My Birthday Celebrations

I’m a bit late writing this up because we had a bit of a week last week with poorliness and I just wasn’t in the mood for blogging really. We are all still pretty poorly but I wanted to write again so here we are. Last week was my birthday! I turned 33 and honestly while on the one hand I don’t care, age is just a number and a birthday is just another day, on the other hand I do love birthdays. It is nice to have an excuse to treat someone you love (or be treated) and to celebrate and get together with the people you love most. So I will always celebrate my birthday.

The day before my birthday my stepdad baby-sat LM for me so I could get my hair cut which is always a real treat. My hair actually looks nice as it ha been styled by someone who knows what they are doing haha. That evening hubs and I went out for a meal. A Christmas present from my brother and sister in law was vouchers for Carluccios and the offer of babysitting for the evening. As we hadn’t used it yet we decided to use it for my birthday! PhotoGrid_1462218721835

We had a lovely time, yummy food, prosecco, wine, and really enjoyed ourselves. My sister in law was very surprised to see us home by 10 but let’s face it that is late for us haha! We had a nice catch up with them for a bit and it was a lovely evening.

The next day was my birthday and quite a lot of time was spent preparing for a bbq with lots of family and friends coming over. It was hard work and stressful and hubs did ask at one point of it was worth it. The answer? Yes of course!

We had wondered all week whether the weather would be kind to us, and for the most part it really was. There was one or two showers early on but they didn’t last long and for the rest of the afternoon the sun shone for us. Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoyed the food and it was just a lovely afternoon with nearly all of my favourite people. PhotoGrid_1462219213038PhotoGrid_1462219571416

The house was a tip afterwards and we write all shattered but it was so lovely getting everyone together and I was so glad the weather held out for us.

So that’s me another year older (even though I am sure I stopped aging at 24…that was a good age haha). Do you celebrate birthdays? And do you enjoy hosting get togethers, even with all the work that is involved?

And then the fun began...
Best of Worst

11 thoughts on “My Birthday Celebrations

  1. Happy birthday! It looked like you had a wonderful day celebrating and your new hair-cut looks lovely. So glad you had a lovely time. I love birthdays too – mine is next week and I’m looking forward to going to see my twin sister and celebrating together 🙂

  2. Looks like a fab day full of friends and family – happy birthday! I think birthdays are definitely worth everybody celebrating – who doesn’t love (and deserve) a bit of spoiling once a year?!! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. House parties are soooo fun but a tonne of hard work. You looked gorgeous when you had your night out together. Hubby and I need one soon…been so full on!! Happy birthday again xx #twinklytuesday

  4. It sounds like you had a great birthday – and the photos of the get together look so fun! I don’t like celebrating my own so much, but I love making a fuss of my nearest and dearest on their birthdays. 🙂 #thetruthabout

  5. Ah Happy Birthday – lovely photos!!! It’s my 30th on Friday and I’ve been celebrating for quite a while now, my Birthdays tend to be like the duracel bunny – they just go on and on! Hope you had a fabulous Birthday! #bestandworst

  6. Looks like a great birthday celebration! It can be hard work to organise stuff but I do think it’s nice to make a bit of a fuss especially once you’re a mum and all attention is normally focussed on the kids!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! I always celebrate mine (and in less than two weeks I am going to be a lot older than you :S) but I think it is always great to mark the day you came into the world. Sounds like you had a wonderful one 🙂 #TheTruthAbout

  8. Ah what a great idea for a christmas present – always nice to have some time out alone without having to worry about tantrums and tears at the table! I don’t think you can beat a big family bbq, looks like everyone had a great time. Hope you start to feel better soon x #bestandworst

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