Little Miss at 10 months

LM 10 mths oldOur little lady is 10 months old and boy is her development just whizzing now. She seems to master a new skill every couple of days at the most and is growing up in front of our eyes with her little personality blossoming too.

As always I just think she is so gorge!

So, what is she up to? Well in my last post about her I said how she was starting to crawl, and well now she is seriously crawling! Although she would still prefer to try and walk she will crawl to get where she wants to go. Monkey wasn’t a crawler at all so I do love having a crawly baby – though I do feel like I need to have eyes in the back of my head as she can really go some distance.

I also need to have eyes in the back of my head as she has now well and truly mastered the pulling herself up on, oh, just about anything she can grab. LM pulling up

Combined with the crawling and we find her in some interesting positions. Including trying desperately to grab my laptop (which she adores bashing)…

20150822_071922I have actually just moved my laptop out of reach here as she was already grabbing the side of the screen when I found her and legged it over. I have previously found her fallen forward onto the toy box having half pulled the laptop off the table. I really should find a new home for it I think!!

Another day, after playing with banging some bowls and tins I nipped off and came back to find her climbing on one of the bowls… cheeky madam.20150818_142108

Then Daddy sent me this shot when I was having some time “off” with a friend. He was helping Monkey use the loo and came back to find the madam in the kitchen playing with hoover and brush… start them cleaning young eh? 🙂IMG-20150822-WA0001

So she is everywhere getting into everything now, aaargh! Though I do love it when I find she has pottered off somewhere and is investigating a toy box or examining a book or something. We do have to be very careful about what is within reach though!LM pottering

She is so controlled now at not only getting up but also gently lowering herself back down to the floor…. that is unless she wants to practice her latest skill which is standing unaided. She only started that this week but she is getting so so stable now and honestly she is so proud of herself! She can spend ages pulling herself up, standing with no hands, falling on her bottom and repeating, all with a huge grin on her face. So cute 🙂LM standing

There has been some nasty face-plants though so she had a teeny cut on her lip and a bruise on her forehead poor thing. Feels horrible to not quite catch her in time but I guess she has to learn and she is definitely getting better at falling backwards rather than forwards now!

She now has 7 teeth (love her toothy grin) so we have started the teeth cleaning routine. She hated it at first but after a couple of days she got used to it and is now really good at having her teeth cleaned. We made up a little teeth clean song when Monkey was little which we now sing to both of them which I think does help.

We need to clean her teeth though now as she eats basically what we eat all of the time and I am so pleased to say that at the moment there is very little she doesn’t like, and she adores fruit, unlike her fussy big brother. Her breakfast every morning is strawberries and blueberries and maybe some mini shredded wheats or something similar and she tucks in like mad. Mealtimes are such a messy affair though so I am constantly washing all in one bibs and scrubbing the highchair and floor to get all of the crumbs, rice, bits of fruit, etc. Let me tell you standing barefoot on a half eaten blueberry is not a nice feeling!!

WP_20150802_17_35_28_Pro WP_20150821_08_20_06_Pro

think her reflux is improving (touch wood, fingers crossed, etc, etc.) We have been giving her ranitidine religously since her last flare up and she has been fine… but as we were running out we thought before getting more from the drs that it was worth seeing how she got on without it for a few days. It has been a few days and so far so good so we will see how she gets on over the next week or so. We do have a little left still if we need it but it would be nice if we don’t need to medicate her really!

Her sleep has been all over the place lately and I think it may just be because of all the development and the fact she just wants to crawl and climb and stand constantly. She is such a fidget pants that I think she really struggles to calm down at nap time. I had about a week of her only napping once a day and was convinced she was dropping a nap… but then we had a terrible terrible night  on Thursday with her screaming constantly, which is very unlike her as she has always slept well at bedtime. It took hubs well over an hour of singing and rocking her to sleep before she would stop fidgeting and waking herself up. Since then she has been a bit more normal with naps, still a bit fussy but she is napping better. So we shall see what happens this week I think!

What else is she up to? She now waves a little and it is so cute though she seems a bit surprised by what her hand is doing! Another little development is that she is really aware of people now. She very much wants Mummy all the time and if someone else is walking her round then she will make a beeline for me. But she also gets upset when other people leave. She balls if we stand and watch Daddy leave in the morning, and when Nanny & Pops took monkey out she did the same! So cute bless her she just wants to be involved with whats going on and clearly doesn’t want to be left behind!

Other firsts this month have been her first ride in the supermarket trolley – which she adores and it does make life easier in the supermarket not having to hold a basket and push a buggy – and her first proper shoes! Now she is standing and walking so much whenever we go anywhere I thought it was time for some proper supportive cruiser shoes rather than just pretty flimsy ones. She has been barefoot most of the summer as she hates wearing shoes and tends to kick them off (we have lots of single shoes now as she manages to kick them off without me noticing and I can never find them again!!) but she is going to have to get used to it and her new ones are at least a little harder to kick off.firsts

She is such a smily, happy little lady in general and is a joy to be around. She adores playing peepo, going on the swing, being tickled and loves watching her brother laugh – just seeing him chuckle is enough to give her the giggles. She melts our hearts every day with her gorgeous smile and the way she beams at us when she is happy. She can of course be hard work but she really is so lovely and I love watching her grow into a little person.

LM 10 mths collage

This year is going very very fast all of a sudden!

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21 thoughts on “Little Miss at 10 months

  1. She sounds so so adorable and very adventurous with all her exploring. It must be wonderful to find a new adventure every day 🙂 hope your laptop is all safe and sound now 😉

  2. Aw she is gorgeous. It’s amazing how much they develop at this age – mine is currently 8 months and just starting to get into crawling – it’s hard to believe she could be as active as yours in just a couple of months. Loving the cleaning picture – if only they could actually help! Lovely post, thanks for sharing #MaternityMondays x

  3. She’s so cute, bless her! I remember when Alfie started to crawl he was so fast like you say you need eyes in the back of your head!! They develop so quickly once they get on the move!


  4. Oh look at her grow! She has such a cheeky grin, I love it. She is doing so well standing up by herself. Mine is crawling … very fast and we are constantly lifting everything and chasing her! It is fun … when you have the energy for it!

  5. Aww I love this age when they are starting to get a personality and getting into things, but are still babies at the same time, well for only a little bit longer! Love the shoes they are adorable! #MaternityMondays

  6. She is doing really well bless her and looks so happy! I bet it is fun going back to the stage of needing eyes in the back of your head again! She eats soooo well too. I am so jealous 🙂 Thanks for hosting lovely x

  7. Wow, it seems like yesterday I was enjoying reading your update about her starting to crawl!! I hear you about the ranitidine… it is like magic! Our little lady was on this and two other meds for her reflux as well as special milk and still she suffered some times! So glad to hear things are improving!!

  8. Oh my gosh it really speeds up even more after they turn one! I love this stage when they’re just becoming mobile and all you want them to do is walk and then when they’re walking you’re like ‘no! now they’re everywhere!’ We had to rearrange our living room so many times when Evie was at this stage! I love your photos they’re so adorable, especially of dinner time! 😀 If she’s pulling herself up now, she’ll be walking before you know it. 🙂 x

  9. She is really so scrummy, I love this stage but it is also such a reminder of how fast they are changing. I love the fact you need to find a new place for your laptop, I am thinking where I can safely leave mine when little 3 begins moving!! LM takes such a lovely picture, I love the messy face one beneath the spaghetti one, look at those eyelashes! #maternitymondays

  10. Aww she is so cute, the pictures of her trying to stand are adorable. I remember when Leo started crawling, he was everywhere! Nothing is safe now..!xx #maternitymondays

  11. Lovely update and such gorgeous photos of LM – what a beautiful smile she has and she looks so proud of herself for being able to stand unaided and explore things that perhaps you’d rather she didn’t! It does become challenging when they’re on the move, doesn’t it – Jessica found this stage a little frustrating with Sophie until she adjusted to it as it meant that Sophie would constantly be grabbing her toys. Love the dinner time photos too and so glad that LM is enjoying her food so much even if it is a very messy process! 🙂

  12. Its amazing at this age how quickly they do change, every day a new skill comes and they become cheekier for sure – she is very cute indeed.
    Came over form sharewithme x

  13. Ahh she sounds such a character! And an adventuring climber! We have a teeth cleaning song too…it’s the only way to get the mouth open in our house. Great update. Such a nice way to make sure the memories are marked. Thanks for hosting #maternitymondays

  14. 10 months I almost just fell off my bar stool. How did this happen, she surely can’t be almost one year old already. I shouldn’t even be so shocked having read her updates all year but time needs to slow down they grow up too fast. I am all emotional over the growing ups of my two as B starts school next week and MM starts nursery I don’t know if I can handle time going so fast anymore. She looks so adorable too. Her little personality shining through. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  15. What a lovely update, not only does she have the same coat as Little E she has the same shoes! She sounds like my little lady, into everything. Totally different to my first experience of motherhood. I love that she cries when people leave, our little lady cries when she is missing out on food! This year really has gone quickly.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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