Monkey Says at 3 1/2

Our little boy is growing up so much all the time and his language skills are growing with him. Pretty incredible when I think he was a little delayed and had no speech at age 2! He now gives everything a good go and even copied “echocardiogram” from Get Well Soon on Cbeebies the other day! He also comes out with some real gems at times too. Some that make me cringe and others that make me laugh out loud. So here are some of the Monkey’s top sayings recently.20151126_091318

“That’s my favourite.” Everything is his favourite. From people to food to things. The Dr is his favourite. His dinner is his favourite. Even his poo has been his favourite (I’m not kidding sadly). It’s actually very endearing when he says “I love Daddy, he’s my favourite” and when he calls LM “my favourite sister.” He also has a couple of children at playgroup who are his favourite too and it is so lovely to hear he is building relationships with other children.

Another endearing one is when he strokes his Daddy’s arm and says “You’ll be OK.” Generally absolutely nothing had happened and Daddy is perfectly happy…. but it is very cute nonetheless!

Less cute is when he copies us and shouts at LM to stop or yells at her that she is naughty. Nothing makes you think about the words coming out of your mouth more than hearing those words come out of a 3yr old’s mouth! That also includes him copying “oh for god’s sake” (we are trying to turn this into for goodness sake) and worst of all copying Daddy when he described a relative as “big fat …” I was less than impressed with that one and thank goodness he hasn’t said it to the person!!

He really likes making up random words at the moment too. Some are quite amusing, “binky banky” for example, some strangely accurate as when he described a car park as danky when yes, actually it was a bit dank. You can probably get there is a theme here and yes he did go through a stage of proclaiming everything was “winky wanky” which I was less than enamoured with! Thankfully we have persuaded him that is a bit of a silly thing to say!!20151120_132740

His imagination is wonderful now, and when he is playing cars or doing car painting he is very often using one to chase another, saying “I’m coming to get you” followed by the other car saying “aaaaaaaaahhh” hehe. You may have seen recently that he loves dressing up as a super hero and he really is so cute – running around saying he is “coming to the rescue!” and once he has rescued something (for example he did a great job of rescuing a welly the other day haha) it is “mission accomrished” with two thumbs up, so a bit of a superhero/postman pat SDS combination!

Mission Accomrished!

Mission Accomrished!

He is really inquisitive about the world around him, asking “where do trees come from?” and “what are planes made of?” He wants to know everything and he loves spotting things, the moon being the most recurrent especially at this time of year. We can be in the car and he will suddenly be yelling “look Daddy look it’s the moon!!” and of course we have to reply (as with whenever he tells us anything) or he will just keep repeating it tirelessly until he gets the answer he is looking for! He also thinks every conversation is aimed at him and answers any question he hears, not just those directed at him. So I can be talking to LM or Daddy or someone else and he will answer. He adores Show Me Show Me on the tv (one of my fave progs for the kids) and always answers when Chris and Pui ask questions. The other day he ran over and said “Chris asked me if I like shopping and I told him I did” and was so proud of himself.


A cut? Or Jam???

We love the way he tries to find the language to describe something. For example he had a bit of a sore throat on the weekend and when he had some of Daddy’s warm tea he proclaimed “That was lovely! That made my throat feel not all gone” so cute. Other examples are “I’m getting all filled (full)” “that’s a bit splatty” (paint). During a snuggle on the sofa he decided I have “a lovely cosy bottom” and once when I was getting dressed “that’s a lovely nippley boobie.”  Errr, ok, thanks Monkey haha.

After falling tooth-first onto my forhead at the weekend giving me a lovely cut, lump and bruise, Monkey looked at me and said “you’re all cut. It looks a bit like Jam.” Well yes, I suppose it does, a bit!

Now for the funnies. We were watching Toy Story 2 the other day and when the man came to mend Woody’s arm, Monkey decided the needle and thread was a hooker. “Look he’s get a hooker. He loves hookers. I love hookers too, they’re my favourite!” I really wasn’t that sure what to say to that to be honest hehe. Then at lunch one day he randomly piped up “Mummy and Daddy do you like licking each other?” errrrrrr not sure what to say or where that came from.


my cheeky Monkey 🙂

Finally, this morning he was on the receiving end of a few stern words from Daddy about the fact that he had done a wee in his pants (he seems to have regressed a little lately which is annoying with more incidents than usual) and he was being really good and listening, and then he suddenly announced “But cats don’t like bananas.” I have to admit I laughed out loud in the next room, I mean where did that come from? Funny Monkey!

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27 thoughts on “Monkey Says at 3 1/2

  1. Awww, he sounds like a lovely, funny & positive little man, I love reading about the things children say and do. My 2 year old has an obsession with the moon lately, and asks where it is all the time, even when we are indoors! I love the photo of him dressed as a superhero with his cape xx

  2. So funny. This reminds me so much of our little boy, he’ll be 3 and a half at Christmas. He comes out with some crackers too but they’re usually less random and more scarily accurate. All of these had me giggling, he sounds like such an inquisitive and clever character xxxx #theordinarymoments

  3. Ahh he’s at such a cute age. I love the saying and words they come out with when they’re little although I know my boys used to repeat a few things that they definitely shouldn’t have at this age. #maternitymondays

  4. haha, these are brilliant. I’m not sure I’d have known how to respond to the licking one! I love some of the things kids come out with. My daughter’s latest one is to shout ‘help! help me!’ when I won’t let her out of her buggy. Goodness knows what people must think, I’m worried I’ll get accused of kidnap or something!

  5. It’s funny reading this because it’s so similar to Zach and they are very similar in age. We have the oh my God thing and the other day he said oh shit! Thankfully he hasn’t said it since! It really does make you realise how careful you have to be! #ftmob

  6. Awww, bless him! Little ones are so cute when they try to describe something for the first time, aren’t they? “I’m getting all filled (full)” is such a sweet way to describe he’s full.

  7. Aw such a cute post to remember all the funny and cute things that Monkey says- they do come out with the most lovely stuff don’t they? I love the jam sentence and also that he strokes his Daddy’s arm and says ‘You’ll be ok!’ I love hearing them talk about the world around them- at nearly 5 Mads my big girl still comes out with the funniest and cutest stuff. x

  8. Aw, I love the way little children talk. My children have everything being their ‘favourite’ too, even now aged 5. It can be really funny sometimes, but not so sure other times how I should react. Writing these funny things down is a great way to remember them, as we soon forget.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  9. Oh this is just wonderful – loved reading all of Monkey’s latest sayings. It is funny sometimes when they repeat things they hear but it does also make you realise you have to be very careful what you say in front of them. “I love hookers, they’re my favourite” made me chuckle – ah the innocence of children! I’m very impressed at Monkey being able to say “echocardiogram” – I’m not sure Jessica can say that and she’s had quite a few of them! Mind you, we normally refer to them as “echoes” rather than using the full name. Talking to Chris on Show Me, Show Me is adorable (we love that programme here too) and I love him telling Daddy “you’ll be ok.” The random words are funny too – I think I would be trying to discourage “winky wanky” as well – it does sound quite dodgy! Hope your cut is healing and you’re not too sore. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  10. Well done Monkey – it must be so nice to hear it all coming out. Even the stuff you don’t want. I’m still trying to work out how to explain to my autistic toddler whose every word I praise, not to copy mummy when she forgets he can now and shouts ‘for f*ck’s sake!’ eep! #SSAmazingAchievements

  11. How amazing that his language has developed so quickly! I always try to blame someone else for my boys bad language but can’t get away with it as hubby only speaks dutch with them so any english swear words are definitely mine!

  12. Awww… bless him! He is such a character. So funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! Kids picks up everything. My Ethan did the same with “Oh Jesus!” lol! Now, Evelyn favourite word is “Oh dear!” She is only 19 months! lol! Kids are so funny!

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