fab xx #LetKidsBeKids

    • Thanks lovely, haha, yeah Monkey has always been a fan of the numtums on cbeebies so I think that has helped him too! It is so lovely to see isn’t it? xx

  14. Aw that video just melted my heart! Such a beautiful clever little boy! I can’t wait to teach all of this to Buddy
    Visiting you from #letkidsbekids

  15. Loved, loved, loved the video, clever little chappie you have! Number learning is such fun, we did it with door numbers, buses, how many cars are red etc, practically everything. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements 🙂

  16. My son didn’t like 7 or 8 for a while…how strange! I often think children are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. I have been surprised over and over again at how they remember things. It is fantastic! and so satisfying! x

    • Isn’t that funny that it’s the same numbers We think it may be because he knows 6 and 9 are the same shape, but reversed, so automatically puts them together. could be wrong though! It is incredible how much they learn and remember all of a sudden isn’t it? And so lovely to feel that I taught him something! xx

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