Me & Mine March 2015

It’s Me and Mine time – time to capture some photos of us as a family to store for posterity. I only joined this linky In January and had to miss February! With all of the illness in  our house we just didn’t get any photos of us as a family. This month however we managed to get some lovely shots.

On Mother’s Day, with some family round, I gathered the four of us onto our little blue snuggle sofa and tried to get a shot of us all smiling 🙂

smily family

So here we are, with the dining table on one of the rare occasions that it is tidy (as we had people round) and the kitchen covered in detritus. But I love it as it captures our little family in our lovely home 🙂

dear beautiful

12 thoughts on “Me & Mine March 2015

  1. Oh Caroline what a gorgeous family capture. I love this. Can’t believe how big the little ones are getting too. Amazing how fast the time goes. Yall look so happy in this photo.(Love the blue theme) 🙂 #meandmine

    • Thanks lovely I am chuffed we are all smiling! I know they grow so fast so it’s lovely to capture it 🙂

  2. I love your little sofa and I love the fact that Little Miss looks ecstatic and I love the fact that it is so honest – no trying to edit out reality or gloss it up – my kind of family portrait 🙂 Xx

    • Thanks lovely, a but of tummy rubbing produced a fab smile! 🙂 I have brightened the colours a bit as they were a bit dull on my phone but otherwise that’s us, imperfections and all 🙂 xx

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