Me and Mine, April 2017

I didn’t manage to post a me and mine last month as I didn’t really have any family photos to share. In contrast, I have a few this month!

First up, a bit of fun on our family bike ride. It’s a frame from a video so it’s not the best quality ever, but I love it as I was so surprised that LM actually stayed put long enough to capture it!


But my faves are the two shots from our recent trip bluebell huntingcof


I adore this picture, it is the kind of family photo I have hoped for for a long time. All happy, all smiling with a beautiful background 🙂

4 thoughts on “Me and Mine, April 2017

  1. What a lovely month of photos. I’m feeling inspired to track down bluebell woods or rapeseed fields for Me and Mine in May as there have been so many lovely photos.
    I recently decided not to return to work too after my year of maternity leave ended :o(

  2. I love that first shot – what a fun photo to take. The photos among the bluebells are beautiful too, especially the second one. You all look so happy – and best of all, everyone is looking at the camera! That’s always a minor miracle in itself! 🙂 #meandmineproject

  3. Ahhh you cant’ beat the beautiful bluebells we just found a place for the first time today in fact. Didn’t have the whole family there to snap one up though. Love that fence one that’s ace! Every so smiley WINNER! #meandmineproject

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