Our lovely Holiday, 2014

Last week we had a very lovely family holiday. We didn’t go anywhere glamorous or exotic but we still had a wonderful time. We stayed in some lovely self-catering accommodation in Corton, a small village in between Lowestoft, Suffolk, and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It was a lovely place, and I shall write more about it in a separate post.



For the holiday itself the accommodation was in a great spot as there was lots of things to see and do. There was some beautiful beaches, and in particular we loved the beach at Gorleston, which was just south of Great Yarmouth. There was pristine golden sand and it was just a beautiful place. Monkey absolutely loved playing in the sand and digging with his bucket and spade so we went back a few times!

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He wasn’t such a fan of the sea, being as cold as it was, but us grown ups had a paddle!


Hubby’s younger brother joined us for the first few days of the holiday and Monkey very much enjoyed his time with his uncle!

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It also gave us a lovely opportunity to get a couple of shots of us as a family – which really doesn’t happen very often! (Thanks Simon!)

DSC_2817 DSC_2994

We had a couple of greyer, wetter days but there was places to go in nearby Great Yarmouth so it didn’t spoil our fun at all. I’ll go into more detail about the places we visited in other posts, otherwise this post would be veeeery long! There was a lovely pool on site too so we had some fun swimming around, and for the most part we were the only ones in there, as it was pretty quiet during the week.


It was a lovely relaxed week for the most part, although it seems the terrible twos may have arrived as Monkey’s tantrums have seriously increased, both in frequency and ferociousness. We had to actually give him time outs for the first time ever! We need to sort out some consistent discipline so that will be a post for a future date I am sure. (As you may have guessed the little break from my blog has given me a lot to write about.) Despite the tantrums though we did have a lot of lovely family time together and we have come home with renewed energy to get some jobs done over the summer, before our new family member arrives later in the year!

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49 thoughts on “Our lovely Holiday, 2014

    • Thanks Jocelyn, it really was lovely and we are definitely feeling better for it, even with the tantrums! xx

  1. Oh what a beautiful family vacation together. So glad you enjoy it and loving all the beautiful photos from it too. What a magic moment indeed my lovely. You deserved it. #magicmoments

  2. Sounds lovely. Norfolk is on my list of places to visit, it sounds just like our sort of spot. And it’s great to get a family snap or two isn’t it-they’re so hard to do!

    • It is so hard so we very much appreciate the help in getting a couple of nice snaps 🙂 Norfolk is great with the kids actually, lots to see and do 🙂

  3. Oh wow it sounds like you had the most wonderful time, what beautiful photos too. It’s a lovely part of the world suffolk (my inlaws live there) as is Norfolk. What a great break, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. Looks like such a beautiful place! Love all the family pics, and I understand about the tantrums. It gets worse when you’re travelling to a new place. But I’m sure the little guy’s doing better back home! #magicmoments

    • You’re absolutely right, he coped so well in many ways but the tantrums were definitely a lot worse and have thankfully calmed down now we are home! xx

  5. Ah lovely holiday Caroline! I am starting to get excited about our holiday to Norfolk next Saturday now!! We are also staying in a holiday cottage up in Overstrand near Cromer on the North Norfolk coast and there’s going to be so many great things to do!! I really need to get organised now. As to the tantrums, hmm, EJ has mini ones – I find they can generally be distracted out of them at this age. Its only when JJ’s gotten a bit older that he’s been properly sent to time out! That pool looks inviting… X #what’sthestory

    • Thanks Sam it was fab, but you should definitely be getting excited, hopefully you will have some gorgeous weather too. Thankfully monkey’s tantrums have subsided a little since we have come home, though when he does have one it is definitely louder than before!! xx

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  7. One thing that I noticed in your blog is how close you are to your relatives. Your brother always visit your son & now his Uncle on the other side joined in. Can I confess that I envy you? My husband has got a brother but my son doesnt know him and he lives 20-30 minutes away from us. He never visit and well I know I am not supposed to be saying this here. But I just want to say that you are blessed w/ great relatives =) #magicmoments

    • Aww I can understand how you feel, we really are so lucky and growing up we didn’t really have any close relatives either so we totally get how lucky Monkey is that he has so many doting uncles around. Hope he doesn’t get too spoilt by all the attention 😉 xx

    • Oh I know, after the wet week the week before I was convinced it was going to a wash out but yay we had sunshine! xx

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful break. We went to Great Yarmouth a few years ago and it was lovely. Nothing beats playing on the beach #letskidsbekids

  9. We always went to Great Yarmouth when I was a child. Its great down there, can’t beat a bit of beach playtime. #LetKidsBeKids

    • It’s a fab place to go isn’t it, we really enjoyed ourselves so would definitely go back another year 🙂 xx

    • It was so lovely and very restorative! haha yep Monkey does that too, it was after he was distracted (eating) that daddy managed to make a few, and then we persuaded Monkey to count them rather than stomp on them hehe 🙂 xx

    • Thank you we did! I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would actually! Thanks for hosting 🙂 xx

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  11. Oh! Welcome to the wonderful world of tantrumville! It IS hard to be consistent! So very energy draining… but so worth it. It looks like you had a lovely holiday despite the tantrums!! I love the look of that model village… looks fun! Thanks for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason

  12. Awh looks like you had a lovely time with your family 🙂 How great too that Uncle was able to join you AND take some lovely snaps!! Glad you feel refreshed #FamilyFriday

  13. What lovely happy family photos. It really shows what a lovely time you had. I think we have so much to offer staying in Britain for holidays, such great places to discover.

    • Thank you, we did have such a lovely time and you are absolutely right, there is a lot to offer with holidays in Britain! So much to see and do! xx

  14. Looks like you had a great holiday! We always find it great fun to have another adult or two with us when we go on holiday, makes life a little more relaxed for us and kids always enjoy a non parent to play with x #FamilyFriday

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