New Year, Time for Me

Happy New Year Everyone! 2015 I am pleased you are here πŸ™‚

Are you making any resolutions? I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions as I feel that if you want to do something then you should just do it, not wait for an arbitrary date to start. However I do think that New Year comes at a good time for those of us that have over indulged over Christmas and want to make a fresh start so I never begrudge anyone that.

I have definitely over-indulged lately… not just because it has been Christmas but because the last couple of months since Little Miss arrived have been really hard. And I am a comfort eater. I have been sleep deprived, poorly, exhausted and generally unhappy. So when I feel like this I eat. Chocolate yes but actually crisps are my biggest vice. And coleslaw, and pate and cheese and lots of other full fat options! So even though I lost some of my baby weight shortly after LM was born, I have now put it all back on and my clothes are definitely getting tight. I gave away my maternity clothes already and refuse to buy bigger sizes so it is time to do something about it.

I just don’t feel like myself at this size. I am uncomfortable and unfit! I love being able to run around with Monkey, having SPD in my pregnancy stopped that and as a result I am really unfit. Now running, and even long walks, physically hurt! So I am looking forward to losing some weight and getting back to how I look and feel my best. I will never be skinny, my absolute best is size 12 jeans and around 11 stone (I have not been lower than that since I hit puberty!). Normal is more like 11 1/2 stone and size 14 jeans. At the moment I am 13 1/2 stone and my size 16 jeans are far too tight for my liking!! The diet has begun and I need to fit some exercise in somewhere but am making an effort to walk more as a start! I did it before, after Monkey, and I will do it again.

weight gain 1

It is not just my weight that needs sorting though but my whole mental well-being. We are working to get LM into a routine and improve her sleep, which should hopefully improve all of our sleep, and make life all round that tiny bit easier. This in turn should give a bit more time for me. I am a huge believer that me-time is important for everyone, including mums, as if you feel happy in yourself you will be more productive and your job and family will feel the benefits too.

So what else is helping my mental health? Sorting out things around the house. Cleaning. That may not seem like me-time but I am a big believer in tidy house equaling a tidy mind. I do have a tendancy to be lazy but actually living in a messy and untidy house drives me potty. Again because my SPD limited my movements for so long there are a lot of jobs that just havent been done for ages. We have muddled through with hubs helping and doing the essential jobs, but dust has been accumulating in hidden corners, and the inside of the fridge was filthy! Hubs has had a good stretch of time off work over Christmas so we have started working through some of those jobs and just getting a bit more organised.Β Once LM is in a better routine I can get into a bit of a better routine balancing, her, Monkey, and the housework, then I should have some time for me too.Β 

2014 had some amazing highs, obviously with the birth of LM, but it has also been really hard sometimes so I am looking forward to 2015. To having fun as a family of 4 but also to getting back to being me again.Β I am looking forward to seeing more of friends that live in Lodon and further afield as I will not be so tired and with such limited mobility. I am looking forward to our family holidays, we have one booked in for September already. Most of all I am looking forward to seeing our kiddies grow together and for their relationship as brother and sister to develop.


Yes I am very much looking forward to 2015. What are you looking forward to?

happy new year

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80 thoughts on “New Year, Time for Me

  1. Great post as this reflects my life right now. We has such similar pregnancies and it seems post partum is the same. I lost 20lbs in the first two weeks and thought i was set, but colic, early teething and christmas set me back and im huge! My baby was also in a harness though for a dislocated hip, she is out of it now which has helped the colic. But a bad cold brought on by teething ruined xmas for us! Looking forward to 2015. Keep the updates coming x

    • Oh gosh it sounds like you really have been through it! Tough times definitely don’t help weight gain either do they? Hopefully we are both through the worst of it now and can concentrate on ourselves just a tiny bit! Xx

  2. Sounds like you’re doing everything you can to ensure the changes will be long term and sustainable lovely. The problem with NY resolutions is they can end up being unrealistic and therefore unattainable. Wishing you every success my dear, and if you have any top tips on sleep routines, please send them my way. Our little man will be a year old in Feb and is still waking up about ten times a night!

    Very happy new year to you all xxx

    • Thank you lovely and I hope so! Ah you poor thing that must be hard! I ak writing a post on it, wont be the right thing for everyone but so far is working for us! Happy new year to you too lovely!! Xx

  3. Weight loss is something I am desperately hoping to achieve this year as well. I am the same weight now as I was full term with my eldest.

    I also agree with tidy house tidy mind!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Laura x x x

  4. Happy New Year! Hope you manage to achieve your goals for this. Getting my little ones back into a routine is high on my list too. Hope 2015 will be a good year for you πŸ™‚

  5. Sounds like you’ve got loads on your plate for this year. I too have weight to lose but have a rubbish track record with dieting so this year I’m concentrating on getting healthy!

  6. I find cleaning therapeutic too! And like you, I also don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions πŸ˜‰ Hope 2015 brings in more blessings for you and your lovely family #wotw.

  7. Oh, I absolutely love that photo of Monkey and LM, gorgeous! I am with you all the way here, as I need to lose some Christmas indulgence weight, too, around a stone will see me happy, and then I like things tidy and uncluttered in order to feel happy, too. Sounds like you’ve a lovely 2015 to look forward to, as a family of four, hope you can make the changes that you want to πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and joining in with #WotW xx

  8. There’s a lot of this post I could have written myself. I hope you get the sleeping sorted as this will help everything else so much-tiredness is like slow torture I find. Happy New Year lovely xx

    • Glad it’s not just me, it definitely helped me cope! Hopefully things will be easier for us this year lovely xx

  9. I can relate to you all all levels here..
    Lovely honest post too..
    Weight is my battle for the next few months, I’ll be hitting 40 in April and would really like to get back into my size 12’s.
    Goodluck with everything. It’s hard work being a mum and keeping everything together.

    Sa xXx

    • Thank you and it really can b so hard! Best of luck to you too, hopefully we will both get to where we want to be! xx

  10. I am too am an emotional eater and the 2014 is a very very emotional year hence my weight gain. I started 2 weeks before Christmas and I (would like to) think that I am getting smaller but looking at the mirror this morning I really need to lose a lot. Goodluck to us =) #wotw

    • Aww it’s so easy to just eat for comfort isn;t it and I know you have had a rough year. It takes time but I am sure we will both get there, best of luck to you too sweetie xx

  11. Weight loss is something I hope to crack this year. With 2 small children close together, I really need to lose a bit, despite losing weight in both my pregnancies (I totally blame lack of wine!). Good luck on your journey. Shall look forward to reading about it.

  12. I also want to tackle my weight. I have a sparking brand new pair of running shoes but it has snowed or rained since I had them (excuses). I think it is a case of small steps and slow and steady to achieve long term change. I hope you get more me time in whatever form you need this year xx

    • Ooh I don;t blame you, I like the idea of running, not so much the actual running in all weathers! Small steps is definitely the right idea, best of luck to you too! xx

  13. Great post. I really want to feel fitter and healthier this year. Since having L 18 months ago I’ve sort of used him as an excuse to not really take care of myself. I’m totally with you on the house side of things, I hate doing the housework but it equally drives me mad when it’s untidy and needs cleaning. I wish you all the luck for your fitness and health goals and to all those lovely family memories you are going to make πŸ™‚ #WotW

    • Thanks lovely and best of luck to you too, it is so easy to use them as an excuse and put yourself last isn’t it? xx

  14. Happy New Year lovely! Having two is hard but it does get easier. And don’t be too hard on yourself you have only just had a baby. I will be trying to lose my baby weight this year. Which with a son who is two? What the hell is my excuse! x

    • Oh god me too, lately my weakness has ben for chipotle flavoured sensations, honestly i could eat tonnes of them!! xx

  15. Wow! Your vital stats basically mirror mine! I was 13.5 stone after my daughter was born in Feb last year. I have lost a stone so far and am aiming for 11stone which will be my size 12 jeans! I’ve just started a 8week hormone based low carb plan with interval training so we’ll see! I have taken before and afters but in my underwear so I won’t be sharing! Hahaha! Good luck xx

  16. Weight loss is definitely my big issue too. I also had SPD in my second pregnancy, and I am still achey as I now have osteomalacia (soft bones). So I can’t do any jarring exercises. So I need to concentrate on my diet. Which means no biscuits or chocolate to help energise me when I’m feeling tired. Good luck! #allaboutyou

    • Oh gosh that must make it so hard and I know what you man about the chocolate and biscuits when you’re tired, feels so hard to manage without them sometimes!! xx

  17. I am a total comfort water too and I don’t drink so if I’m in a mood (most of the time πŸ˜‰ ) then I eat all of the wrong stuff. I’d probably be better off having a glass of wine than a whole packet of Digestives!

    Good luck with your plan!!!



  18. Happy New Year!

    I hope you manage to get some more sleep soon, it’s hard to achieve anything when you’re sleep deprived. I love the picture of your children together πŸ™‚


  19. I can really relate to this, I too start cleaning to clear my mind plus I need to shift a few pounds and get rid of the Mummy Tummy, although mine is two now so I really can’t use the ‘baby weight’ excuse anymore! Good luck x

  20. It’s like you read my mind and wrote an amazing piece on it! Totally relate to this.
    Firstly happy new year to you, lovely lady and secondly, I think you look stunning in both pictures.
    I had SPD and oh my, yes painful. I put on 6 and a half stone with the girls (twins) so I am at my heaviest. I need to do something about it but need to be mentally ready. Maybe we should start a virtual club? I agree about new year resolutions too, changes should be made as and when but like you also see it as a good time to kick your own butt.
    Good luck lovely! xxx

  21. You are right in the need to organise and clean up everything not just the weight. Mental health is just as important. I am the same about liking the house to be more organised, then other things feel better too. Good luck.

  22. I can totally sympathise – on every level! I’m in a bit of a fog today as my youngest woke up at 4am (I mean up as in downstairs and had breakfast before 5am!) and I’m eating a big bowl of pasta for my lunch!!
    As you can probably tell I don’t have many answers but the one bit of advice I do have for dropping a dress size is to get the Insanity work out (I’ve wittered about it over at my blog before) it is insane (as you would expect) but most of the workouts are only round 30-45 mins including stretching etc, you don’t need any equipment and you don’t need to leave the house. I usually do it either when my youngest naps, in the evening or sometimes while she’s running around – she tries to join in which is so cute! I got a couple of workout DVDs after my last pregnancy but none of them are anything like this – I realise I sound like a total advertisement for it but that’s only because I’m such a fan!
    It really is worth a shot – though I have to warn anyone that I literally could barely move for the first week!
    Best of luck and if you figure out the sleep thing please let the rest of us know, I’m a total mess today!

    • Oh ouch blss you you must be shattered! ooh interesting I have never heard of it before but will definitely check it out! Sounds exhausting though I know that means it would work! xx

  23. Lovely post – that pic at the end even brought a tear to my eye! my first step in feeling better about my body is to get an outfit I feel good in – there is nothing worse than feeling horrid in clothes that don’t fit! It makes me feel good about myself and I wear it all the time (removing the need to agonise over my wardrobe!) until I’ve lost a wee bit and then I can fit into something a bit smaller, which is a nice boost πŸ™‚ You looked fabulous in the pictures of the wedding before christmas though, so please be kind to yourself too! Good luck with the routine, once you know where you are with that it should hopefully start to get easier xxx much love #AllAboutYou

    • Thank you lovely, you’re such a sweety! You’re definitely right about having an outfit you feel good in, even if you are a bit bigger, thankfully I have some jumper dresses from the last time I was a bit overweight and I feel better in those than squeezed into some smaller outfits!xx

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  25. Great post and good luck with your weight loss! For 2015 I guess I am just looking forward to shifting some weight myself and lots of fun events and parties {including a wedding} to plan!! Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH x

  26. Firstly, Good Luck but I think you’ve done amazingly; you have 2 beautiful children and it’s been such a huge transition for you guys. I’m like you – a real comfort eater with all the foods you’ve described. One day at a time sweetie and you’ll do fab. I’m doing ‘dry’ January and that’s proving rather a challenge!!! #MMWBH

  27. Wish you all the best on your weight loss journey – you would be surprised at how many calories can be lost with housework! SPD is hard, I had it and it’s painful – walking is a great exercise. You holiday will certainly be something to look forward to – look forward to keeping updated on your progress! We are running a Weight Loss Wednesday linky over on Sim’s Life so feel free to join in with others! Sim x

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