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We moved into our house about 3 weeks before Monkey was born. It is in the area both Hubs and I grew up in, an area that we love. We got it at a really great price because it needed work doing to it, more work than we initially realised to be honest! We moved in to a garage that was basically flooded from an old roof, a kitchen that was falling apart, rotton soffets with birds nesting in the eaves, pretty nasty bathrooms and both front & back gardens were a mess. Initially we thought we could live with a lot of it but gradually we realised we needed to do some work sooner rather than later.

So when Monkey was still a baby we did many of the repairs needed, had a new kitchen fitted, a new bathroom, and created a shower room out of the existing downstairs toilet and hall cupboard. We completely gutted and landscaped the back garden and made some “smaller” changes to the front, including a new gravel driveway area.

The 'small' changes to the front garden!

The ‘small’ changes to the front garden!

Our itchen when it was brand spanking new!

Our itchen when it was brand spanking new!

There have been smaller changes over the last 3 years, lots of decorating and replacing ceilings but one of the things we loved about this house was it’s potential to grow with us. Since early this year Hubs has had a bee in his bonnet that he has wanted to start this process. He felt, quite rightly, that if we want to extend in any way then we should do it now when the space is really useful to us. If we wait until we can more easily afford it then the kids will be older and it won’t be as useful to us as it is now.

So, it has taken months of decisions and back and forth and organising architects drawings and building regulations (thankfully we don’t need planning permission) and now it is finally happening. We are converting our existing Garage into a Study/Playroom, and the carport will become our garage. We are also moving our existing front door, gaining a utility room and potentially re-doing our driveway. Eek!!

We thought originally we had a month or so before work started but all of a sudden the builder is available and bam it starts this week! So we came back from holiday a little earlier than we would have, and have had some work to do ourselves. Thankfully we cleared out the garage a few weeks ago but we hadn’t got round to selling some of the stuff we want to sell :S. So all of that stuff, plus other garage bits are now filling our conservatory!

Plus because we are moving the front door, we have some bushes and plants to move around too so we have had some old horrible plants dug up and then we have been moving the plants we like into the spaces they left behind.

We have also been working out how we want our new room to look so have already ordered most of our furniture, some before we went away and some while we were away! All very exciting but always nerve wracking! Fingers crossed it all looks the way we imagine… I will share more details with our choices in another post.

I am nervous, excited, apprehensive and everything in between. Wish us luck with the chaos and noise and fun having the builders in for the next 8 weeks or so (!!!??!!!) will undoubtedly bring!!

So bye bye garage, car port and front porch, with the annoying front step and garage doors that barely close let alone lock. Spiders it is time to find a new home! 🙂

old garage and carport

My word of the week this week, is project!

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21 thoughts on “Our next big project

  1. Ooh, that sounds like it will be fantastic when it’s done. How wonderful the builder can start so quickly, we are still waiting for more drawings for our extension, it’s taking months. Good luck, it will be a mess for a while, but all worth it in the end. x

  2. Oh best of luck with your project it sounds like you’re really going to be opening up your house and giving yourself so much extra room – oh, and the joys of a playroom!
    Best of luck living amongst the project work!

  3. How exciting!! I was at a friend’s house this week and she had a very similar project done there, practically just as you’ve described yours! Hers looks great and is really practical, I am so looking forward to seeing your project, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. We are also the same when we moved in to our new house 2yrs ago, until now we still have unfinished refurbishments to do… i know in the end it’s all worth it. Looking forward to see the fully finished project! #bestandworst

  5. Oh man how mint to have a playroom and study. You will have (hopefully) so much less clutter or toys strewn everywhere and a room you can just shut it all off. Haha have you been on pinterest for decor ideas for it? So many lovely ideas!

    Your home looks lovely, good luck with the changes! x #bestandworst

  6. This sounds like a great project and I am sure it will be worth it in the end. Our garage was turned into a playroom before we moved in and its such a great space. I love closing the door on all of the mess and having the living room with no toys in #sharewithme

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  8. Look forward to seeing the finished projects. I love a good home project. Good luck. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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