Moments of Happiness

To counter balance yesterday’s post about our awful week, I wanted to share a few of the happy moments we’ve had too. Because even amongst the screaming, hacking coughs, tantrums and general tearing of hair out, there has been the odd moment that has made me happy.

Wednesday, on the whole, was a good day. LM was pretty good, and Monkey spent a big chunk of the day at Nanny’s having cuddles on the sofa, giving him some much needed attention and me some much needed breathing space. While LM slept in the afternoon Monkey and I had a lovely play. We put up his little tent and tunnel in the conservatory and had a great time hiding from each other and generally giggling :).

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That night LM had some lovely awake time. I would say it was the first time that she has been awake and alert for a significant amount of time and wasn’t screaming. We really got to enjoy just being with her and engaging with her and every minute was just lovely :).


Thursday morning I got myself and the kids out of the house as we needed to buy some bits. The shopping centre has a little playpark outside, and even though it was bitterly cold so we didn’t stay long, Monkey adored running around and letting off some steam and chasing his shadow! LM was snuggly wrapped up warm and like I say, it was only brief, but it was happy!

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No matter how hard this week has been (and it has been soooo hard), there has still been moments, like rays of sunlight that have pearced the gloom and made us smile.

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19 thoughts on “Moments of Happiness

  1. Aww she’s so cute – I’m glad you had some good moments in among the difficult ones and fingers crossed it will be easier this week; it’s always so hard when you’re ill and you no longer have the luxury of putting your own recovery first.

  2. So glad you are having some happy moments too! Love the photos of your little ones – especially the one of Little Miss sitting up with her eyes wide open and the one of Monkey crawling through the tunnel. Hope you all have a good weekend and manage to get some sleep and more happy moments x

  3. It’s great that in spite of the rough week you’ve been having you’ve managed to focus on some of the good things that have happened and been able to spend some quality time with Monkey and LM. Monkey looks like he’s having so much fun running around the park and LM looks super cosy and wrapped up, that’s how I would’ve wanted to be in the cold! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  4. Despite not a perfect week – in fact difficult as you’re previous post explains (!) – you’ve managed to see the bright side too! By the way that third picture of the little one is just gorgeous.

  5. Sorry you have been having a tough time, it is hard when you have an unsettled newborn and a toddler to contend with too. It sounds like amidst the hard times there have been lovely ones too though. Hope it gets easier for you soon. xx

  6. Looks like a fun day at the park. We’ve been having a lot of illness too & tiredness has been taking it’s toll – I guess you just have to take each day as it comes 🙂 Popping over from #TheOrdinaryMoments

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