Out & about in his new hat!

Monkey’s favourite colours are Red and Yellow. Wherever we go, whatever we’re playing with – he always makes a beeline for all things red and yellow, it’s very cute though ever so slightly repetitive!

His lovely Granny, on seeing some colourful wool recently, decided she just had to make Monkey a red and yellow hat! He’s never really been one to be persuaded into wearing a hat, unless it is absolutely freezing outside, but she thought it may be worth a go! It’s not really the time of year for a wooly hat, I know, but she thought if all goes well we can try in the winter.

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Anyway, she is a genius, because he loves this hat, literally LOVES it. The hater of hats loves wearing this hat. Even in the current warm weather. We went for a walk around the local area last weekend and he insisted on having the hat on pretty much the whole time. He seriously loves this hat!

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We had a lovely walk (You’d be excused for thinking it was mid winter but it was just a break between downpours so everywhere was wet and though a little chilly, it was not cold enough for wearing a wooly hat lol!) and Monkey spent some time on the trike..


..some time walking with a big stick he found..

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…and we had fun running up and down and around big tree on a slight slope. We walk past this tree all the time but I’ve never really shown him how you can run around it playing peepo, and well, he loved it so we were there for a while!

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We had a lovely little walk and the hat is a definite success! I am now on a mission to find him a red and yellow sunhat as clearly the favourite colours override the dislike of hats!!

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36 thoughts on “Out & about in his new hat!

  1. Aw – Monkey just gets cuter and cuter Caroline! I wish my boys had some specific favourite colours too because they are the founding members of the Movement to Discard All Hats I think! 🙂 Nice walk too, looks like fun X #CountryKids

    • Thanks Sam, we think so but then we are biased! Shame they don’t have fave colours as they definitely seem to be working in our house! I am not going to tell monkey about the movement they have founded…. 😉 xxx

  2. I hope the colours work their magic for a sun hat too. He does look sweet in his hat. Even more of a reason to go outdoors, if you can wear a fun hat. #CountryKids

  3. Such a lovely hat made by his clever Granny – no wonder Monkey likes wearing it! Good luck in your search for a summer hat in the same colours, thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

    • We really are – struggling at the moment so may just have to be a red one – will see if that works as well!! Thanks! 🙂 xx

  4. Clever Granny! It has suddenly turned hot here which means the constant battle of getting a sun hat on a toddler! I am now on the look out for a hat in my sons favourite colours.

  5. Hurray for Granny and bright colored hats. Love all the fun hat photos. What an adventure and cool hat on top of it! Literally. lol Good luck with a red and yellow sun hat. I wish Buba would wear hats! So cute. #whatsthestory

    • Thanks Jenny, he is dead cute in his hat and the colours are awesome! Thanks, hope I can find one as I would love it if he would wear a sun hat this summer!! xx

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