Little Miss’s First Paintings – 17 mths old

I wrote recently about how I felt like I babied my Little Miss a little. I seem to forget that she is growing all of the time and I realised that I have held back from doing certain activities as I have felt she is “too young” when she isn’t really. So I have been doing what I can to remedy that and trying to be more creative and braver with what I do with her – including, dun dun dun, letting her loose with the paints. We did some water painting in the garden a few days previously and she was great with the brush so I knew she was ready to have a go with the real thing too.

We started off simple, just one or two colours – I went for blue and purple as I thought the least food-like colours would be the best idea to prevent any paint from ending up in her mouth! It was so cute seeing her dabbing the paintbrush in the paint and on the paper, she really is growing up!PhotoGrid_1460986196257

She started to explore the paint with her fingers, obviously, and I added a few more colours. There was a moment where a pink paint covered finger started to make its way towards her mouth but A quick but stern “no” thankfully stopped it in it’s tracks!PhotoGrid_1460986287817

She soon ended up with full on hand prints but she was loving every minute and I have to admit I loved watching her, despite the inevitable mess!PhotoGrid_1460986377973

She kept wanting more and more paint and seemed to be getting overwhelmed and frustrated so unfortunately we had to call time and head to the kitchen for the clean up operation so it didn’t end amazingly happily, but I know it was a good learning experience for her and lets face it, the first of many, many, many painting sessions to come!PhotoGrid_1460986437184

Just because I think she is incredibly cute, here is a little clip of her enjoying her painting session 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Little Miss’s First Paintings – 17 mths old

  1. I’ve been thinking the same about ‘babying’ my second child more than I did with my first. I often think ‘he’s too young’ before realising that I did the same activity with my first at his age. It may not have ended well but this looks like a fab activity 🙂 she is very cute! #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Lovely to see children experimenting with paint. Little miss is having a lovely time here. It is a favourite activity here on the farm too For our craft sessions. #Letkidsbekids

  3. She’s holding the paintbrush like a pencil. Well done! She’s also produced some beautiful artwork for your walls. Make sure you put it on display. Pen xx #thetruthabout

  4. Ahh bless her she looks like she had lots of fun! I also baby Elsie, I’m just starting to ‘loosen the grip’ a little and getting a little more wild with activities for her!

    Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday come back soon!

  5. This post took me back to my eldests first paintings… Four years on we have a huge case full, everyone still so precious!

  6. Oh, it’s so sweet that you took so many photos of her first time doing a proper painting. They’re definitely memories to treasure forever and she’ll laugh at that when she’s 10 or 12! #TheTruthAbout

  7. I love the concentration on her little face! I should really let EJ do more of this kind of thing but it’s a bit tricky right now! Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout X

  8. This is sooo cute, bless her! She looks like she’s having a whale of a time!I keep the paints well hidden but they do come out occasionally! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  9. Ahhh, such cute pictures. I love it when they start to explore things like painting and mark making. My son was a really reluctant mark maker but my daughter has always enjoyed it – the messier the better as far as she is concerned!

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