Making a Crown & Magic Wand

Friends and family have been very generous since Little Miss’s arrival and she has been given some very lovely presents. One of which was this cute little fairy princess Peppa Pig toy. Monkey helped me open the parcel and he took quite a shine to it himself and particularly liked her crown and magic wand, so I decided maybe we could make a crown and magic wand for Monkey to wear!


Its not the most, um, sophisticated crown or wand but Monkey enjoyed making them and wearing them so that’s all that matters.

I started with 2 sheets of A3 card (Monkey has quite a big head so I knew one wouldn’t be quite big enough) and cut a zig zag pattern. I also cut out 2 stars for the wand.


Next came the fun part, decorating! We just used some bits and bobs we had some sparkly star stickers, a couple of big foam stars, a few sparkly pom poms and some glitter glue. Lots of fun!

WP_20141113_09_24_03_Pro WP_20141113_09_27_47_Pro WP_20141113_09_31_55_Pro

The glitter glue took longer to dry than I hoped but it was dry by the next day. I used some selotape to attach the stars to a chopstick (took me a while to think of something that would be suitable and not too flimsy!).

I then measured monkeys head and there was more than enough card, one length of A3 wouldn’t have been enough but 2 was huge. Anyway, better to have too much rather than not enough!!

Monkey loved his wand and immediately started singing Twinkle, Twinkle bless him. He doesn’t much like posing for photos and once he had his crown on too he was happily running about all over the place, so I really struggled to get any good photos but here he is!

WP_20141114_09_24_48_Pro WP_20141114_09_26_29_Pro WP_20141114_09_26_42_Pro

Some good old fashioned home made dressing up props! 🙂 Lovely and fun to make too.

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