#MaternityMondays week 20

Welcome to week 20 of #MaternityMondays! Thanks so much to all you lovely bloggers who are continuing to link up very week, I am loving our little community, celebrating the joys (and sharing the challenges) of pregnancy, life with babies and motherhood in general.

Last week was my turn and I loved reading all of your posts as ever, here were my faves:

I love a bit of honesty, sharing the good and the hard bits of life as a parent, so I loved Love from clueless mum’s confessions of times when things don’t always go to plan and she has to ignore her perfectionist side. I think we all know there is no such thing as a perfect mum!

There is no denying that time flies when you a parent too and I loved Four Walls Rainy Days‘ post looking back at how her little one has grown – and I can very easily relate to her feeling of worrying about blinking in case you miss something!

Finally, All the beautiful things‘ post really made me chuckle as she raised a question I had never considered before… why does everyone (including strangers in the street) care so much about how much baby weighed when they born. She has some amusing suggestions so have a read 🙂

My week this week hasn’t been great if I am honest – LM’s problems with napping turned out to be a return of her reflux and I have felt so so low this week and just like I wasn’t coping at all. I wrote about it (and will be linking it up below) and as always the wonderful blogging community has offered me so much support that I am feeling a lot better again. We have been to the Dr and are trying a new medication which I hope works and I am trying to pick myself up and be the best Mummy I can to both Monkey and LM, as feeling miserable and snappy wasn’t helping anyone.

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