Lotherton Hall, nr Leeds

Last week we headed up the A1 towards Yorkshire for a lovely little family holiday. We wanted to head off first thing in the morning during LM’s first sleep but couldn’t get into the cottage until 3pm. We decided we would stop off along the way, but actually made really good time that morning and decided to carry on a bit further than the halfway point where we thought we would stop. The question was, where to stop?

SatNavs are great but I love a good map, and this is the perfect example of why. I got the map out and had a look for some landmarks and places where we could visit. I found Lotherton Hall, just off the A1 not far from Leeds and after a quick look online (thank goodness for mobile internet) decided it was the perfect place for a little visit!


Entry was £5 per adult, 2.50 for children but under 5s go free which was great for us and compared to a lot of places we have visited I didn’t think the price was bad at all! (There is membership available too if you are local and there seemed to be a lot of mums with kids there who go there regularly.

So what is there? Loads! It’s a lovely big house which you can go round, though we found plenty to keep us amused outside. There are manicured gardens where you can play games on the lawns, a rock garden to explore, a lovely woodland walk with some adventure play areas amongst the trees (more on that later) 2 big play areas, a cafe and outdoor seating area, plenty of picnics spots, and to top it off a big bird sanctuary in the centre of the grounds!

LM woke up when we arrived so we headed straight to the cafe for some refreshment. the cafe was lovely and not too expensive, with a lovely sunny seating area. I was also really impressed to see a section of the stables set aside for indoor picnics on days when the weather is less than warm. So many places don’t provide indoor eating areas unless you buy their food, so I thought this was a nice touch.

We then headed to the main playarea, which is huge! There is so much to do for all different abilities and Monkey had a fab time climbing, though Mummy did have to clamber up and help him on one of the difficult bits, after that we kept him on the younger side of the playarea hehe. He also got his first ride on the zipwire swing and he absolutely adored it! Trying to get him to hold tightly enough was a challenge though!

lotherton hall 1

After a bit of a play we went for a wander and discovered the bird sanctuary! We had no idea it was there and it was massive with lots of lovely fascinating birds with many of them in really nice roomy enclosures. they even had a couple of condors and one of them was suitably impressing us by showing off his awesome wingspan.

lotherton hall bird garden

Then it was picnic time and we headed to a big field, which is where we discovered another play area! Spread across the field was all manner of climbing frames, swings, monkey bars, spinny things, two more zipwire swings and all sorts – and there was a lot of children out there enjoying the sunshine and having a lovely play on all of the equipment.

After lunch we took a stroll to get LM to sleep and had a little look at the deer park,  then wandered through the woods. Which is where we discovered lots of lovely wooden play equipment spread amongst the trees. Some of the wooden beams took hubs and I back to our childhood and we had a great time running across the spinning beam – miraculously I surprised us all and managed it on my first run across… but couldn’t do it at all when hubs tried to catch it on camera lol. Monkey thought it was great fun seeing Mummy and Daddy playing!

lotherton hall woods

We headed back to the field after that and had a bit more of a play there before deciding to head on to our holiday cottage

lotherton hall field

We had a lovely time at Lotherton Hall, there is so much to see and do which to me makes the entry fee totally worthwhile. If we lived nearer I imagine we would go quite a lot as Monkey loved it too!
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27 thoughts on “Lotherton Hall, nr Leeds

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  2. It’s always fab when you find the perfect place to stop off on a journey without even realising it. Maps are fab for helping you pick off interesting places to go for a day out when you don’t know the area. Monkey looks like he’s having a great time playing with Mummy and Daddy and seeing you guys be silly on the play areas. LM looks like she’s enjoying the sunshine as well. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. What a gorgeous place to visit and so much to do. Love the photo of Monkey on the zipwire swing and looks like you had a beautiful day to explore. Providing an indoor picnic area is such a great idea – I wish more places offered that option as cafes get so expensive when you have children in tow.

  4. We love Lotherton Hall, it is somewhere we visit often as it’s quite local for us and my parents had their wedding reception there. It’s a great day out and they often have special days too which are always really well done. #countrykids

  5. The Mother says – This sounds like the perfect day out and what a lot of fun you had. I can’t get over how grown up Monkey is looking!! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  6. What a fabulous place to visit, I’m certainy going to pin this for if I’m ever in that area!

    The weather looks amazing and you all look like you had lots of fun.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week, Leandra & Becky xx

  7. It looks like a great place to visit. I’m impressed with the indoor picnic area, in the past we have had to sit in the car because they hadn’t catered for poor weather. #letkidsbekids

  8. Wow, what a fab looking place! Seems pretty much to be the perfect family day out and if I am ever up that way, I will definitely drop in! I’m really impressed by how much they have to offer for the entry price! I wish places around here were like that. 🙁 Great post, thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Ray xx

  9. You’ve inspired me! The last time I went to Lotherton Hall was for a dance music festival back in 2002!!! I think I’d better plan an outing with the kids 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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  11. Although we live near(ish) and I’m always posting about events there we’ve never actually visited Lotherton Hall! It looks like a place our family would love with birds and lots of outdoor play. I fancy a go on that spinning beam! Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily

  12. We love Lotherton Hall particularly the bird sanctuary and the big helter-skelter slide. But we’ve never found the woodland path with the balance beams in – we’ll have to look out for that next time. #Yorkshirefamily

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