Me and Mine December 2016

So here we are, the last days in December and the last Me and Mine Project of the year. I find myself to be a bit of a rubbish blogger these days, but I try and at least keep going with this and the Siblings Project linky, both run by Lucy at Dear Beautiful, as I do find them to be a lovely record of our family over the year.

This month I had high hopes of some family shots over Christmas. We did snap a few but they weren’t quite the polished and posed pictures I hoped for, largely down to an uncooperative LM…. And partly because I couldn’t find my tripod haha. So despite my efforts we once again have selfies with the 4 of us in instead, taken at various times over Christmas.

The best, I think, are these that Hubs snapped on his new phone while we were all sat snuggling and watching TV on Christmas Eve in what we call ‘the new room’ as it used to be the garage. It’s not really new anymore but I have a feeling it will be ‘the new room’ for many years to come. Anyway I love the soft light of these pics, even if we struggled to get us all smiling at the same time! I particularly love LM trying to copy her brother’s thumbs up by putting her finger up instead…then she looked at it so confused bless her, such a toddler thing to do isn’t it?photogrid_1483099944667

We also have the obligatory shots on our bed on Christmas morning, blurry in the terrible light, sleepy and with a semi-naked hubs but full of excitement on Christmas morning. photogrid_1483100122004

Finally, my attempt at some nice posed ones when we were all dressed and smart on boxing day morning… Which LM was really not in the mood for, as I’m sure you can tell. photogrid_1483100226473

So there you have it, that was us in December. And because another year has passed (in the blink of an eye it seems), here is the last year’s worth of family shots, to show how much we (or at least the kids) have grown and changed over the past 12

I did a similar collage last year too, if you fancy a look.

Happy New Year all!

The Me and Mine Project

5 thoughts on “Me and Mine December 2016

  1. Oh how lovely looking back on all your photos. I’ve been taking a photo a week of my girls together since the week the youngest was born and I’ve never managed to remember to share a collage at the end of the year 😉 Love the photos of you all, especially the one of your little one looking confused trying to put her thumbs up, my eldest used to do that too!

  2. I love your family selfies – especially the ones with LM trying to do a thumbs up. So lovely to look back on your photos from the year as well and seeing how Monkey and LM have grown over the course of the year. Happy New Year to you all and hope 2017 will be good to you x #meandmineproject

  3. I absolutely adore this project. It’s so nice when you can look back at the entire year of family captures and see how much the kids have grown and changed and recall all those amazing memories each month isn’t it? These are gorgeous. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject

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