Me and Mine May 2016

May has been a seriously busy month for our little family. Starting off with our lovely holiday then a trip out to celebrate my brother and my step-dad’s birthdays followed by the big event, Monkey’s 4th Birthday and his fab pirate party. Finally we have had hubs’ knee operation to prepare for… and start to recover from!

I had many a grand idea about getting lovely shots of us as a family but sadly they didn’t all pan out. I got a couple of shots at the very beginning of our holiday, in the grounds of Tattershall Castle, which I like, but you can’t really see us. (My phone has been in for repair and my camera is a bit old and doesn’t take the highest quality shots!)P1040375

Then, realising the end of the month was nearing I suggested trying to take shots of us when we had family round celebrating Monkey’s birthday the day after the big party day. I was almost loathe to suggest it for fear it would cause tantrums and I could see Hubs was not convinced that it was a good idea. Monkey did moan a little but we soon persuaded him, and you know what, actually got some pretty lovely shots!
IMG-20160522-WA0007 (2)


I mean my hair is a mess and hubs and I look a bit frazzled, but all 4 of us are actually smiling! I can’t believe it! LM was really playing up for the camera and giving gorgeous smiles to her uncles taking photos. Miraculous!IMG-20160522-WA0003 (2)

The Me and Mine Project

6 thoughts on “Me and Mine May 2016

  1. Love the photo in front of Tattershall Castle – even if you do all look very tiny next to it! Those last three photos are gorgeous – love the way you’ve managed to capture you all looking at the camera and smiling and the way that LM is really playing up to the camera. What a busy month you have had! Hope your hubby is recovering well from his op x

  2. Oh my goodness how grown up is your two kiddos looking this month. I can’t believe it. I remember reading your post when little miss was just born and she looks so grown up now. Such lovely moments captures darling. #meandmineproject

  3. You’re all there!! And the castle is awesome! Both the kids are looking so grown up this month, did they both have one of those crazy overnight growth spurts?!

  4. I love that last one, its adorable and you all look so happy. I also love that castle one, I like that you guys look so teeny and the castle looks so MASSIVE. x

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