Our little builder – 20 mths

Just a short one but I am feeling like a proud mama and wanted to share this. Monkey has loved Duplo for ages and has been steadily getting better at putting them together. They still frustrate him at times but he loves it (and we almost constantly have duplo spread across the living room).

He builds towers with daddy and his uncles but this was the first time that he built a little structure. He put the blocks onto the board and started to build his tower without ANY input from any adults.


I know it’s not that exciting or impressive but when we saw it we were so proud of him. I just love watching him grow and develop and it’s times like this that make me so happy that I am lucky enough to be a SAHM. Because I get to marvel at every teeny tiny development and know that I played a part in his learning and growth.

If you’ve not read my blog before PLEASE don’t take this to be meant as detrimental towards working mummies because it’s not, I firmly believe that every mummy has to make the choice that’s right for them and their families and am not judging the way anyone else chooses to raise their child/ren. But for me, entirely personally, and I know how lucky I am, this is what being a SAHM is all about.

Small steps like this make me feel so PROUD, mainly of him, for it’s his achievement. But a little bit proud of me too, for creating and nurturing this little wonder.

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18 thoughts on “Our little builder – 20 mths

  1. That is a huge tower, way to go for such a young age. I love the lego with the eye I need to get Buba some of those. Fantastic. Popping over from mini creations.

    • Thanks, I thought it was pretty impressive but never have a clue what is good for what age anymore! Thanks for popping by and commenting 🙂 xx

  2. What a great Tower and its sooo tall 🙂
    Both my boys love their lego too! *whispers… and me 😉
    I know what you mean about getting to enjoy these moments. I too am a SAHM but only since Bruiser came along 4 years ago. I used to work part time after having Wriggler almost 8 yrs ago out of necessity and I broke my heart when he did new things and I missed them. Im so glad I got the opportunity to stay at home after Bruiser so I didnt miss anything else from either of them.
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  3. This post made me cry!! Probably because I am just about to embark on a new job outside of the home having been a SAHM for nearly three year. Enjoy every moment with your Monkey and you as mummy should be very proud of his achievements, which are also yours xx

    • Aww bless you, I’m sorry to make you cry! I’m glad someone else feels the same as I do about it so thank you so much for your lovely comments! I wish you all the best in your new job! Xx

  4. Lucas says – Another MEGA job Monkey – you are such a cool dude – definitely one of our favourite GL Gang members *high-5’s*

    Lucas’s Mum says – As a working mum, I don’t take offence at what you’ve just said. Everyone has different opinions and thoughts and you are lucky to be a SAHM just as I am lucky to be a working mum because it’s what we chose to do – different strokes for different folks hun. Nicely put though hun and I can’t think of anyone who would get offended at what you said. Your blog is gorgeous and we are so pleased that you link up. Monkey is becoming one of our firm favourites xxx

    • Thanks Lucas, Monkey says *high 5* back though it sounds more like a-ga! 🙂

      Thanks Lucas’s mum! You are exactly right and that is completely how I feel! I just never want any mummies to feel like I am implicitly criticising their decisions because I am proud of my choices. Thank you so much! 🙂 xx

  5. What a fantastic tower, I think it’s time we got the duplo out again! It is fantastic for working on those fine motor skills.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Thank you, it is great to see him learning to put it all together – but it does drive me a bit crazy as the living room gets covered in duplo!! xx

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