Our busy half term week

Ooh where has the summer gone? It seems to have been raining forever. OK so it has only been raining for 2 days out of 7 but the sheer quantity of rain makes it seem much longer! Despite the rain though we have managed to have a good, fun, busy week for half term.

It’s been a bit of an odd week this week with hubs recovering from his operation and the wet weather and half term meaning we have spent more time at home than normal. On a normal bank holiday weekend we would have been out somewhere fun for at least one of the days, but not this time. While the kids and I popped out a bit we mainly stayed home and enjoyed visits from lovely friends and family. In fact the word for the weekend could have been lego, as Daddy and Monkey did loads of lego together and got lots of other family and friends involved with the lego fun too.PhotoGrid_1464893886427

We did get out once over the weekend, round the corner to hubs’ parents for Granddaddy’s birthday which was a very lovely family occasion.PhotoGrid_1464890254945

We had the odd bit of sun on Monday which allowed me to mow the lawns and have a little fun outside but then the rain really set in on Tuesday. LM went out with my parents for rhyme time while Monkey and I did some star wars baking, then in the afternoon we had some really lovely snuggle time watching films. It was so lovely and chilled and to be honest I am surprised both kids sat still and snuggled for as long as they did as they normally are desperate to be on the move!PhotoGrid_1464893323297

We had some indoor play making playdoh Monsters too and we did get out and about later that afternoon for some puddle splashing of course. I just hate staying in all day as it drives me stir crazy.PhotoGrid_1464893677564

Much as I love the extra time I am able to spend with Monkey over half term… I do find him exhausting. He is a lovely boy but honestly he never stops talking and just wants attention all of the time. Balancing the needs of him and his sister together can be seriously hard work. One salvation is that my parents have Monkey for a few hours every Wednesday, so even when his pre-school is on half term I have one day where things are just a bit more chilled with LM and I and of course she has a nap so I get a little bit of peace. Unfortunately on the recent half term, my step dad woke up terribly poorly on the Wednesday so Monkey couldn’t go round for the day.

My Mum suggested a trip to a local garden centre that morning instead so we headed there for tea and cake, and Hubs even came too. Garden centres can be a saviour for parents of little ones these days as they are not only for buying plants. Most of ours have other things to do and fab cafes for a sweet treat. So on that wet Wednesday morning we ended up playing crazy golf in the rain with Nanny while hubs watched and then the kids always adore seeing theanimals and fish so that kept them happy for a while at least!PhotoGrid_1464877032054

That afternoon we once again got out for some puddle splashing and then the kids and I had some really really lovely playtimes together.

Thursday I was so hoping that the rain would hold off, and thankfully it did so we headed to our local country park to meet with some lovely mummy friends and all the kiddies for some fun. It was windy and chilly but we had so much fun. The pictures say it all I think really but ooh I was shattered when we got home that afternoon!PhotoGrid_1464876581002

Its funny as I have said it was a busy week but actually in many ways it hasn’t been as we have been home a lot. I think it just feels massively busy to me because with hubs recovering from his op I have barely stopped all week. Hubs is getting better by the day and so feeling much less frustrated thankfully. He is also starting to be able to help around the house a bit too. Nothing crazy, he won’t be kneeling or carrying LM downstairs or pushing a hoover round just yet, but he has made breakfast and helped clean the kitchen which is at least a huge help after trying to do everything by myself for the past week!

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely kind comments on my post last week, I wish I had time to reply to comments as it really meant a lot to have all of your support as always xx

13 thoughts on “Our busy half term week

  1. So pleased that your husband’s getting better daily, must be a relief for you both. it does sound a busy week, you packed plenty in whilst still having time playing at home. Garden centres are always a hit, aren’t they?! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Haha monkey sounds just like the grem…constant talking and being demanding?? It never stops love them. You have been soo busy but like you, I go stir crazy so getting out of the house is essential! Love the snuggle pics xx #wotw

  3. What wonderful photos! It looks like you have had such a busy but fantastic week!
    The weather has been awful hasn’t it but it seems you made the most of it with a splash in the puddles x

  4. Sounds like you have had a very busy week with lots of fun things even if there was a lot of indoor time. Love the Lego creations and looks like you all had a lovely time celebrating Granddaddy’s birthday. We love garden centres too – such a great place to pass some time with kids. Glad to hear that your hubby is recovering well and hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  5. Pleased to read that your husband is getting better. Despite the weather it still looks like you had a lot of fun over half-term. Garden Centres are perfect for a rainy day arent they! 🙂 #countrykids

  6. I hope your dad is feeling better and I’m so glad your husband is on the mend. I need to take my kids to a garden center, though none of ours have cafes in them. I love all of the outdoor play and Legos!

  7. So pleased to hear your hubs is improving, I’m sure when he is back up and running it will make a huge difference to your time managing the kids. Sounds like your parents have been a huge help and the garden centre looks like a great way to enjoy a little time out. I think we are guilty in Cornwall of stealing all the hot sunny weather over half term, hopefully we will share more over June!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  8. It’s great to hear that hubby is on the mend and has been able to get out of the house with you all. May he continue to get better. Having two little ones sure does sound like a handful but it’s lovely to hear you have support. #WotW

  9. Hi Caroline, it sounds as if you had a fun, but tiring half term week. Your photos are lovely and Granddad looks like he had a nice little birthday gathering. A least your husband sound like he is on the mend which must be a big relief for you.


  10. Hey, you packed a lot in to such a short space of time! Great that you got out even in the rain. (sorry we didn’t have rain last week!) Monkey seems like a fun spirited young chap! Love the photos #countrykids

  11. Wow you packed loads into the week! I always forget about garden centres but they are great places for kids – like aquariums but free and with added extras! I know exactly what you mean about how full on your son is – my son is occasionally much the same and I was pleased to be able to go into work today for a bit of peace and no-one wanting me to watch what they’re doing all the time!!
    It’ll be over in the blink of an eye, of course. 🙂

    Thanks for linking to #daysoutwithatoddler – see you next month!

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