My must-haves for getting out and about in winter

Brrr! Winter does feel a long old time doesn’t it? Dark mornings, dark afternoons and some days so grey that it barely feels like it gets light at all. So easy then to just stay indoors in the warm, but I’ve written before about how much we like to get out, even during the winter months as it really does us all good! (and, random timing, but I’ve just read an article in the news about how much kids need outdoor time for their development!)

But how to make sure that it is a successful trip? With happy little people throughout? Well I have a few suggestions of things to have with you to help keep the smiles despite the cold.

  1. Warm clothing. Lots of little layers and for us it often includes waterproofs and wellies. Waterproofs mean puddles are no bother and wet slides at the playpark don’t result in soggy bottoms! They also work as an extra layer and can help with windy days as well to stop the chill permeating.PhotoGrid_1486126285252
  2. If it is a fairly dry and mild day and we forego the waterproofs I try and remember to take some old tea towels with us instead. Just in case any of the swings or slides are still soggy!
  3. Food and drink. A bottle of water and some healthy snacks. LM is at an age where I am wary of her snacking too much as it stops her eating her dinner, however some dried fruit or cheese can prevent a full on meltdown on the way home! Biscuits work well too of course but I try and encourage healthier options as much as I can.
  4. Spare clothes. Depending on waterproofs etc. and I don’t worry about these on a short trip to the park but on a longer trip out we have spare clothes, socks and even gloves in case the first pair get wet or overly muddy!
  5. Something to inject some fun! Regular readers will probably know that I rarely leave the house for a walk without taking a ball and some bubble mixture. Kids love bubbles and a few mins of bubble chasing can (not always mind you, but most of the time) avert let downs or persuade little legs to walk the direction you want them to go! We also recently did a bit of a nature hunt with Monkey, which is great for slightly older kids and definitely kept him entertained while we were out! Fun can be impromptu though too as hide and seek around trees always goes down well, or a simple game of chase!PhotoGrid_1486126054629

That’s probably about it really, other than a camera to capture all the smiles and fun you have :). What are your must-haves for getting out and about in the colder, wetter months?

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17 thoughts on “My must-haves for getting out and about in winter

  1. We take bubbles too!! We try and make them freeze (we live in Sweden). These are really good tips and our outdoor gear is so important to us as we are out everyday in minus temperatures for months at a time! #countrykidsfun

  2. These are some fab ideas for making your outdoor adventures a happy and fun time for everyone. Your two always look like they’re having the time of their lives when they’re oit exploring with you so thy must enjoy their adventures. Bubbles and hide and seek really do work wonders at distracting from a meltdown.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Love the idea of making bubbles freeze. Sadly here (Devon in UK) we don’t often cold enough for that.
    I always have random cloths in the bike for drying this too, especially my bike seat if it’s raining.


  4. These are great tips to enjoy outdoors time in any weather. We swear by waterproof clothing and boots, unless it’s a bone dry day (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t happen very often in Ireland). If they’re going to play in water, I also take a change of clothes and a towel. So much stuff to pack!

  5. Totally agree with you about the layers and spare clothes. The last time I went out I need at least 3 changes after muddle puddle accidents! Nothing better than getting out and about for fresh air during the winter months. #countrykids

  6. These are definitely all must-haves. I’m going to remember the tea towel one though, as we often come unstuck with muddy, soggy swing seats etc. and I always end up using a whole packet of tissues! We now take a flask of hot choc with us which LO loves as a treat. #daysoutwithatoddler

  7. We go with layers and layers of clothes and don’t forget the hat! You’ve got some ace ideas; I especially like the bubbles! It sounds like a really child-friendly item to take on a walk.
    Thanks for joining #daysoutwithatoddler;see you next month!

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