Operation Garden Renovation #2 Starting the Clearance

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that we have a whole load of clearance to do in this garden, and that one post is not really going to cover it. It is probably going to take quite a few weeks to just get it cleared so it feels like quite a daunting task to undertake.

We are planning a bbq for my birthday at the end of April so that has lit a fire under us and given us the push we need to really get going with it. We have asked for help from our brothers and they are all coming to give us a hand over the next few weeks, but for the first weekend we are on our own – but still determined to make a start!


Hubby and I thought that as it was just the two of us we would start with the simple stuff and cut down the existing bushes. We have some of the prickliest bushes in existence, seriously one of these bushes has spines about 2 inches long, terrifying, and fricking painful when you get stabbed by it!


The garden is also FULL of junk. The previous owners seemed to use it as their personal dumping ground. Anything they didn’t want or didn’t know what to do with, it just got dumped in the garden. We found so much stuff in the early days, such as rusted rakes and loads of other old, broken garden tools. We thought we had got rid of it all, but no, we found some other hidden gems during our lopping. Including:

A sock


A plate


Loads of bricks


An old clock.


Some hosepipe.


Just in and around the bushes. I mean why?Β We also found loads of old bike tyres and lots of balls in various shapes and conditions, which monkey had fun with for a bit.

Monkey initially had a lot of fun entertaining himself in his little car (I got it from ebay for a fiver last summer!)


and then had some fun rolling around in the garden..

WP_20140223_10_19_10_Pro WP_20140223_10_18_58_Pro

But he did get bored after a while, and we realised we need a wheelbarrow and to actually figure out what to do with the growing pile of garden waste, so we left it for another day.

Next week we have hubby’s brothers round to help and we should get this clearance well under way!!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

31 thoughts on “Operation Garden Renovation #2 Starting the Clearance

  1. Making progress! I can’t believe the random things you’re finding out there – a clock?! It’ll look loads tidier soon, I’m sure, with all of the help you’re drafting in. And I do like the look of that bargain car x

    • Yep, we are getting there, slowly but surely! The random stuff we have found is just bonkers really, who uses their garden as a rubbish heap? We will get there I know and hopefully we will have a more exciting update next week! xx

  2. You’ve made a start and that’s half the battle! We had one of those cars at my mum’s-the children loved it. If it were me, one of the first favours I’d ask of the brothers is to pop to the tip!! Good luck with the next stage πŸ™‚

    • Very true, just feels like a long way to go! It’s great actually, Monkey hated it to start with and wouldn’t go in it at all, I’m very glad he is in it now! Hmm yeah, we are weighing up pros and cons of tip run, bonfire and skip at the moment! Will probably end up a combination! xx

  3. oh, this sounds very familiar so I feel your pain… so far we’ve removed a rusty broken bench, a football goal, 3 (3!) broken sheds with full contents and countless footballs… ugh. on the plus side, once it’s done it will be lovely! x

    • hahaha I am very glad we aren’t the only ones who have inherited a garden full of rubbish, it’s bonkers isn’t it? You;re right though, it will be lovely when it is all done! xx

  4. you guys totally have your work cut out for you but so worth it. and i hear you on people using their gardens as a dumping ground. we found tons of garbage in our yard when we moved in. awful

    • I can’t believe how many people have had the same experiences, I though it was just us who bought the house from weirdos! Crazy! xx

  5. No Roman gold then!! It’s great that we can finally get out and start working in the garden. Think of this time next year when all your hard work has paid off and you are enjoying new things popping up and growing.

    • Ha ha no sadly not, not yet anyway! πŸ™‚ Oh I really can’t wait for that, will be lovely and so rewarding eventually πŸ™‚ xx

  6. You’ve made a fantastic start and that grass is looking nice and lush at least. It always amazes me what some people do in their gardens. In our last house I found a toothbrush, half a deck chair and a childrens spoon amongst all the brambles and bindweed.

    • Really? isn’t it bizarre what people throw in their gardens?? Hmm sadly on closer inspection the lawn is about 80% moss! So I think it may have to go! xx

  7. We had one of those huge prickly hedge bushes things and it had to go – was a pig of a job though! I’m looking forward to the weekend and hopefully getting some more bits sorted here. Good luck πŸ™‚

    • Oh really? Such a nasty bugger, the spines go through gloves, clothes, shoes. Nightmare. Aww hope it goes well, thank you, we need it! xx

  8. Looking forward to see what you do, I love a garden makeover. Looks like a good size garden you have, very exciting. I still find old matchbox cars in my garden from the previous occupants 8 years ago – makes me smile.

    • Yeah it’s not a bad size really, just badly designed so it feels a lot smaller! Aww that’s lovely, I think because it makes you think of the kids playing with them! xx

    • Yes very exciting, and no haha we definitely won’t be planting any prickly bushes – not with a toddler around! πŸ™‚ xx

  9. Oh blimey you have been busy! We had a similar experience when we moved house many moons ago, I can still recall the frustration now. Grrr!
    So glad that the weather has stayed dry for you to carry on the handwork – it’ll all be worth it when you are knee deep in bbq and wine spritzers on the birthday!

    Sorry about the delay in commenting, I’m back from my trip now and loving reading through all the posts. And as usual – thanks for joining in x

    • Yes there is a LOT to do, but you are right it will be SO worth it, and thankfully the weather is being very kind to us at the moment so we are ploughing through πŸ™‚ No problem by the way, you have been very busy!! πŸ™‚ xx

    • hahaha that is hilarious, I feel like we’ve let you down now πŸ˜‰ We have loads random bits of cement too, and some old bike wheels.. but no, no underpants! I’m amazed how many other random, rubbish filled gardens there are out there! xx

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