Nap issues, Granny Blanket update and general business!

I haven’t had a chance to write as much or as often lately as our routine is a little all over the place. Over the summer our routine was lovely, we spent so much time outdoors and playing then we would be home by 2pm for Monkey to have a 2-3 hour nap! Lovely! Then dinner when daddy came home at 6 and bed by around 7.15. Lately though our routine is all over the place.

I am clinging desperately to that routine, and, ok I don’t expect him to sleep quite that long every day, he is getting older so I’m sure he needs a bit less sleep but it’s just so random at the moment. There have been a few days where he hasn’t gone down for a nap til 3.30 or even 4pm! Which has freaked me out. We’ve tried to put him down but he’s just refusing to sleep. Then other days by about 1.15/1.30 he is exhausted and miserable. Today I missed the early signs and he was just wailing so I put him down at about 1.40, but then he was alternating between happy and miserable and didn’t go to sleep till gone 2 and was awake again just over an hour later. This was better than yesterday though where he ended up crying himself to sleep and only slept for half an hour. The worst thing is that he is waking up pretty miserable too and is just wailing for ages when he wakes up, but can’t seem to get back to sleep either.

Thankfully night time hasn’t been affected and he still goes down pretty easily and gets a good 12 hours sleep at night. I just don’t understand what he needs. Every now and then we have a good couple of days and I think we’re getting back on track, and then he goes all over the place again. I just have no idea. He is dribbling like crazy at the moment so it could be big teeth coming through (he has most of his teeth now, just missing 1 canine and the molars I think) but then I would have thought night time may have been affected too?

Oh I dunno, anyway the result is that I have a lot less time to get jobs done and do things for me so the blog has suffered ever so slightly! (So house the housework tbh, but I am trying!)

I am doing reeeeeeally well with my blanket though, last night I sewed on the last square! So it is nearly finished! Woohoo! I just need to do the border now and I bought some gorgeous wool from my mum’s shop so I just need to remember how to crochet again and get cracking on that. It will definitely be good to finish it!

P1030022       P1030026


As it’s September the baby classes Monkey and I go to have started back again, but as you usually have to pay upfront, the bills have come in too. I am sticking with the tumbletots as I think it’s really helping his coordination and as the weather is bound to get worse over the next few months its a good opportunity for running around and climbing etc. as we may not be able to get to play areas as often or they’ll be a bit slippery. The music class however still has a big question mark over it. It started today and we didn’t go, we went to a cheaper class at a local children’s centre instead. The old class was great but £4.50 a lesson. The tumbletots is £5.50 a lesson so together it really adds up.

The class we went to today was only 50p! But, in truth, it just wasn’t that great. I don’t think it helped that there we were crammed into quite a small space. I was also confused as it was advertised as being for 12 months plus, however most of the babies were definitely under 1! So Monkey was one of the oldest and it seemed a bit more geared towards the younger babies which was a shame. Next week we are going to try a messy play session at another children’s centre, again at only 50p, to see if he gets much out of it. I want him to enjoy it and maybe learn things but it would also be great of we could cut costs a tiny bit!!

The spanner in the works is that I start Jury Duty on the 30th Sept. Yikes. We have been planning for ages, Monkey has been spending loads of extra time with grandparents so he is used to being looked after by them. I just really hope that his routine has settled down by then. Hubby is going to make sure he is available at all times during those 2 weeks so he can be on call to help the grandparents as much as possible, and he has a couple of days where he will be looking after Monkey. It will just be such an abrupt change for him after being looked after by me nearly every day!! Anyway we will just have to hope that I either don’t get called on a case, or if I do, that it is only a short and simple case so I don’t have to be gone the full 2 weeks or longer! We shall have to wait and see I guess!

I know this is a really fragmented blog but my thoughts are a bit all over the place at the moment! Life certainly isn’t dull!

Thanks for taking the time to write something. I love comments and read every one xx

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