No New year’s resolutions here, I am who I am!

Happy New Year! It’s January 1st, traditionally the day for making promises to ourselves to be better somehow over the year ahead and beyond. Not for me this year though.

For nearly the whole of 2016 I have been trying to change myself. I often feel like I would be happier if I were somehow different. If I was thinner, if I ate more healthily, if I was a better mum, if I tried harder. I reached a point recently where I just had to say stop. I need to stop trying so hard to be more than I am.

I am who I am.

I have decided that I need to be happy with who and what I am rather than constantly trying to be something else. Something I’m not. I have hopelessly unattainable goals and all they do is make me feel rubbish about myself. They are not making me happier as they are always out of reach.

Take my weight, as an example. I’m not humungous or obese. I am larger than I would like to be and larger than I have been in the past. But I am in my 30s and after 2 children my body is not the same as it used to be. I know many will say that having kids isn’t an excuse, and I would say the same if after 2 years of trying I wasn’t in exactly the same position. I have taken up running, changed my diet and in many ways I am healthier than I have been in a long time. I never thought I would be able to run for over half an hour without dying, but I can now. My weight however has not changed. The shelf I have over my c section scar is still there. My thighs rub and I have cellulite. Even running 3 times a week did not change any of that.

This may be because I like my food but I have struggled to diet and count points mainly because I find full time parenting pretty exhausting at times. LM and I are constantly on the go, I cycle over to the nearby country park, go for walks, run round at her gymnastic group, not to mention walking the school run twice a day. So sometimes I eat to keep me going and stop me being such a mardy mum (I can get seriously hangry which isn’t fair on the kids). Whatever the ‘excuse’ even with added exercise my body has not changed. It has really gotten me down at times but honestly, why? What is so wrong with me and my body right now?

I’ve always been impressed by women who are proud of their stretch marks and bodies after birth but I’ve never been one of them. After Monkey I lost the weight fairly easily so honestly I assumed the same would happen 2nd time round. It hasn’t. The things that worked first time have not worked after baby no. 2. Clearly my body is hanging on to the excess weight this time for some reason. Again, I’m not humongous, so what does it matter if I am carrying a bit of extra weight? We are all different, some women are naturally slim and lose the baby weight more easily than others. Does that necessarily make them somehow better than me?photogrid_1483194414665

I have been trying to convince myself that I am OK as I am. My husband likes the way I look and isn’t disgusted by my wobbly bits (far from it in fact as he loves me the way I am and genuinely prefers curvier women) so why should I be? Then I happened upon an article about Ashley Graham, a “plus size” model being on the cover of vogue. Now she is gorgeous and probably slimmer than I am (though definitely with bigger boobs) and for once seeing a picture of her strutting down the catwalk made me feel that maybe it was ok to be my size. That someone my size can be beautiful. That not only slim women are beautiful.

There’s always a lot of debate about the sizes of models and I often find they end up in an either/or solution. Larger models promote obesity, smaller ones promote eating disorders. I don’t think it is that simple and actually believe that as there are variety of shapes and sizes of people in everyday life, that there should be a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to models. In general, clothes aren’t one size fits all, so why do the models all have to be the same size? It’s the same with actresses. Why are all the women in films so skinny… Unless they are the funny fat girl? It’s not real life but it’s easy to get sucked into believing that it is.

I’ve slightly digressed from my point and that is that I am fed up of believing the lies I see all around me that say I am not good enough the way that I am. I’m not about to stop running as I do enjoy it (though a couple of chesty coughs have slowed me down a bit lately) and I won’t ever let myself get obese because I hated being slowed down by the extra weight I carried when I was pregnant. But it is nice to feel I can stop trying so hard to be something that is unattainable for me at the moment. To feel that maybe I’m ok as I am.

My weight isn’t the only thing I’ve been trying to control either. After a friendship group broke down a few years ago I have worried a lot about not being a good enough friend to people. I’ve made a fantastic new friend recently but I have almost sabotaged it a few times because I’ve been worried about what they thought of me, to the point where I was almost pushing them away. This has to stop. I can’t let a negative experience with a few women ruin or prevent future friendships. I am who I am. Some people will get me and like me for who I am, flaws and all, while others won’t. I have to learn to be ok with that as no matter how I try I will never be perfect. I can’t change that. I can’t change me. I have so many wonderful friends who are there for me for better or for worse, and I am there for them in the same way. I don’t expect them to be perfect so I need to stop expecting that of myself.

I’ve also been trying to be some kind of perfect mother, which again, isn’t possible.. I always want to try my best but I also have to remember that I’m human. I get tired and snappy some days and some days I am lazy and the kids watch more TV than I would like. I try really hard the rest of the time though, we do all sorts of activities and get out and about a lot. I need to stop focusing on what I don’t do, and look at what I do do. To stop criticising myself and instead be proud of the way I am raising my kids and of the good job I’m doing. Because I’m not the perfect mother, but I am their mother. I am who I am and I’m doing the best that I can.

Perfect mum? No way!  But I do ok

Perfect mum? No way! But I do ok

I’m trying really hard to apply this to every aspect of my life. I may not be the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect sister, perfect daughter, perfect daughter-in law, perfect friend, perfect blogger or the perfect anything, but then none of those things exist. All I can be is me. I will always try to be good to those around me. To be kind and considerate and just generally do my best as that is who I am. But I’m human and I will always have off days, grumpy days and sometimes I will say or do something stupid, and I’m not going to berate myself for that. I’m not going to keep fixating on all the things I’m not and never will be, but instead I am going to try and be happy and proud of all the things that I am. A good wife, mother, friend etc.

I am who I am and I am going to be happy with that.

Are you making any resolutions for new years?


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19 thoughts on “No New year’s resolutions here, I am who I am!

  1. What a wonderful inspirational piece Caroline. I think a lot of people would be a lot happier if they were happy in themselves. You are such a lovely person and a great mum and I’m pleased you are finding peace in yourself. Long may it continue. Happy new year to you all xxx

  2. Great post Caroline. I generally don’t make New Years resolutions (I never stick to them) but I have thought about a few changes I want to make going into the new year. This year, much more so than others, feels like a fresh start for us and I wanted to mark it. I hope you have a wonderful 2017! xxx

  3. What a great attitude to have. I’m sorry you had that experience with a friendship group too, women can be so horrible to each other. I do hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you all.

  4. I’m completely with you in team no resolutions. I am trying my best every single day and there is no point in beating myself up for failing to be more than my best 🙂

  5. One of my resolutions is to lose a few pounds, eat better and be more active. For me it’s about being a good role model to my children whilst encouraging them follow suit! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  6. As a perfectionist myself, I can totally relate to this. I put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect mum, perfect wife, perfect woman, perfect friend, etc. But actually, when I stop putting pressure on myself and accept who I am, I’m happier (which ironically then makes me a better mum and a better wife, etc). It’s hard to break the cycle but I wish you lots of happiness (and self-acceptance) in 2017. #PoCoLo

  7. I am happy that you have found a place where you are content. Hard work has paid off in terms of the running and like you said you have achieved something you didn’t dream of. Fantastic post #ThatFridayLinky

  8. I’m a great believer in being true to yourself and that I think makes you happy super post good luck for 2017 Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  9. A lovely post! It’s great to hear that you have reached this point and will start to accept who you are. It’s really hard to do for many of us and I’m sure you will lapse occasionally. But you’re right that life is too short to worry about how people view you. All I see in your photos are your happy and smiley family so definitely focus in on having lots of those moments. And you know what, to the people that matter you will be perfect, flaws and all! #MarvMondays

  10. I LOVE this post. I really do, what an inspiration you are Caroline and I need to take a leaf out of your book because I am constantly beating myself up about pretty much everything. Thankyou for writing this. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to this weeks #bestandworst 🙂

  11. This is so great! I love that you are accepting who you are and being happy with that. Over the last year or so I have let myself eat more than I should and the weight has crept back on, so I know what you mean about lugging that extra weight around. I’m doing my best to lose it.

    Being happy with who you are means everyone else ends up happier. Happy Mum = Happy Family. 🙂
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo xx

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