Playing with Granny

A few weeks ago we had a little impromptu family BBQ. It was partly to christen out new garden furniture, but mainly just an excuse to have a get together. Not everyone could make it but it was only informal so no big deal.

Monkey always loves having his family around and he always gets loads of attention from his aunts, uncles and grandparents. They all love him to bits and he is so lucky to have that. He had lots of fun with everyone there but I just wanted to share this lovely little moment of fun he had with his Granny. Running around the garden doing aeroplane arms. He loved every second of it and it was very lovely to watch.



Just a lovely ordinary moment of fun 🙂



28 thoughts on “Playing with Granny

  1. Lovely. And I am going to look through some more posts now, as I am thinking (nervously) of home schooling my girls, but I have a couple of concerns (money as it means leaving my job, and how my older daughter will feel about it as she loves seeing her friends at nursery). Xxx

  2. Gorgeous! We just came back from a week at my mum’s and the best thing about (well, apart from the extra help) was seeing my little boy play with her. He barely left her side for the whole week, probably because he knows no-one else spoils him quite as much as she does 🙂

    • Aww sounds lovely, and you’re so right, i think there is a rule somewhere that grannies have to spoil grandchildren a bit 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, me too, there’s no better sound than a baby or toddler chuckle is there? Yeah he is really lucky, it is so lovely seeing them have such a good relationship 🙂 xx

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