Monkey turns 3…

My little Monkey turns 3 this week and I can’t quite believe it.

Monkey is 3

Three years since I became a Mummy! I look at him running around and chatting and singing and lolloping like a teenager and I wonder where he came from. Do you ever feel like that? My friends look at me like I am potty when I say that, but sometimes I find it hard to  reconcile him with the baby that was created inside me.

Don’t worry I am not going to get all deep or profound, I just want to make a little record of everything that makes Monkey Monkey, as he turns three. The good and the bad. As he simultaneously amazes and frustrates me on a daily basis!

A lot has happened in the past year and he really has grown up so much, sometimes he seems so mature… but of course he is still a little tot really. Considering the fact that he was barely speaking at all this time last year, his speech is incredible now and improving all the time. We are suddenly realising that a lot of his babyish pronunciations are being replaced by the correct word. For example “cuityet,” became “biscuityet” and is now “Biscuit.”

He now questions everything ‘What you doing?’ ‘Where’s daddy?’ and my most recent favourite ‘What’s it all about guys?’ to hubs and I – not sure where he picked up that one! Like a sponge he is picking up words and phrases all the time and parroting them back, sometimes in the right context but not always! He is really trying to grasp the concept of time too, and sometimes he gets it right ‘we saw Uncle Simon yesterday’ and other times not ‘I went to play group tomorrow’ or ‘we going to the traypark (playpark) yesterday ‘

His imagination is amazing and just growing all of the time. He held up a piece of bread the other day and announced ‘look it’s a whale’ (and it was very whale shaped) then took a bite and said ‘now it’s a boat!’ In the same way that he saw a whale in his slice of bread, he sees letters everywhere too, in shapes that form in his bath bubbles, in the sand pit and in the lentils we play with. He loves letters but has retained his love of numbers too, randomly counting to 40 on a family walk, and reading the side of a measuring jug we are playing with, so he recognises numbers in the hundreds and thousands!

His imagination is helping at playtime too, playing with trains the other day he grabbed some cuddly toys and announced ‘tickets please’ and made them all give him pretend tickets, and he gives all his toys voices too which is just adorable. On another occasion, we had loads of fun playing with his motorbike outside where he wheeled up to my ‘petrol station’ (the swing) and paid me to fill up the tank (using a bubble wand) then I had to give him his keys, hehe. Almost everything has the potential to be a rocket ship too… with crayons, toy screws, cars and all sorts being vooshed around the house until I made him a very basic rocket which he loves!


He sings all the time and at the moment his favourites are the Postman Pat and Bob the Builder theme tunes, which he knows pretty much word perfectly (even if it does sound a little like ‘Postman Pat is a black and white cat’ sometimes).

He is such a caring little boy for the most part frequently giving us all (including LM) cuddles and saying ‘I love you so much’ which melts my heart everytime. He quite often asks us ‘are you ok?’ and when he is playing with cars now tells me to be careful so I don’t slip… potentially as a result of seeing me slip more than once!

He loves helping (which is great as it is often a good way to persuade him to do something) and particularly loves helping Daddy in the garden.


He also loves making his sister laugh, which is lovely.


On the flipside he is going through a fearful phase and seems to have a little separation anxiety. He has been having ‘bad dreams’ and getting scared of things he isn’t usually afraid of, including episodes of Postman Pat that he was watched many many times before.He says he misses us when he goes to playgroup and gets upset about going even though he does have fun when he is there. He is increasingly jealous of LM now and wants our attention when we are looking after her. Again getting upset at times which is hard.


He had to go in the buggy so he could play with the toys that are there for LM!


But then he is so contrary too and sometimes when we give him our attention he doesn’t want to know… but of course when we are busy he desperately wants our attention. He would swear black is white sometimes and if we say no we don’t have something, he will insist we do, which when we really don’t is incredibly frustrating! Though I suspect he is just being a normal three year old so try not to let it irk me too much.

Although we have times where he drives me a bit crazy, for the most part he is such a lovely little boy and I am so proud of him and I can’t quite believe he is my little boy.

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18 thoughts on “Monkey turns 3…

  1. Oh, this is such a lovely post. It’s wonderful to note down all the things that make them the person they are at this age, it will be gone before we know it! I love ‘what’s it all about guys’ the wee girls says ‘guys, guys’ with hand gestures when she wants our attention 🙂 #SSAA

  2. That year between 2 and 3 really does fly by, doesn’t it? Kara turned 3 earlier in the month and this past year it’s been amazing watching her communication skills and personality grow in leaps and bounds. She’s so different to how she was a year ago – and very different to how our boys were at the same age. While they’re all good years, I’ve always thought the golden period is between the ages of 2 and 3. Beyond that they still develop at an amazing pace but they’re just not so little any more. In some ways, i wish we could just bottle them up aged around 30 months and keep them there … 🙂

  3. Awww a big Happy Birthday to Monkey. What a lovely boy :)it really does fly by so quickly doesn’t it? Z went through the bad dream patch too and had some night terrors. Thankfully it’s rare now but still probably a bit horrible for them. Hope the next year is filled with just as much fun!

  4. He sounds like a lovely little boy, and a lot of what you said reminds me of my 4 year old-gosh his stubbornness is incredible! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week celebrating x

  5. Ahh Alfie is 3 next week and like you can’t quite believe where the time has gone! Every day he comes out with something new, it’s amazing their development at this stage isn’t it.

    Helen – #wordoftheweek

  6. Ah, Happy Birthday to Monkey! Hope he’s feeling a bit better now, too? I do look at my kids and wonder where they came from, too, and can’t quite accept that I made them! Sounds so lovely, and very clever with his numbers, too. Lovely post, thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. What a lovely post – Zach sounds so so similar to your monkey! He’ll be three in September so similar in age -all of the imaginary play things are happening, especially making a train out of chairs and taking our tickets and he’s also asking so many questions – what’s that being his favourite words! It’s such a wonderful age isn’t it? Hope he has a wonderful birthday when it happens 🙂 #ftmob

  8. I echo the comments above and also think ‘What’s it all about guys?’ is a fab phrase! I remember 3 being around the time I realised they could come out with stuff that I couldn’t directly trace back to my influence: they start to become their own person. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time! #ftmob

  9. I’m always saying I can’t believe we made our children, I still can’t believe we also have a little girl. I will be saying it for years! Monkey sounds like a lovely little boy, I love the photo of him with his sister. I hope he had a amazing birthday, I’m sure he was spoilt rotten.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  10. Lovely post! Doesn’t time fly! My youngest was 4 last week. I can’t get my head around it! It’s so cool to see what they say and how they develop with it. #ftmob

  11. Aww what a lovely post – and wishing your little Monkey a very happy 3rd birthday. I love the photo of him making LM laugh and the one of him playing with his rocket. It is always so lovely to hear his little Monkeyisms too and whilst it is a little sad when they lose those adorable mispronunciations, the little phrases that they come out with are wonderful too. I especially loved “what’s it all about guys” and him saying “I love you so much” – so adorable. Thank you for sharing with #ftmob 🙂

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